Hemlock family

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Hemlock family
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The Hemlock family doesn't quite conform to one label, but the neighbors frequently refer to them as "that hippie vampire family". Morrigan, Wogan and their child Belisama enjoy hydroponic and soil grown plasma fruit, as well as sharing music together as a family.
Name Hemlock family
Members Morrigan Hemlock, Wogan Hemlock, Belisama Hemlock
Number of generations 2 generations
Family connections Slayer household, Talon and Striker household, Drama on TV household
Lot 1787 Bayshore Highway
Funds §4,000
Other information
Game The Sims 3 Late Night
Neighborhood Bridgeport

The Hemlock family is a vampire family residing in Bridgeport. They start out with 4,000 Simoleons. The family consists of Belisama, the Evil toddler who has learned to walk and talk, but hasn't been potty trained. She is the daughter of Wogan and Morrigan Hemlock who are also vampires. Wogan has a townie sister called Brigit, whom he is enemies with. While Belisama and her mother have a feud with Jessica Talon, Wogan is best friends with her. Wogan and Belisama have a feud with William Fangmann, but Morrigan is his best friend. Morrigan and Wogan have opposite relationships with the other vampires of Bridgeport. Wogan and Morrigan work in the criminal career, however, Morrigan is one level higher than Wogan.

Family tree


pl:Rodzina Hemlock nl:Hemlock familie ru:Семья Хэмлок