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This article is about the fanon/made-up version of the user. For the real life person, see User:K6ka.
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The three branches of k6ka, from left to right: Human, Robot, and Ghost.

k6ka ( /ˈkˈsɪksˈkˈ/), often technically erroneously spelled as K6ka (with a capital "K")[n 1][n 2] and often shortened to just k6, is an interesting phenomenon in The Sims world. Few know about his[n 3] origins, but Sims everywhere do agree that he has control over them and their world, and that he created them, for the most part.

Many Sims view him as a god, although k6ka himself denies this. He prefers that the Sims either address him by his name, k6ka, or simply by "creator".

Most view k6ka as being merely "human", but in reality he is not. Technically, the term "k6ka" refers to all three branches of k6ka acting together as one.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The triangle of k6ka, which illustrates the structure of k6ka.

The internal structure of k6ka confuses many, but grasping the concept should be fairly simple. Simply put:

  1. k6ka is comprised of three different components, which are:
    • The Human
    • The Robot
    • The Ghost
  2. All three are connected to each other via the "triangle of k6ka", and all three may be referred to as "k6ka".
  3. In other words, the human is k6ka, the robot is k6ka, and the ghost is k6ka.
  4. However, k6ka is not the human, the robot, or the ghost.
  5. If speaking to either the human, the robot, or the ghost, it is appropriate to either call them human, robot, or ghost (respectively), or as k6ka.
  6. The triangle is not a reference to the Illuminati. Please stop saying that, you disgraceful children.

While all three can and do act as separate entities, they are all united and bonded together to form the structure of k6ka. All three may appear alone in their individual form, but often prefer to physically bond together to form one. In the majority of cases, this is how they generally appear as—a single form made up of all three bonded and acting together. The three, however, can physically split up at any time to reveal the true internal structure of k6ka, as shown in the image at the top of this article.

The Human[edit | edit source]

The Human is often viewed as the "leader" of k6ka, and is also credited with the honour of founding it. The human has the same properties as any other human, in that he has a brain with trillions of neurological connections, a physical body to exist in the world, the ability to automatically heal and repair itself, the ability to grow and strengthen itself, and the vulnerability to death. Like any other human, he cannot survive without food, water, oxygen, or warmth.

However, he can do something that the other two parts of k6ka cannot do—be truly unique in a way that is likely unrivaled in the entirety of the universe. The human truly believes that humanity is unique and was uniquely created, something that he can only tell and teach the other two branches of k6ka, who do not share the same emotional feelings as he does.

The Robot[edit | edit source]

The Robot is the mechanical superiority of k6ka. His robotic body resembles that of a Servo, but is, in reality, far more advanced than Servo could ever hope to be. The Robot is able to carry loads up to the weight equivalent of 15 African elephants (about 106,875 kg), and has an average battery life of three years without requiring a recharge. Its construction material is a closely-guarded secret, but it is strong enough to build a space elevator, yet light enough for a toddler to lift up. The majority of the robot's weight comes from its internal components, bringing the robot's weight to around 70 kg. The robot also carries a computer of incredible power. Its stats are, again, a closely-guarded secret, but it is able to compute and process information in a similar manner to that of a human brain. The robot is able to feel and process most human emotions and is able to perfectly hold a normal human conversation. The default voice used by the robot sounds robotic and metallic, but it is able to emulate up to forty different voices. It is able to speak in over one-hundred different languages, and has an estimated 700 petabytes of information stored inside of it.

The bot's biggest weakness is likely to be its physical speed. While it is normally faster than the human, its top speed is that of Usain Bolt, approximately 40 km/h. This speed can be significantly lower the heavier the weight of any object the bot is carrying, with speeds as low as just 10 km/h being reported. The bot does, however, make up for this by its "stamina", being able to maintain its top speed for up to six weeks without a variation in velocity.

The Ghost[edit | edit source]

The Ghost is the lesser-seen part of k6ka, and is widely believed to be mystical and supernatural. The Ghost has three main abilities: the ability to be somewhat visible to the naked eye, the ability to become completely invisible to the naked eye, and the ability to possess and control objects.

