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Post here all your theories - be they logical or far out - as to why there are two Nervous Subjects, one dead and the other living, full of memories, as shown in SimPE.

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • It is Olive Specter's real son, but when he got taken away (by social workers) the Beaker Family tested on him and made a clone. They tested a different potion on each one to see which one works and the one that worked is was on the clone, so the hidden Nervous Subject died and they were so shocked they thought social workers would take away the body AND the clone and the police would arrest them, so they crunched up his urn/tombstone and pretended the clone was Nervous Subject. This is my opinion! ~SwaggaSim 27/07/2012
  • Simple. EA made a Nervous that Olive remembers giving birth to, obviously. To make it look like the Beakers mucked up his brain (Subject means tester, a person or object that is used to test experiments on) they created another Nervous that has no memories. The hidden is just so Olive has a memory of giving birth to Nervous so it isn't confusing. Hope that clears things up.
  • I just want to point out, that if you call death on the phone (If you have University and you get the paranormal job), Death tells you that Olive does not know anyone that died. So honestly, I think we're never going to find out the truth. I think these mysteries are there just to amuse us and keep us thinking.
  • What Maxis probably did was made just a different Nervous in CAS mode. Then to make the story a bit more interesting they made Nervous Olive's child and made him get taken away. Thats what I think.
  • I read on the Sims website that she had twins but since the Grim Reaper couldn't live with them he killed one and that one came to live with him. But since Olive was depressed she neglected Nervous and he got taken away. Strangely, there is no memory of ever having twins. They say it was a glitch they couldn't fix.
  • Olive adopted Nervous, hence no Grim Reaper on the family tree. Then he got taken away. The other Nervous simply does not exist. --TDM : Always here to help 18:54, 18 July 2009 (UTC)
  • I think that this version of Nervous is the teenage version of him because in Loki and Circe's Memories where it says that Nervous grew up badly, it has a picture of this Nervous on there.
  • I think Olive had twins. The Beakers took one and she kept the dead one, but the one Olive took accidentally died somehow.
  • I think the developers made another Nervous, since they maybe were unhappy with the one they had. Or they changed his face with the editing tools to refix his face. This can show up in crazy ways.
  • Simple solution, EA mucked up this Nervous and had to make a new one, just he turned out differently. 15:51, June 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think the Beakers performed some crazy experiment on the original Nervous and accidentally killed him. Not wanting to be the source of scandal or get arrested, Circe and Loki cloned him and no one else was the wiser.
  • The creator could be playing "tricks" but it's working, since we have an whole page of theories. I believe it's possible Olive had Grim Reaper's child. Some times G.R may stay on a lot (very rare) and have a drink, and chill. That is your chance to try to flirt with him, get on the bed, and select WooHoo and have fun.
  • If you look in all of Olive's memories you will see there are two Nervous' (one is in the Beaker household and other has a chubby face)
  • If you give a makeover to Nervous and check Olive's memories, you will see that there are 2 Nervous Subjects: My theory is that the dead one was indeed Grim's son, the other one Olive Specter probably had with one of her past husbands, that she killed... has anyone tried resurrecting the other Nervous Subject? maybe in his family tree it has the Grim Reaper.
  • Am I the only one here who thinks that the extra Nervous may be like the way that there are two different Skip Broke faces in Brandi's memories (if you don't believe me, check!) and two different Michael Bachelors (as advertised prominently in the article)? Seriously... the other Nervous shows up in Loki and Circe's memories as well as Olive's, and it doesn't look that different from the real Nervous. That's exactly like the two Skip Brokes in Brandi Broke's memories, although one Skip has blue eyes and the other (the real one) has green, or like the Michael Bachelors in Pleasantview where the fake one has a different portrait and slightly different skintone.
  • I agree with this one. I think it was just one of the many oddities they did when trying to create backstories, like Bella Goth (Pleasantview) being somewhat dead (apparently there's a death flag on her in case someone tried teleporting her directly to the house, but not one that alters her family tree photo) and Brandi's third child being her opposite-gender clone. Sometimes it's just a mistake and not a cover-up.
