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In The Sims 3, Michael is described as a popular teenager, in The Sims, he has few friends, in The Sims 2, there are two Michael Bachelor, both different in many ways, relations, aspiration, and zodiac. Why is there another Michael? Post your theories here.

  • As of Sims 3: Generations and Supernatural there are two cloning options - the Clone Voucher, or the Alchemy Clone Drone potion. Admittedly, the latter supposedly can cause an evil twin (I've only used it once, and that was on an NPC). Michael got one of these.
  • The Beaker Family tried to clone Michael, but just none of them managed to look the same! After a number of experiments they escaped. Michael 1 (not tan, Sims 2) married Dina Caliente, Michael 2 (tan, Sims 2) was hidden by Don Lothario until Don accidentally poisoned him, Michael 3 (The Sims 1) travelled back in time in an attempt to prevent the-love-of-his-life Brandi Broke from marrying Skip Broke, but was murdered by Darren Dreamer. Skip saw it so after Darren got rid of the body he drowned Skip. His wife eventually found out so Darren killed her too. And Michael 4 (the original one) was actually Darren's brother, because Jocasta Bachelor had an affair with Davis Dreamer, but Darren didn't find out until after he killed him too. Then Darren started stalking Cassandra Goth and is now planning to murder Don to prevent him from marrying her, and Loki and Circe took in Nervous Subject and cloned him too (explaining the Nervous Subject hidden). The reason why the Beakers are trying to clone is because they want to be able to have kids since Circe is infertile.
  • I think the blue eyed one in The Sims 2 AND the brown eyed one in The Sims 1 are the fake ones (the same ones). Maybe when Michael was REALLY back from college (which means Bella is finishing high school), the fake one (blue eyed) came and knocked him out. He made a costume that looks EXACTLY like the real one, but making it took 5 years. That's why in The Sims 1 while Bella is a mother, Michael is "back from college". Later he met Dina. He liked Dina SOOO much. He even forgot to wear the Real Michael costume after he met Dina! Nobody noticed Michael was a fake. Later the fake Michael died. Everyone thought the real Michael died. The real Michael will die 25 years later in The Sims 2.

  • I think one is Bella's real brother, and the other is the one the tester used to marry Dina, but then again, the Chain of Memories question comes up
  • I think the Michael with the tanned skin in the Sims 2 could be the real one because in the Sims 3 he is said to be Popularity and the tanned Michael in The Sims 2 has Popularity Aspiration. In the Sims 2 the lighter skinned Michael was the other Michael's Nemesis and replaced him and knocked him out which gave him amnesia, anyway, that might be rubbish, let Maxis decide.
  • It could be that one of the Michaels had glitched in development or something was incomplete like Skip Broke and the 3rd Broke baby.
  • It's simple. Maxis screwed up yet again except this time they didn't make a cover story, like they did for Bella Goth. But if i had to agree with someone I would probably with the 2nd theory.
  • My theory (because I like to work around the continuity errors to add to my storyline) is that the Michael Bachelor in 'The Sims 3' and The Sims 2 (e.g. Bella's older brother, Dina's late husband) is Michael Bachelor Sr. The Michael Bachelor in The Sims 1 is Michael Bachelor Jr. - Michael Sr was married for a long time before his brief affair with Dina, but was either widowed or divorced around the time Michael Jr. graduated from college, just before the start of The Sims 1. I still haven't decided how to work the two Michaels from TS2 into my story yet, but I'll keep working on it. Beatrice Monty 01/05/2010.
  • If we're going by the previous theory, Michael Jr. would be 21-ish when he goes to college, so it's possible that in 4 years, Michael Sr. from The Sims 3 aged up to a Young Adult, met Dina Caliente, had a kid, then, 21 years later, that kid went to college. On top of that, Michael Sr. is popular in The Sims 3, which is why one of them has the Popularity aspiration and the other one, the one that went to college, has the Knowledge aspiration. On the other hand, Michael Sr. has 13 days left as an Elder, and the other has 100 days (wtf? One hundred?) left as an Elder. How could an Elder be the father of an Elder? Also, isn't it kind of strange that there's two Bellas and two Michaels? Maybe both Michael and Bella were abducted, then cloned, but both Michaels died of old age (the clone living older because it's made with alien technology...?) so the aliens brought their corpses back to Earth. I'm also beginning to accept these "time travelling" theories, after what happens to Don Lothario in Riverview in The Sims 3, not to mention the addition of time machines in Ambitions. Actually time travelling could explain why both Michaels are Elders...
  • The light skinned is the real, as it would be more certain he has the popularity aspiration, also, he can use the ReNuYoSenso Orb, while it is unlikely.