In the visible state, the ghost appears blue and translucent. It is difficult to see in bright environments because of its colour, but is very visible in the dark. In this stage, the ghost does not walk, but rather "floats" towards its destination. It can float through objects and walls as if they did not exist, but cannot float any higher than one metre above a surface. It cannot interact with objects, but is able to talk and make noise, allowing it to converse normally with a Sim.

In the invisible state, the ghost's nature is unknown to Sims and to science in general. Some have suggested that the ghost enters a different dimension,[n 4] although none of the three branches of k6ka has spoken about this. In this state, the ghost cannot be detected by the naked eye, but may be detected by cameras that detect radio waves. It may cause some signal interference at the 90.0 to 95.0 MHz range, although the interference is very minor and normally not detectable by the human ear. While Sims and humans cannot see the ghost, inexplainably, some animals are able to sense the presence of the ghost, and may react negatively to it. Animals observed to react to the ghost include dogs, cats, cows, sheep, llamas, and ostriches. The ghost also becomes the fastest branch of k6ka in this state, being able to travel 15% faster than the speed of light. Like the visible state, it cannot interact with objects, although it may interact with radio waves to a limited degree.

In the "possession" state, the ghost becomes completely inexplainable by science. The ghost must enter this state in order to possess an object. Once possessed, the ghost is able to control it in virtually any way possible within the laws of physics in the three spatial dimensions. The ghost can possess most objects, and is able to move, lift, or even destroy objects it possesses. It is limited in its ability to lift objects, however, and is only able to lift objects up to a maximum weight of 500 kg. It can only possess one object at a time, and the ghost loses control of the object if it switches to another state or possesses another object. This state is best suited for possessing inanimate objects; while it is possible to possess living creatures, it is generally more difficult, and the ghost will constantly have to battle the creature's mind as it attempts to regain control of itself, limiting the ghost's effectiveness. The ghost, however, can possess individual cells or single-celled organisms with no difficulty at all, although what it can do is greatly limited at such a small scale. The ghost cannot possess objects any smaller than 20 nanometers (slightly smaller than a computer's transistor gate) or any larger than 30 metres (about the size of a blue whale).[2]

The Ghost also has the unique ability to pick up the Human and the Robot and move them around in the invisible or possession state. The Human and the Robot will not be visible, and will become "part" of the Ghost, at least temporarily. This permits the Human and the Robot to travel incredible distances with ease, and can be used to "rescue" them in sticky situations. The Ghost can only use this ability on the Human or the Robot, and will not work for anything or anybody else.

History[edit | edit source]

The origins of k6ka are largely shrouded in mystery, but it largely began with the human.

During an unspecified period of time, the human was working on a secret project, which later turned out to be the robot. He initially intended for the robot to be of great service and an excellent companion for himself. At that time, the human used the term "k6ka" as an online alias, and the bot naturally adopted the same name with a "BOT" suffix, earning it the name "k6kaBOT".

The bot was reportedly activated at the stroke of midnight a few days before Christmas, although the year is left unsaid. According to the human's diaries, much of the early morning hours were spent training the bot, with the human uploading several terabytes of data into the bot's storage. By 5:30 AM, the bot had enough intelligence to begin acting like a human. The bot's first task was to help shovel snow, which had accumulated throughout the night, while the human caught up on sleep.

The human and robot soon became friends, although both thought it seemed strange for a human to befriend a non-living object. The human later wrote, "Befriending a robot is otherwise no different than getting attached to a video game character. We often do it all the time without knowing, in that we tear up or feel depressed after a character we have played as... dies. [...] No matter what it seems, my robot is as alive as any other human, at least in its thoughts and actions."

One morning, as the human and robot were mindlessly browsing the Internet, they came across the human's unprecedented "evil twin." The twin and the human disagreed with the existence of each other and fought each other for several months. During a heavy thunderstorm, the human, with help from the robot, lured the evil twin into a trap, set up in an outdoor swimming pool. The evil twin drowned, but came back as a ghost in order to continue the fight. The human, realizing that the fight would never end, decided to end the conflict with his evil twin via a treaty. The twin would be allowed to remain in ghost form and retain his ghost abilities, and the human, robot, and ghost would be bonded together as an alliance acting together as one. The deal was signed and the evil twin became known as the "ghost". His death via drowning explains his bluish colour.

