Deezy Powers

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The Sims (console)

Deezy Powers
Sims 790screen012.jpg
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Child.png Child
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Parents Stella Maid
Siblings Ester Powers Sister
Zodiac sign Sagittarius.png Sagittarius
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair.png Brown
Skin color Skin-light.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game The Sims (console)
Playability Playable
Neighborhood SimValley

Deezy Powers[1], stylized as DEEZY POWERS[2] in-game, is a Sim in The Sims for console. He lives at The Maid's House with his mother Stella and his sister Ester.

He is featured prominently in the 2-Player Bonus Game, The Maid's House, where he part of the red team controlled by Player Two. He also makes a cameo appearance in the ending cinematic of Get a Life mode, where he and Ester wave at the player as they are about to climb the steps to their helipad.

Image Skill Level
Skill Cooking.png Cooking 9
Skill Mechanical.png Mechanical 7
Skill Charisma.png Charisma 6
Skill Body.png Body 1
Skill Logic.png Logic 2
Skill Creativity.png Creativity 6
Sloppy 0 Neat
Shy 7 Outgoing
Lazy 7 Active
Serious 7 Playful
Grouchy 4 Nice

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Deezy shares the same personality as his sister Ester and the two default players in The Maid's House 2-Player game, Steve Powers and Frasier Powers.
  • Although he shares the same last name as Steve and Frasier Powers, his relation to the two is unknown.
    • Him sharing a last name as Steve and Frasier may be due to technical limitations of The Sims and its console version, which does not support multiple last names in a single family. Ester, Deezy, Steve, and Frasier are considered to be one family in the game's files.
  • Although his last name is Powers, it would presumably be Maid, as that is the last name of his mother Stella.
    • It's also possible that it's the other way around and Stella would have Powers as her last name instead.
      • It's also possible that they would just have different last names.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. His last name is not visible in-game, but it is referenced in the game's files. He belongs to Family ID 1 of the neighborhood used to store the lots for the 2-Player Mode, internally named ChalData. Family ID 1 is listed as having POWERS as its family name.
  2. This is because The Sims (console) only supports capital letters.