  • I think that Olive and the Grim Reaper had twins. The they both got taken by the social workers. The beaker adopted one then the other one died of starvation when he became an adult because the social workers only feed him once and a while . --Ferwinkle 20:09, 20 April 2009 (UTC)
  • I think Olive had two babies but she killed the dead Nervous and she buried him somewhere else(possibly he was killed to live with the Grim Reaper because she thought that he would want to see at least one of his sons) and abused the alive Nervous so he got taken away by the Social Workers of doom! Or Loki and Circe killed the dead Nervous like another theory but we will never know unless Maxis tell us why there is a dead Nervous Subject.
  • I think that there were two Grim Reapers. One of them, the one Olive had Nervous Subject with, was ugly but had a thing for humans and especially Olive Specter, so he WooHooed with her and got her pregnant. Then Grim was banished because he broke one of the rules of the undead and was sent to center of the world to mine there for the rest of his afterlife. The first grim was replaced by a very nice looking Grim Reaper, but wants nothing from humans except their soul, which appeases the lords above.
  • I have a theory which is really different from all these (and much longer...). I think Grim and Olive WooHooed and she had a boy who looked like another boy she had who was called Nervous so she called him that (explaining the 'two Nervous') and she was so busy mourning him (in her giant garden like the Goths-spookies maybe she owns all their graves and she didn't have enough room.) she forgot about Nervous and mistreated him so he got taken away from her and maybe to his relatives (or just a random couple) and grew up there
  • If one Nervous is dead, because the Grim Reaper controls death, wouldn't possibly be his child be the dead nervous brought back to life? reply from random person-yeah i see your point...
  • Maybe since GR is the controller of death he had a child that was born dead, and one that was born alive, but the social workers, being evil magicians (it's true they made the baby i tried to kill turn into blue smoke and appear in the car), wiped her memory so she only had memory of one child in her family tree.
  • There is my theory: (sit down, it's huge). I think that Olive WooHooed the Grim Reaper very few time before becoming an elder. As she couldn't get Elixir of Life , she pleaded Grim to not take his son away, and he agreed, but as Olive shouldn't be able to have a child, he was so ugly. Nervous grew into a child, but he wasn't very good cared. So, right before becoming a teen, he blow the candles (to eat the cake; he was starving) and then the Social Worker arrived to take him. While he was in the car, nothing happened, but when she got into the place the Social Workers take the taken children he grew into a teen. A time later, she left him in the Beakers home, who didn't want a son. She was supposed to left him in the Smiths' home, as they were very good parents (as both PT9 and Jenny have family aspiration), but she confused the address (if you're asking why she is so clumsy, it's because she is the daughter of one of the Nannies). At first they didn't want to accept him, and they told that to the Social Worker, but then Loki thought in the possibilities in his Science Career, having an human Guinea Pig, and he accepted. Circe told him that if he accepted, he had to take care of him (like if Loki had brought a dog he found in the street). As they didn't wanted him or loved him after, and also due to the fact he was a teen, he wasn't listed as a member of the family, and Loki put him the surname Subject, because it was an Experiment Subject, and because he didn't considered good enough to bear the Beaker surname. That is also why Nervous has a better relationship with Circe than with Loki; Circe feed him, and even when she doesn't love him as a son, at least she doesn't make horrible experiments with him.
  • I don’t think there’s any big mystery here. I’ve found a lot of duplicate Sims (mostly of the dead ones) while editing Sim memories with SimPE. Off the top of my head, there are duplicates of Michael Bachelor, Jill Smith (Strangetown), Skip Broke... and a few more. Just use the SimPE memory editor to find them. More than likely, it’s a developers’ flub and I think it’s a huge waste of time to theorise over it. God, people have too much time on their hands these days.