The Sims era[edit | edit source]

While the human had been involved with the world of The Sims long before the concept of "k6ka", the new alliance sparked the idea of being able to create and govern a new world of Sims together, which was believed to be able to strengthen the bond between the three, and create new life in another universe.

Acting together as one, k6ka created Chalmer's Bay, enriched with fertile soil and populated the land with lush vegetation. He then constructed several roads in the area, connected to a regional highway that led to the rest of the world, and began creating Sims to populate and work the land. Being the creator of this world, he wielded incredible power, and could control most aspects of the world. Among other things, he decided to give the Sims free will, or the ability to think and make decisions on their own. k6ka remained very involved in the lives of all Sims, and often visited them in physical form to check on them and make sure everything was okay.

Several generations of Sims passed, and soon the seventh generation of Sims started to emerge. This is when the first great revolution began.

The first revolution[edit | edit source]

The origins of the revolution that struck Chalmer's Bay was unknown, although it is speculated that a Sim, while exploring the world created by k6ka, discovered that they were all mere creations in a world created by k6ka, and that there was a world outside of their own that wielded absolute power over them, the world that k6ka lived in. He became distrustful of k6ka and viewed him as a despot, and started a revolution to try and overthrow him. At first, the revolution flew under the radar, with the number of members slowly increasing. When most of the older, sixth generation Sims were part of the revolution, an assassination attempt was made towards k6ka when he visited the world during the Sim's annual autumn harvest festival. The assassin got behind k6ka and suddenly removed a tomahawk from his jacket, and attempted to throw it at k6ka's head. He missed and wound up hitting a child of only seven years of age.

k6ka was furious, not only at the assassination attempt, but also the death of a child so young. He immediately rounded up all members of the revolution and removed them from the land. He banished them from the world and forced them into the Netherworld, where the Grim Reaper collected their souls and left their physical bodies to rot.

When the rebellion was crushed, k6ka looked around his surviving Sims and ordered all Sims that were loyal to him to step out. He then ordered those who were loyal to him to kill all those that were not loyal to him. Only about 30% of the Sims proved to be loyal, and the rest were wiped out on the spot. The majority of the loyalists were surprisingly young, with most of them being in their teenaged and young adult years.

When the anger faded, k6ka decided it was time to start over. He gathered the loyalists and set off to create a new world. Before leaving, he took the old world that he had created and had the land destroyed. Every plant and animal left behind perished as a hot, blazing sun incinerated all living matter. The soil became barren as massive dust clouds blew away all the richness of the land. The oceans and rivers dried up and became part of the desert, with the bones of aquatic life being the only indication that they ever existed. When the world was too inhospitable for life to exist, he left the world, hoping that nobody would ever go back again.

The second world[edit | edit source]

With the old world gone, k6ka started anew, creating a new, massive world filled with a diverse climate and range of terrain. He filled the world with deserts, jungles, forests, and plains. Rivers and oceans formed again as rain poured down from the mountains, filling the world with lakes and streams. This time, he let his surviving followers decide where they would reside next. The followers chose to restart life in a lush valley that they later named the "Valley of k6ka", after their creator.

Once again, roads, bridges, plants, and animals filled the world, and the Sims expanded quickly. Soon, several towns were founded, with farms and lush fields feeding their populations.

Meanwhile, another human, known only by the pseudonym "Kyon Vesprit", arrived at what remained of Chalmer's Bay. He was shocked to see the once-beautiful world now a barren wasteland, with not a single bit of life left on it. Hot, relentless desert winds battered the landscape, promising to kill anything that tried to set up a home on the land. Occasionally, the sun and the winds would give way for intense and frightening thunderstorms that flooded the land, for the ground was so hard and baked that it could not absorb any water, resulting in flash floods that drowned anything that somehow survived the heat. As soon as the rain ceased, the sun and wind would evaporate every drop of water on the land.

