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This is a list of vehicles in The Sims series.

The Sims era[edit | edit source]

Vehicles in The Sims[edit | edit source]

Junky car

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

Volkswagen Golf (Typ 17)

1990 Toyota Land Cruiser (J80)

Mercedes-Benz 540K (W29)

Dodge Viper GTS

1994 Lincoln Town Car Limousine

Note: Oddly it has an apparent Mercedes-Benz hood ornament

Staff car

1992 Nissan Sentra (B13)

Police cruiser

1956 Buick Century

Military Humvee

AM General HMMWV

School bus

Ford B-Series


1962 Mercedes-Benz 180 D (W110)

Vacation SUV

Note: While it is the same car model as the carpool SUV from the base game, it was rendered from a completely different 3D model, thus there are some key visual discrepancies and it is in a different scale.

The Sims: Unleashed
The Sims: Unleashed

1941 Ford Pick-up truck

The Sims: Unleashed
The Sims: Unleashed

Public transport trolley

The Sims: Unleashed
The Sims: Unleashed

Circus truck

Opel Blitz

The Sims: Unleashed
The Sims: Unleashed

Clown car

BMW Isetta

The Sims: Superstar
The Sims: Superstar

White limousine

1988 Lincoln Continental

The Sims: Superstar
The Sims: Superstar

Pink limousine

1988 Lincoln Continental

The Sims: Superstar
The Sims: Superstar

Studio Town transport

The Sims: Makin' Magic
The Sims: Makin' Magic

Magic Town airship

Vehicles in The Sims Bustin' Out[edit | edit source]

  • Super Scooter.
  • Dude Buggy.
  • Imposter Type-S. (tuner car, resembles a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder)
  • RGB Flashback.
  • Cruisette Leviathan.
  • Maximoto Tsunami X-TEQ. (resembles a Nissan 300ZX)
  • SpritzenFunken. (resembles a Porsche Boxster)
  • SchnellMeister.
  • Santini GT 1000.
  • Limo Ultimo.

Vehicles in The Urbz: Sims in the City[edit | edit source]

  • Honda Civic Si (EP3).
  • Honda Element.
  • Honda S2000 (AP2).
  • Music van.
  • Taxi.
  • Verizon van.

The Sims 2 era[edit | edit source]

Ownable vehicles in The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

Object name Price Description Game
The Smoogo Minima

We know you've got money problems. Here at Smoogo, we have them too. Sure, other car companies think that throwing money on things like genuine steel bolts and welding lessons for their employees is the way to do business, but at Smoogo we know that those things cost money. That's why cutting corners is what we do best. The Smoogo Minima: You don't want to pay too much; we don't want to try too hard.

Comfort: 1

Fun: 2

Resembles the 1981-1990 Ford Escort. It is based on the low-level carpool car.

The Smord P328

This baby can withstand anything. A cattle stampede. A trip to the lumberyard. A ton of boulders. An atomic explosion. Built for maximum brawn, the P328's solid adamantine frame is unyielding and can take on anything life throws your way. Even the cupholder is designed to stand up to today's massive beverage containers. So go ahead and maximize yourself. The P328 can handle it. Smord makes it bigger than it needs to be.

Comfort: 1

Fun: 4

Resembles the 1983-1988 Ford Ranger. It is based on the gardener's truck.

The Landwhale by Heaveola

Whether you're a soccer mom or a carpool dad, or just someone who really enjoys picking people up from the airport, you'll appreciate the Landwhale's comfortable seating for eight. Designed with your passengers' safety in mind, the Landwhale's Steel Blubber Response system is truly state of the art. The new Sippy Cup Stability feature tracks your toddler's movements to ensure nothing gets spilled on the upholstery. If only you could get that in your living room. Heaveola: The not-so-mini van.

Comfort: 4

Energy: 1

Fun: 2

Resembles the 1996-2002 Dodge Caravan. It is based on the social worker/nanny's van.

The Yomoshoto Evasion

Your kid failed his math test. You caught your teenager sneaking out. The neighbors are screaming because someone stole their gnome. Your father claims he was abducted by aliens again. Your bills are overdue. If you're late for work one more time, you'll lose your job. Life moves fast. You need to have a car that can keep up. The Evasion is your quiet escape in this crazy world. Sensible styling, affordable elegance, and a steering wheel to control the vehicle's direction. From Yomoshoto, the company that drives you away.

Comfort: 6

Energy: 2

Fun: 5

Resembles the 1995-1999 Toyota Avalon. It is based on the mid-level carpool car, albeit with minor differences.

Hunka 711 by Hwang Motors

Do you feel you're not measuring up in certain areas? That something in your life is coming up short? Make up for it with the revolutionary Hunka 711 from Hwang Motors. The Hunka is more than a car, it is an extension of you. Your friends will envy you. Your dates will swoon. In a world where bigger is better, you deserve to have the biggest one of all.

Comfort: 8

Energy: 3

Fun: 9

Resembles the 2004 Ford GT or the Porsche Carrera GT. It is based on one of the cars that teens use to sneak out, although the yellow paintjob now has a black-colored splitter.

Pearson 206 SimRanger

This is the moment you've been waiting for. Bring home the biggest luxury item this side of a shipwrecked pirate ship: your own helicopter. Just imagine the faces on your co-workers as you land your ride to work! This isn't something you need; it's just something you really, really want.

Comfort: 10

Energy: 5

Fun: 10

The name is based on the Bell 206 JetRanger, a model of a helicopter that appeared in SimCopter. The model is based on the helicopter carpool for the Military career track.


Non-ownable vehicles in The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

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The Sims 3 era[edit | edit source]

The Sims 4 era[edit | edit source]

Cars in The Sims 4 are ambient decoration only. They include:

  • Coupe
  • Pickup truck
  • Roadster (modified and downsized version of the Bwan Speedster YL from The Sims 3)
  • Sports car
  • Van
  • MPV (Windenburg only, resembles a Fiat Panda)[TS4:GT]
  • New pickup truck (San Myshuno only; same model as the Vorn P328 from The Sims 3)[TS4:CL]
  • Sports coupe (San Myshuno only; modified version of the La Matea from The Sims 3)[TS4:CL]
  • Taxi (San Myshuno only)[TS4:CL]

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