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Community Guideline
This page represents a community guideline, based off past precedent and discussions. It is not a binding policy, but should be acknowledged when making decisions and followed unless there is a sufficient reason not to follow it. Please suggest changes to this guideline on the talk page.
See also: The Sims Wiki:Policy


The Sims Wiki is not a social networking site[edit source]

The Sims Wiki is a wiki, not a social networking site. The Sims Wiki focuses on information about The Sims series much more than its users. Users who only come here to talk, chat, and edit their user pages are generally frowned upon.

The Sims Wiki is not a repository of The Sims games[edit source]

The Sims Wiki does not provide The Sims games. It would be highly illegal for us to do so. The Sims Wiki also does not allow downloads/torrents of these games upon request. The closest it can come to is trailers and gameplay videos from YouTube, or providing you with websites or stores where you can get The Sims games at a discounted price.

The Sims Wiki is not a modification site[edit source]

The Sims Wiki does not allow mods, downloads, and custom content to be posted on the main articles. All that is allowed are widely-known mods/custom content.

The Sims Wiki is not an advertisement service[edit source]

The Sims Wiki does not allow users to advertise their sites or services on this wiki. However, The Sims-related websites (primarily fansites) are allowed on The Sims Wiki:Affiliates. Spam links, etc. are strictly intolerable on any Wikia wiki.

The Sims Wiki is not a democracy[edit source]

The Sims Wiki uses community consensus to make many decisions, especially regarding decisions which affect the users of the wiki in a dramatic way. However, many decisions are made by administrators with little or no consultation, and editors have a large amount of discretion when making edits, and do not necessarily need to consult others or be given permission from an administrator or the community before making an edit. Votes should almost never be used to settle disputes or to make community decisions, as this stifles the ability of administrators to perform their duties, limits the ability of users to edit boldly, and generally ignores the opinions of many users for the sake of obtaining a majority of voters.

The Sims Wiki is not an official site[edit source]

The Sims Wiki is in no way officially connected to Electronic Arts, Maxis, or any other stakeholders in the The Sims franchise. Users should not expect their contributions to be seen by anyone officially connected to The Sims series. The Sims Wiki only purports to be a general resource and community site about The Sims.

The Sims Wiki is not an image hosting site[edit source]

The Sims Wiki is not intended to host images other than those which are used in articles and on userpages. Users should expect for irrelevant images to be deleted by an admin on sight.

The Sims Wiki is not Wikipedia[edit source]

While the format and basis of The Sims Wiki is similar to that of Wikipedia, that it is an encyclopedia which anybody can edit, The Sims Wiki is not Wikipedia. Thus we operate by our own set of policies and we allow small trivial articles on subjects related to The Sims that would otherwise be deleted on Wikipedia. While some of our policies are based on Wikipedia policies, such as assume good faith, this does not mean all Wikipedia policies should be followed on The Sims Wiki. It is acceptable to suggest that one or more of our policies should be similar to those on Wikipedia, as long as these policies are not enforced without consensus here.