Unborn Ottomas babies

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The Sims 2: Seasons

Unborn Ottomas babies
Age Unborn
Life state Sim
Family/Families Ottomas Family
Parents Samantha Ottomas, Peter Ottomas
Siblings David Ottomas Older Brother, Sharla Ottomas Older Sister, Tommy Ottomas Older Brother
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Skin color Tan
Other information
Game The Sims 2: Seasons
Neighborhood Weather

The Unborn Ottomas twins are the babies Peter and Samantha Ottomas will have. They are the youngest members of the Ottomas family, which is added to the family bin of every neighborhood that is updated with the secret sub-neighborhood Weather from The Sims 2 Seasons expansion pack. Their paternal grandmother is Dora and their older siblings are David, Sharla and Tommy. Not much else is known about them, as their genders and personalities are randomly selected after their birth in-game. Since there is an equal chance of a male or female baby for each twin, there is an equal chance of one twin being a male baby and the other being a female baby as there is of both twins being the same gender. Both twins will always have brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin.

Once the twins are born, the household will have eight members and be at full capacity. Therefore, the option to try for or adopt a baby, or to invite another Sim to marry or move in, will not be available until the household is reduced by one - usually after the death of Dora, or when David goes to college or moves out.

Peter and Samantha's genetics don't seem to mix very well, because many players have noticed the twins growing up with physical characteristics considered unattractive, though this is not an absolute truth since it also depends on players' beauty ideal and the opinion may change from player to player.

The Ottomas twins originally shipped with a serious neighborhood-corrupting bug. When they're born, the twins' father when looked in the family tree might be connected to random Sim, whether it's a townie, an NPC, the Grim Reaper, or even a pet. Moreover, the babies might look deformed. When the twins are left born in an unpatched game, they will eventually lead to neighborhood corruption. The bug is fixed in the Seasons patch, but it will only fix instances of the family that are in neighborhoods that have not been loaded since the Seasons expansion pack was installed. The other solution would be to terminate Samantha's pregnancy using a third-party mod or hack, such as the InSimenator. Players who have the Ultimate Collection will have the Seasons patch, and thus do not have to worry about this bug.

The Ottomas family
Dora - Peter - Samantha - David - Sharla - Tommy - Unborn twins

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