King Raymundo Rodiekhkare

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The Sims 3: World Adventures

King Raymundo Rodiekhkare
Gender Male Male
Life state Mummy
Family/Families Rodiekhkare family
Marital status Single
Hidden traits Mummy
Other information
Game The Sims 3: World Adventures
Playability NPC
World Al Simhara

King Raymundo Rodiekhkare (رايموندو رودييكاري) is a deceased Sim who once lived in Al Simhara. He was entombed in the Pyramid of the Burning Sands after his death, and his mummy guards six treasure chests. If one of them is opened, the King will get out of his sarcophagus and fight the Sim who had opened it. He, like every mummy, is a high-level martial artist, so the Sim has to be very skilled in martial arts to vanquish him. His name indicated that he was surely a part of the Egyptian royalty.

He is notable to be one of the very few mummies to have a pre-determined name, most of the mummies having random ones. In fact, his name is invariable, since his sarcophagus was programmed to only release mummies which are named "King Raymundo Rodiekhkare," much like for Dong Huo. This is why his physical attributes are random.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

ru:Царь Всемамба Симхатон nl:Koning Raymundo Rodiekhkare pl:Król Rajmund Rodiekhkare