  • Olive and the Grim Reaper had Nervous, but then he was taken by social services (because she's a black widow) and adopted by the Beaker family who cloned him using science, but he went ill and died. Jako98146
  • I think that Nervous was supposed to be still in the Specter home and the Grim Reaper took the souls of all the dead townies in Olive's yard so she could WooHoo the Grim Reaper to have Nervous but when he was a child one of the developers forgot to activate the need cheats and left the game on causing Nervous to get taken away, that developer probably got the boot for a week while another Nervous was made to replace the other one, but since Olive could not have another child they quickly scrapped that idea and killed the Nervous Clone and they made the Beakers to cover everything up. ---JmTsHaW reply from TheTimeVortex I kind of doubt that the actual developers would be just sitting there using the Need cheats and raising the child as if they were playing the game. It seems more like they would be using special development tools to add/remove aging/memories/etc and flubbed with one of those, but decided to start over with a new Nervous because their tools were complex and finicky or somesuch. Just my two cents!
  • In my game, honestly, there is only one Nervous, the one in the Specters'. He is alive and in the family tree of Olive not the Beakers'. Olive also knows him (and knows they are family.). I don't see why everyone else thinks there are two. Because if there was, I would've seen him in Olive's family tree.
  • I'd say that when Nervous was adopted by the Beakers, they cloned him hence hidden Nervous Subject, but died due to defectancy, but only has the memory of Olive Specter giving birth to him. Theory 2: It's a glitched Subject made accidentaly made by Maxis as a mistake and added to a file. Theory 3: The original Nervous is a clone and this one has no memories.
  • That Nervous is a mistake made by Maxis when they created Nervous Subject, but counted him dead and gave the memory of his birth.
  • I don't recall finding a tombstone of Nervous Subject in the Specter's graveyard, though it might just be an error on my case. Anyways, I often find many sims with similar appearances and same name (like I found 3 different Renee Andrews in Veronaville), so I don't think it's really unusual. It might just be an error by Maxis. Also, I don't think Nervous is really Grim Reaper's child. Olive's memory said that she WooHooed with the Grim Reaper. Women don't get pregnant unless they use the "BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" cheat or use Try for Baby interaction.--- guys this is getting oh so old. WooHoo is the same as try for baby. try it, have a Sims who never WooHoo try for a baby, look in memories.
  • I think Olive had a baby with Earl E. Demise, and forgot it, thus producing Nervous 1. When Nervous 1 died of fright, the Grim Reaper brought her another baby in exchange for WooHoo. (Nervous 2) Then, I think she left the lot to see why General Buzz and Vidcund Curious were fighting, and the social worker took baby Nervous 2 and handed him off to the Beakers for them to raise; thus creating the "Nervous" mess he is today. Olive left him the money in her will because she felt bad for ignoring him.
  • I think he is just a uglier version from the official one maybe he was killed or something SimRespawn 22:17, March 26, 2010 (UTC)
  • The day after Olive got left at the altar, she found out that she was pregnant. She didn't have the money to raise a child on her own, and she thought it would remind her of her ex-fiancé (the father), so she had an abortion. She ran out of the abortion clinic crying, thinking "What have I done? I've killed my own baby!" Just then, the Grim Reaper appeared and offered to conceive another baby with Olive. She accepted. So the playable Nervous is Olive's son that she had with the Grim Reaper to replace her dead baby, and the hidden one is Nervous's half-brother who was aborted. Sparrowsong 04:15, April 9, 2010 (UTC)
  • To build a story up their is no way quicker than using BoolProp. I think using BoolProp, Grim was made selectable, then he move in with Olive and the had a baby called whom they named Nervous, then that nervous died and they could of used something to resurrect him, with a glitch and as far as I know when u ressurects a sim their is always something diffo bout them, in this case Nervouses eyes. OMG MAXIS ROCK. Clever with Nervous, Clever with Bella. The creator wanted it to be a porno sorta game how sick is that.
  • I think Olive had one Nervous Subject (the one that is deceased) and thought he was ugly, so she asked the Grim Reaper to take him away. The Grim Reaper gave her another baby, and took the old one.
