Lucy Burb

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The Sims 2

Lucy Burb
Lucy Burb.png
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Child.png Child
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Little Lucy has a knack for getting into trouble, but she's so cute and friendly that most people never notice.
Education and employment
School School.png Public School
Grade B
Family/Families Burb family
Parents John Burb, Jennifer Burb
Zodiac sign Cancer.png Cancer
Aspiration Grow Up.png Grow Up
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair.png Brown
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes.png Brown
Skin color Skin-tan.png Tan
Body shape Fit Fit
Other information
Game The Sims 2 Icon.png The Sims 2
Playability Family Bin
Neighborhood Pleasantview

Lucy Burb is a pre-made Sim who appears in the family bin in The Sims 2 with her parents Jennifer and John. Her cousins are Angela and Lilith Pleasant. Lucy wears a yellow dress and her brown hair is pulled up into a bun tied with a silver ribbon. The dress appears to be in the Pleasant family as, in a Pleasant storytelling picture, Angela and Lilith are seen respectively wearing green and black versions. Lucy is also the granddaughter of Jeff and Diane Pleasant, and Brad and Tiffany Burb.

However, Lucy has only met her grandmother, Tiffany, as she was the only one of her grandparents who was still alive after Lucy was born. Brad died when her parents got engaged, while Jeff and Diane died while Jennifer was pregnant with Lucy. She is a little mischievous, but her cute and friendly nature often gets her out of trouble. Lucy is apparently a very good student and is close to getting an A+ when the game begins. At the start of the game, most of her wants will be to buy toys.

When the family is first moved onto a lot, Lucy will be 5 days away from becoming a teen. Although she has a very good relationship with both of her parents, her daily relationship with John is slightly higher than Jennifer's. When Lucy grows into a teenager, she will have the same hairstyle as Brandi Broke. She was already a child before Angela and Lilith Pleasant became teenagers. This could imply that Lucy is meant to be a few days older than she is in gameplay.

Her mother is homozygous for black hair and medium skin, while her father is homozygous for brown hair and light skin. But Lucy herself is homozygous for brown hair and tanned skin. This means that while she physically resembles both her parents, Lucy's genetics were not conceived through normal gameplay matters, instead through Create a Sim. This happens with many other base game descendants.

Through SimPE, it is possible to see that Lucy has a hidden Family aspiration token, hinting at the aspiration Electronic Arts wanted for her, though the player can choose any aspiration they wish when she becomes a teenager.

Strangely, looking through SimPE reveals that she considers numerous members of the Goth family as family members, creating bizarre circumstances where she considers long dead elders to be her grandchildren. These relations are not reflected in the family tree and are most likely a simple mistake or programming error.

Simology[edit | edit source]

Image Name Relationship Level
John Burb.png John Burb Acquaintance
Jennifer Burb.png Jennifer Burb Acquaintance
Mary-Sue Pleasant.png Mary-Sue Pleasant Acquaintance
Daniel Pleasant (The Sims 2).jpg Daniel Pleasant Acquaintance
Lilith Pleasant.png Lilith Pleasant Acquaintance
Angela Pleasant.png Angela Pleasant Acquaintance

Sloppy 6 Neat
Shy 4 Outgoing
Lazy 3 Active
Serious 7 Playful
Grouchy 5 Nice
Sign / personality mismatch
A Sim with this personality would normally be a Taurus.

Image Interest Level
Environment interest.png Environment 8
Food interest.png Food 2
Weather interest.png Weather 4
Culture interest.png Culture 5
Money interest.png Money 2
Politics interest.png Politics 1
Paranormal interest.png Paranormal 6
Health interest.png Health 6
Fashion interest.png Fashion 7
Travel interest.png Travel 6
Crime interest.png Crime 2
Sports interest.png Sports 6
Entertainment interest.png Entertainment 9
Animals interest.png Animals 9
Work interest.png Work 4
School interest.png School 7
Toys interest.png Toys 6
Sci-Fi interest.png Sci-Fi 0

Image Memory Type
Potty Trained.png Potty Trained by John Positive
Learned to Walk from -Sim-.png Learned to Walk from Jennifer Positive
Learned to Talk from -Sim-.png Learned to Talk from John Positive
Grew Up.png Grew Up Well Positive

Other Languages[edit | edit source]

Language The Sims 2
English Lucy Burb
Brazilian Portuguese Lúcia Subúrbio
Chinese (Simplified) 露西 布伯
Chinese (Traditional) 露西 波本
Czech Lucka Burbová
Danish Klara Bøhvsen
Dutch Loesje Boersema
European Portuguese Lúcia Burb
Finnish Lulu Röyhkä
French Lucie Deschamps
German Lucy Fröhlich
Hebrew לוסי בורד
Italian Lucy Burb
Japanese ルーシー バーブ
Korean 루시 버브
Norwegian Line Berg
Polish Lucyna Hak
Russian Люси Барбо
Spanish Lucía Clavel
Swedish Lucy Förort
Thai ลู•ซี่ เบิร์บ

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Burb Family
Jennifer - John - Lucy - Brad - Tiffany - Benjamin - Susan

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