Menelaus Goth

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The Sims: Unleashed

Menelaus Goth
Gender Male Male
Age Adult Adult
Species Cat
Breed Siamese
Menelaus has a lot on his mind, but doesn't feel like explaining it right now.
Family/Families Goth Family
Owners Gunther Goth, Cornelia Goth
Littermates Hecuba Goth Twin sister
Traits Hushed
Other information
Game The Sims: Unleashed
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Old Town
For the stray dog living in Mesa Flats in The Sims Pet Stories, see Menelaus.

Menelaus Goth and his twin sister Hecuba appeared in The Sims: Unleashed as Cornelia and Gunther Goth's pet cats. They are able to breed by mixing in with strays. The twin cats are in fact Siamese, and they are very social. It is likely that he is deceased leading up to the storyline of The Sims 2, which is probably the reason why he didn't make an appearance. During the storyline of The Sims 3, it is likely he was not born yet, which might also be the reason why he didn't appear.

Petology[edit | edit source]

Loud 8 Hushed
Grouchy 0 Highly Social
Lazy 3 Energetic
Slow 9 Clever
Independent 3 Devoted

Other languages[edit | edit source]

Language The Sims: Unleashed
English Menelaus Goth Sr
Brazilian Portuguese Menelau Caixão
Danish Menelaus Barbar senior
Dutch Meneloos van de Kerkhof
French Ménélas Gothik
Korean 염 명수
Polish Menelaos Gotyccy

Menelaus Hernández.

Swedish Menelaus Spökh d.ä
Japanese メネロース ゴスセニョール
(Menelaus Goth Senior)
The Goth Family
Lolita - Victor - Gretle - Gunther - Cornelia - Frida - Mortimer - Bella - Cassandra - Alexander

Grandpa - Grandma - Uncle - Auntie - Cousin - Vegas - Bratty - Boy - Hecuba - Menelaus

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