  • I think the Grim Reaper liked Olive cause she had so many dead people in her lot. They WooHooed, then she got pregnant, but Ichabod's ghost saw her. She realised she had made a mistake, then a few days later she found out she was pregnant. She had Nervous, then called the Grim Reaper to erase the memory of her cheating out of Ichabod's mind. He agreed, then asked in return for her to give him their child. Olive agreed, and the Grim Reaper tried to suck Nervous into his...thing, but it didn't work (hence the weird face), so he killed Nervous. Olive realised her other mistake, and tried to commit suicide. It didn't work and the Grim Reaper cloned Nervous, and gave it to Olive. Olive knew it wasn't her real son, and put him up for adoption.
  • Well, first I would like to point out that Olive is supposed to be Olive Reaper hence the father part in Nervous' page. second, 1 is hidden, get it? hidden! not in memories, not in tree, hidden! hidden! hidden! so Olive had two sons, one hidden, and the other one was adopted and the hidden one died. get it!
  • Two Points:
    • If you have SimPE and you look through this hidden Nervous, you will see that he is identical to the regular Nervous. The share the same bio, traits, and interests. Therefore, the two Nervous characters cannot be twins. They are merely the same character, just with two "packages." If you ask me, the hidden one was, like most other hidden characters, possibly the original sim they were going to used, but the creators changed their mind and made a new Nervous. This could have been done relatively late in the development, so maybe they decided not to dig deep in the files and delete the other Nervous, just "kill" him and replace him with the new one. Mbc595 04:12, May 21, 2010 (UTC)
    • All those people who "don't believe there is a hidden Nervous" and choose to ignore the facts need to not be so ignorant. You probably don't have SimPE, so how the heck would you know?! Mbc595 04:12, May 21, 2010 (UTC)
    • Really people! It was a glitch and they made a new. Alot of sims that are connected to the underworld do this! for some reason if you have a serous tie to it you will be screwed up. there for the reasons of Skip, Michael, Nervous (father), Ophelia's parents (if you resurrect they get zombie faces in the mirror) Romeo's parents, and sometimes random pre-dead sims get an outfit change. I don't know but its just out of the blue and to have a page for this seems stupid in my opinion. Jr.simpson27 06:24, June 10, 2010 (UTC)jr.simpson27
  • I think when Nervous Subject (hidden) was taken away he grew up and there is a trailer on the Sims 2 website featuring the hidden Nervous. It featured him having a bad day and then at the end of the day he was looking at the stars until a satellite came and killed him. So i think he died of satellite. (Yes I know this is nothing to do with who is he but I'm suggesting that he died by satellite)
  • I think since Nervous (hidden) lived with the Beakers he died from one of their experiments and the Beakers cloned the dead Nervous so there would be no suspicion that he had disappeared.
  • The Nervous at the Beakers house is the real Nervous. He just has to be! The thumbnails are the same.
  • I honestly think this Nervous was the actual father of the Beaker family Nervous. Getzfan15 23:54, November 7, 2010 (UTC)
  • Lots of Sims in the Sims 2 have duplicates of them hidden in the game files or showing up in other Sims' memories or family albums. Examples of this are Skip Broke and Michael Bachelor. I don't really know why this is but there would seem to be a common answer. I'm going to suggest that there are backup copies of all Sims in the game, and that sometimes these backup copies sometimes have to come into the game for whatever reason (there's an error with the first file, the memories are mucked up, etc, etc). Sometimes the backups are slightly different as a result of nobody checking properly. When the hidden Nervous (the first file) was born, the designers used an editing program to see what he would look like in different life stages. Finding that he looked mucked up, they deleted him and bought in the backup Nervous (the one that appears in the game, he still looks fugly though). Herbert40k 18:32, December 17, 2010 (UTC)