Vesprit became furious at k6ka for destroying such a beautiful world. He went to the Netherworld and attempted to resurrect some of the Sims that were killed during the rebellion. The Grim Reaper initially refused, but finally accepted §50,000. Vesprit then showed the resurrected Sims what had happened to their old land, and told them the full story of how k6ka had taken their children and brought them to a new world, where few remembered the past and their ancestors that led the rebellion. He then offered to get their revenge provided that they work for him, and the Sims agreed. Returning to the Netherworld, he attempted to bring back as many Sims as possible before the Grim Reaper terminated the deal, ordering Vesprit to leave. With his army of about 200 Sims, he began to build his headquarters on the remains of Chalmer's Bay.

The second rebellion[edit | edit source]

Vesprit then went to the second world k6ka had created and began to start his secret underground organization. He gathered together only the most trustworthy members and held meetings to discuss their plans for obtaining more members. It wasn't long before k6ka found out about the rebellion and began to attack the organization.

Returning to Chalmer's Bay, Vesprit recruited his army and sent them into the new world, unleashing chaos and evil into the world. k6ka, realizing the extent of damage caused by the Sims he had killed previously, decided that he needed his own army.

k6ka created yet another world, this time as a base for his own headquarters, and called it "Sunrise Grove". He created several thousand Sims that served as his armed forces, which he collectively referred to as the "Vigilant Forces"; colloquially, it was known as "The Soldiers". To prevent them from defecting, he made the difficult decision to remove their free will, only allowing them to think and act based on pre-written instructions encoded into their brains. He then sent these soldiers out into the world to battle against the "Enemies of k6ka", as k6ka referred to them as.

While the soldiers often fought physical battles with the enemy, their primary duty was to educate Sims about avoiding evil and to refrain from following the enemy. k6ka wrote several rules to govern his Sims and to mark a clear boundary between what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'. Specifically, he prohibited:

  • Theft, fraud, and forgery
  • Cheating, lying, and deception
  • Vandalism of property, be it private or public
  • Rape, sexual exploitation, illegitimate WooHoo, and adultery
  • Murder and unwarranted assault
  • Following the evil Vesprit and any of his followers

With these rules in mind, k6ka's soldiers went out into the land to teach Sims these rules and to ensure that they were followed. Vesprit, on the other hand, battled the soldiers and had his followers spread the opposite: the violation of k6ka's rules.

Every Sim got a taste of both sides, a sense of the rules and a sense of breaking them. What Vesprit could not remove or alter, however, was the free will of Sims, which k6ka provided "as a gift" and had no plans of removing it. Thus, Sims always had the choice of either following k6ka or following the scoundrel. Every Sim had done something that pleased k6ka, and every Sim had done something that pleased Vesprit.

"Prolonged life"[edit | edit source]

To attract more followers, k6ka decided to offer a deal to Sims: Any Sim that followed k6ka's rules, did their best to avoid evil, and apologized whenever they stumbled towards the evil side could have their aspiration bars moved into perma-platinum just before they died, ensuring that they would receive a good visit from the Grim Reaper. Once their soul was collected, they would not go to the Netherworld, but instead to Sunrise Grove, and would live there for as long as the triangle of k6ka lived. Any Sim that did not follow k6ka would have their aspiration bars lowered to the point of failure just before they died, resulting in a cold, harsh visit from the Grim Reaper and being doomed to an eternity of living in the Netherworld.

To prove his point, k6ka personally went down to the world and resurrected all the Sims that had died prior to the invasion by Vesprit, and brought them all back to his own world. He then told the Sims that were alive that "You'll be able to see your long-deceased ancestors if you just do what I say. Simple enough."

Whenever questioned by his Sims, k6ka always reminds them that they had "free will" and they were the ultimate deciders for themselves.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Although it is acceptable, it's still wrong.
  2. The name was originally created with a lowercase "k"; it only became uppercase after the user became well known on MediaWiki wikis, which forces all usernames to be capitalized.
  3. While "k6ka" can be considered a singular being, he is also in fact a cluster of three separate entities that may exist individually or bond together as one. Therefore, both singular and plural forms may be used to address him (or "them").
  4. In Strings theory, the universe is made up of nine spatial dimensions and one time dimension. The laws of physics differ between dimensions, and more dimensions allow for more freedom of movement.[1]

References[edit | edit source]