  • From what I see, I believe that there's only one thing that might have happed - While creating The Sims 2, Maxis must have mistakenly deleted the original tan skinned Michael. So, to cover up the mistake and to add someone to the family tree of Bella Goth and Dina Caliente, they must have created another Michael, the light skinned one. As far as I believe, the tan skinned Michael is the real Michael, judging from his traits in The Sims 3 which all point towards the popularity aspiration of The Sims 2 exactly the aspiration of the tan skinned Michael. It is completely impossible and illogical that he changed so much and became knowledge aspired person in between the timeline of The Sims 3 and The Sims 2. Moreover, the theory of Michael Sr. and Michael Jr. is completely rubbish, something like that would just ruin the whole Bachelor Family history and timeline.
  • Easy. It's not like Maxis was given a millennia to create this game, so he obviously screwed up in some places (Juliette Capp is the middle, youngest and oldest child?), and Maxis probably screwed it up with Michael too. Besides, Michael can't have had a son named after himself because 1) He's not that vain 2) Dina has no children to speak of.
  • Technical explanation: someone made a mistake and it resulted in two Michaels. Story explanation: Evil Twin. Dark Michael is the "Evil" one (though he has the same personality as the Real Michael), secretly poisoned Real Michael causing premature aging and eventually killed him.
  • I think that the reason why Bella is married and has children first is because she became a teenage mother, even though that is not possible in normal gameplay. She quit school to marry Mortimer Goth and take care of her kids. Then Michael married Dina and adopted two boys and named them Michael II and Michael III. That explains the two Michael Bachelors. They took of the numerical signs after they became adults so they could live their own lives.
  • Here is what I think: They make the 1st Michael Bachelor, then they make the 2nd one, not realising they have already used that name.
  • The tanned Michael is the real one because his popularity aspiration fits in nicely with his personality from the Sims 3 and his eyes are brown also he looks more genetically related to Bella. So my conclusion is that they had to scrap Pleasantview to do all his relations again (which may have deleted Bella in the process) They could have possibly wanted to make a fanboy of Michael Bachelor.
  • The reason Michael Bachelor died of "Old Age" is because Dina and Nina were experimenting with Alien Technology (i.e. Elixir of Life), which is why they are so young in the game. Dina persuaded Michael to try it, but his aspiration points were too low so it aged him forward, thus he died before Dina. (In my mind, Michael was graduating college just as Dina was entering her final year of high school.)
  • Maxis decides to put a spin on Jocasta's side of the family, so that both Bella and Michael all get something surprising for them. It carries on through Bella's children, with Cassandra being left at the altar by Don Lothario, and Alexander becoming an author, by far the most successful spin.
  • The original Michael was kidnapped by the aliens (maybe Dina and Nina's relatives) and replaced by his clone. (Why? Maybe he realised Dina wants to kill him after wedding. Maybe sister's relatives just didn't like him much and replaced him secretly.) The only one who noticed the substitution was Bella Goth and that was why she was kidnapped and cloned too. (OR it's just developers' mistake but that's so boring)
  • I think that hidden Michael is one real. He has brown eyes like Simis Bachelor, while Jocasta has dark blue eyes and Michael that is featured on family tree has grey eyes and lighter skin while Simis and Jocasta have medium skin. Also, hidden Michael is seen on family picture, but has higher relationship with Nina (90+, that explains why is Nina crying on Dina´s marriage) than Dina (20+). Mate1234 (talk) 08/07/2013
  • I think that tanned Michael is the real one. As explained by Mate1234 above he has the same genetics as Simis. The Sims 2's game developers might have wanted to townify Michael to prevent Family Bin clutter, or one of those cheap trailers was taken up and nowhere to move the Family Bin Premades in, so they townified him but with a lighter skin, so the players would know he'd be townified. The tanned one could also have been townified but with a face edit and etc. (Goopy GilsCarbo perhaps?) 29/10/2013.