  • (You might wanna sit down for this one); So Olive was a little girl and there seemed to always be a death in her family(so distant family which is why she doesn't remember their deaths), because of this everyone was bonding with everyone else, but they never paid attention to the poor grieving Olive, so growing up was hard for her, though she had no regrets there for "growing up well" was in her memories, but unfortunately the ghost and trauma as a child made her a very awkward teen, the only place she fit in seemed to be amongst the ghosts, but her teen and adult years were whirl-winds of pain and suffering caused by the awkwardness she had, not being able to get proper help, and just plain suckish coincidences. After Hugh Thanasia died she broke down to the Grim Reaper. Grim felt sad for Olive; having seen and visted her through-out her life when someone died and learning just how awkward she grew up to be; so as a gift to help Olive feel better he offered to bless her with a child, Olive; wanting someone to love and recive love from; agreed with out second thought. Olive soon gave birth, but with one huge shocker, she had TWINS! Olive was estatic! (sp?) she loved her two boys like no other mom could (dead Nervous- Nervous 1; alive Nervous- Nervous 2) so when the two boys grew from toddlers, to kids Nervous 1 wanted to meet their dad, but Nervous 2; being more sensible; pointed out there was only one way to see their dad and that was by dying, unfortunately that gave Nervous 1 an idea; why not die?; he loved his mom, but really wanted to be with his dad, so he asked his twin for help, but Nervous 2 was firmly against it, he wanted nothing to do with killing his brother, but days of begging and pleading finally got Nervous 2 to come around, so the twins went into their room(AKA- 'killing room') and Nervous 2 had a knife in hand. It was late at night and their mom was in her bed asleep, so after five minutes of constant "are you sure about this" and "yes now hurry before mom wakes up". Nervous 2 plunged the knife into his brother, soon Nervous 1 was on his way to see his daddy in the nether-world but not before his twin brother let out a blood-curdling scream after realising what he's done, Olive; awoken by Nervous's 2 scream; ran to her boys' room only to stand paralysed in shock at what she saw; a bloody knife in her one boy's hand while the other lay bleeding to death on the bedroom floor; soon Grim came, he to was shocked, as much as the boys where gifts, they were still his kids, so he offered to bring Nervous 1 back to life, but the testamonies(sp?) from his twin boys convinced him otherwise; Olive was still to shocked to ask Grim to not take Nervous 1 away; so Grim took Nervous 1; who waved good-bye to his mom and brother as he left with his dad; Olive recovered from her shock soon after Nervous 1 was gone, she glared at Nervous 2 and became furious with him; not even caring it was Nervous' 1 idea in the first place; and neglected him to morn over Nervous 1, her other son; Nervous 2; tried to help her grieve and move on but he was always snapped at or locked in his room, along this time Olive met a love interest, Ichabod, who she soon became best friends with, but Nervous' 2 constant neglect caused the Social Worker to come and take away Nervous 2, Olive cried herself to sleep with that memory for a long time, along with the memory of her dead son, but she pushed on; hiding her depression from Ichabod; and marrying him, sadly Ichabod met a very sad end and in comes Grim once moy thre ( promise this is almost over) after seeing how distraught and depressed Olive was, Grim did the only thing hecould do with out breaking any rules...he took away Olive's memorise of twins, death, and being taken away, but dear ol' Grim messed up, he took away the majority of the memories, but accidentally left behind the birth of Nervous 1, and Nervous 2 being taken away, but because of the huge gap between the memories, Olive never knew the two Nervous' were not the same person and life continued on with minor griving over Nervous 2. And i'm done! so what do you guys think?
  • His eyes look sightly different than the real Nervous Subject's. Maybe he was just made because of Olive or something else.
  • EA screwed up. It's that simple. Shouldn't we be "theorising" why he was taken away as a teen?
  • Here's my theory. its a bit confusing, but hear me out. I believe at the time of The Sims 3, Olive's mother died but was ressurected at the Science lab. She then remarried her husband and had Olive as a ghost baby. At the time of The Sims 2, Olive's mom didn't want Olive growing up as a ghost so she used the Ressurect-O-Nomitron to call Grim and have Olive ressurected. (At the time of this, Olive's mom was the last "playable ghost" as Pleasantview didn't yet have the technology to bring back ghosts, but Sunset Valley did. Pleasantview could only bring back people as zombies.) It worked, but when Grim ressurected her something went wrong and some of his genetics went into Olive. From there she was one half Sim, one forth Ghost and one forth Grim Reaper. When she gave birth to the first nervous, he was a ghost baby, as the one forth Ghost was picked at the time of conception to be his Life State. Grim didnt like this, as word of this would get out and people would know what Grim did. To stop this, Grim took the first nervous and then altered Olive's memories to think the Social Workers took him away. He then cloned Nervous and made him look more normal. Somehow the Beakers found out and threatened to tell the world about the issue unless the second Nervous be put in their custody for scientific purposes. Grim regretfully agreed, and all the while Olive had no memory of the second Nervous as she never saw him.
