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Welcome, I'm Duskey. I'm an admin here at The Sims Wiki and have been an active contributor since February 26, 2010. I am also the IRC contact. If you have any questions about this wiki, help yourself to my talk page.

The more you sweat in practice

The less you bleed in battle

Please refrain from editing this page. --Duskey.

I need your help[edit source]

Here's a few pages, which I think require the attention of the community (in no particular order). Just throw a comment or an edit here and there.

Bored? See The Sims Wiki:Todo.

Me on The Sims[edit source]

My favorite expansion packs in order of favoritism: (subject to change)


Noteable blog posts by me:

The Sims 3 World Adventures
  • Feels like a framework with only the most basic of gameplay options.
  • So little content.
  • I bet EA is deliberately holding out on popular items to add them in expansion packs.
  • Auto-Zoom when a Sim teleports is annoying.
  • Cooking is meaningless once you get the replicator.
  • Any negative moodlet is meaningless once you get the mood thing item. You don't even have to eat or sleep.
  • 2nd Generation sims are already swimming in money. Once you get a few real estates there's no need to actively make money anymore.
  • The whole ping-pong of a sims' car between the driveway and their inventory gets really boring once you get the teleporter.
  • Loading screens are back!
  • Aside from a few minor items, gameplay in WA has no impact on neighborhood gameplay.
  • Uncreative new traits directly tailored to certain gameplay aspects.
  • Too many bugs involving adventures preventing you from advancing.
  • Tombs are linked to households and not easy to reset.
  • Very tedious to build visa level for future generations once the long questlines are complete.
  • Low replay value.
  • Very hard to build your own tombs.
Ambitions My want list
  • No way to tell how old SimBots are.
  • SimBots are abit boring compared to how the servos were in Sims 2.
  • Game performance seems to be better, but loading times are much worse.
  • The new message system makes it easy to miss messages.
  • Having to collect money from each real estate individually is a pain.
  • Inventing is lacking and I'm missing the old garbage bots and hydrobots from OFB.
  • Many consignment store bugs.
  • Not being able to run a shop like in OFB.
  • Ghosts behave strangely and drive off at night.
Missing stuff from The Sims 2

About me[edit source]

I've been playing since The Sims, no idea what year that was, but I was immidiately hooked. Good ol' Bob Newbie. I played mostly with my own Sims, never fancied the premade ones much. I got all the EP's except Superstar and Makin' Magic, I never got around to try those. I played all The Sims 2 expansions though and have enjoyed all the The Sims 3 expansions as well.

My vision[edit source]

The Sims games are awesome games. No raid leaders yelling at you on vent and no teenagers headshotting you with the railgun. They are huge and complex games with tons of extra addons and a hugely creative community, making almost any appearance possible. There are sadly also as many websites dedicated to The Sims as there as inhabitants in Fanggorn (Yeah, I just made up a country). My dream is for The Sims Wiki to one day hold all available information on The Sims series.