  • You know Sims 3 has a time machine? Beakers invented the time machine and went to Sims 3 with the grave. They payed 5.000 Simoleons to revive Nervous, but Olive didn't know that. Later, it turns out Olive forgot that she had twins and the hidden one died. Beakers don't let Nervous to move back in with Olive and their Time Machine broke, because a satellite (which is possible while watching clouds) fell on the Time Machine and broke it, this is my theory Contractas1 06:24, June 23, 2011 (UTC)
  • I think they didn't use this hidden Nervous Subject (In my country Nervioso Del Todo) because it is a little bit ugly. His two eyes look as four. The mouth has a teeth out. That's why they killed him and made a better looking Nervous Subject. Also, they wanted to complicate a little bit the story (the inheritance), so they erased the relationships that Nervous had with Olive and Ophelia. -- 08:40, June 30, 2011 (UTC)
  • When Nervous was a child, Circe and Loki started experimenting on him. They accidentally cloned him and they didn't want to murder the clone so they left the clone to the aliens to use. Or you could suck all the fun out of it and just say Maxis creates clones for the story pictures. K.F, Simmer.
  • The hidden Nervous is Olive's real son. The other one is just a clone made by Beakers or Aliens...Maybe Loki's or Circe's mother was a social worker so she took the real Nervous away from Olive and kept him as her child. That explains how Beakers and Nervous are both adults. But Aliens came for that Nervous and never brought him back to Strangetown. So they or the Social worker made a clone of Nervous. Beakers kidnapped Nervous and made a clone after aliens took the real one! Later, Loki and Circe were doing experiments on poor clone of Nervous.
  • The hidden Nervous is the Beta Nervous and the one with the Beakers is the Final Nervous they made the second because they didn't like the way they made him the first time and hid the other one.
  • I think that Maxis created Nervous, the child of Grim Reaper and Olive and then ended up killing him. Then only after they killed him, they had the idea that Nervous would be the human guinea pig of Loki and Cerce (which does seem better than just having him dead), so instead of finding a cheat to resurrect Nervous, they just made a new one, or, they thought that it would make it seem that Olive killed Nervous (seeing as there are theories of her being a muderer), her own son, which is disturbing and not nice.
  • In Christianity, the God is one, consisted of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Now, here's my theory. The Devil is consisted of Satan, Grim Reaper (Death) and "Son" - Nervous Subject. -- So, Olive might be the mother Mary. -- Back to the story. Olive had a very miserable childhood. Everyone made fun of her, because she was always examining paranormal texts and enjoyed paranormal movies. She even considered haunted people to be fascinating and funny. One day, she had a dream where she slaved everyone she's ever known in her life. When she told that to her mother, she and her husband disowned her. She promised her mother, and everyone who ever made fun of her or the Devil, that she's going to make a revenge on them. === It's been a lot of years. Olive is all grown up now. She demolished her old (parents') house and started building another one. One day when people were digging the foundation, they decided to leave work earlier, because everyone was feeling bad – they had a stomachache and a really bad headache. That night, Olive decided to get deep into the chasm. What she found, was a very old book, covered with black leather and it was written on an ancient language. It had a very dark energy. Since she's been examining ancient books about paranormal activities when she was a child, she had kept (or stolen) some of them, and she immediately started translating the book. After two years of constant work, Olive Muenda has finally finished translating that book - called the "Death Note". Then she remembered her promise that she made when she was a child. And it all started. She started writing all of those people's names in that book, starting with her mother. The Death killed them all, and finally visited Olive. The Death cursed Olive to be the Mother of the Dead. She fell in love with Death, and conceived a child with him. She called him Nervous Subject, because that were the only things she could've remembered - she was very nervous, and the point of living of that creature was subjective - to tell the world who the Devil really is. === After years and years, Nervous Subject has finally grown up, but he didn't tell the world who the Devil actually is. But, he did spend many years helping Olive writing people's names in the Death Note. But he didn't make his live goal, so the Satan has returned. He demanded Olive to give him his son Nervous back in the Hell. He was very generous at the moment, so he offered her sister's daughter Ophelia in the exchange. Also, Olive couldn't write Ophelia's name into the Death Note. Olive spent years on mourning for her son Nervous. One day, the Death came back to the Earth. He had resurrected a random body, and Olive has made plastic surgeon on him, to make him look like Nervous. Then, she gave him to the orphanage. He got adopted by the Beaker family. === One day, there was a fire on 13 Dead End Lane. The Death Note had cought fire and burned up. Now every Sim burried on Olive's garden doesn't have Sim Character data. Their whole life vanished with the Death Note. === Olive still lives on that lot, which was renewed once again. She hates the Devil now, and cries for her beloved ones. The Devil has banished her from using his powers anymore, so she cannot resurrect people anyone. And she's trying to get to know Ophelia better, because she's the only one left in her family. Her real family. === Hope you like my theory/story/novel.
  • I personally believe that the 'hidden' nervous that Olive remembers giving birth to is the original Nervous and he was adopted by the beakers. While in the care of the beakers he may have been killed in an experiment or something, then to cover up his death the beakers cloned him. The clone is the playable Nervous that lives with the beakers when you begin the game.
  • These stories are all awesome. Personally torn between the Death Note one and evil-wizard-social-workers one. But to those saying "It's just a glitch" - I'm pretty sure the point of this page is to make backstories to go behind the glitch, rather than "Maxis flubbed this and that and the other. The End."

This theory explains how* the playable Nervous remembers Olive (due to him sharing memories with the original Nervous) and how Olive only remembers giving birth to the real Nervous

  • This whole family has always interested me! Since Olive (with her murderous ways) didn't want to keep twins (which Nervous and "Hidden" were), she gave one to their father, the Grim Reaper. But how would she give him to him without killing another? And she couldn't kill her own son just so his father could take him. So she let it go and kept both. Then, one day Hidden either commited suicide, she made him look at the stars, or it was an accient, but he looked at the stars and got killed. Then, his father took him and they went to the Netherworld together. Olive, then too sad and depressed to do anything else, took less and less care of childhood Nervous, who was taken away by the social worker. He was then sent off, and you know the story from there. :)
  • Since in my opinion he looks like a male version of Lady Scott. EA may have intended to have him to be her son. So they deleted him because the thought it was random to create a character who has nothing to do with Shakespeare's plays they put him in Strangetown but then he turned out glitchy and deleted him to make the other Nervous Subject and then no one bothered to remove him from the character files.
  • In my opinion, Maxis wanted to make Oliver Specter to have a memory of his birth, If he was made without the memory. Nervous subject wouldn't exist. He can be resurrected but his face is messed up. It is that or that maxis didn't like his face and made it better by making another Nervous Subject
  • Judging by the evidence (Friday 13th video, Beakers wardrobe) This nervous was made solely for the Friday the 13th video and he has a different outfit to normal Nervous (Has shorts instead of trousers) and this outfit is in the beakers wardrobe as well as the normal nervous's outfit. I will look in SimPE and see if he's treated as a teenager if so, this makes my theory more likely. Deskita
  • You know that if you kill a certain amount of Sims the Grim Reaper shows up. Olive's past memories before Trying For A Baby with Grim Reaper show that male Sims whom she married all died, which possibly made the Grim Reaper show up in the first place. And as Grim Reaper is unplayable in gameplay, that could've made Nervous Subject (hidden) unplayable as he was the biological father of the child. Nervous (H)'s parents could well have had another child, but as the first one was unplayable, the second one was bound to be gameplay, as it could've alternated, so if they had a third child, which they didn't, that could've been unplayable in gameplay mode. - 29/10/2013