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Capp family
Juliette Capp has fallen for Romeo, golden child of the rival Monty clan. Can the Capps set aside their grudge and put Juliette's happiness first?
Name Capp family
Members Consort Capp, Tybalt Capp, Juliette Capp, Hermia Capp
Number of generations 5 generations
Family connections Monty family, Summerdream family
Lot Capp Manor
Funds §81,316
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Veronaville
Capp family
Goneril's husband Albany wanted a big family, and he got it. Will their offspring carry on the Capp traditions, or smash the establishment to smithereens?
Name Capp family
Members Goneril Capp, Albany Capp, Miranda Capp, Hal Capp, Desdemona Capp, Ariel Capp
Number of generations 5 generations
Funds §20,000
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Family Bin
Neighborhood Veronaville
Capp family
Regan and her husband Cornwall are preoccupied with their careers, but Bianca Monty's affections for Regan's brother Kent have the household on alert. Will Kent have the courage to break the vendetta?
Name Capp family
Members Regan Capp, Cornwall Capp, Kent Capp
Number of generations 5 generations
Funds §20,000
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Family Bin
Neighborhood Veronaville
Capp family
After vacationing in Roaring Heights, Consort and Contessa decided to move in! With a new baby on the way, will their two children adjust to their new surroundings?
Name Capp family
Members Consort Capp, Contessa Capp, Goneril Capp, Regan Capp, Unborn baby Capp
Number of generations 2 generations
Family connections Thebe family
Lot 35 Riverside Terrace
Funds §60,000
Difficulty level 4 of 6
Other information
Game The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Roaring Heights

The Capp ( Listen) family is a large family who lives in Veronaville. Their name is a reference to the Capulet family in Romeo and Juliet. They are involved in a feud with the Monty family. Juliette Capp is currently in a secret relationship with the Monty heir, Romeo Monty. The family tree can be traced to the youngest generation's great-great-grandparents, while in most families, it can only be traced to the youngest generation's grandparents. Some of the Capp worked in the Business meaning that the family are all business workers.

A common trait in the bloodline is gray eyes, as the trait is possessed by a majority of the Capp descendants. Other traits, such as green, light and dark blue, and brown eyes, most likely come from the people the Capp family members may have married. Despite some of the family member wanting to be married for love, its clear that the parents already arrange their children marriage and that love is never a word.


As with all the other residents of Veronaville, members of the Capp family are named after characters of Shakespeare's plays or elements reminiscent of the time period in which Shakespeare lived.

Juliette and Tybalt are named after Romeo and Juliet characters, while their sister Hermia is named after a character from Midsummer Night's Dream. Goneril, Albany, Cordelia, Regan, Kent, and Cornwall are all characters from King Lear. Desdemona is named after a character from Othello, and Caliban, Miranda, and Ariel are named after characters from The Tempest.

Scribonia Capp, Octavius Capp, Cleopatra Capp, Antony Capp, Calpurnia Caesar, Julius Casear and Caliban Capp, who have graves in the cemetery at Capp Manor, are named after famous ancient Romans, all of whom (except possibly Scribonia) appear in one of Shakespeare's plays.

Capp: A reference to the Capulets, Juliet's family in Romeo and Juliet.
Juliette Capp: Juliet is the titular character in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. She falls in love with her enemy, Romeo, during a banquet. After he is banished, Friar Lawrence and Juliet fake her death so she can meet him. However, Romeo finds out about the scheme, and takes it literally. Then, having the impression that Juliet has died, kills himself by ingesting a powerful poison. Soon afterwards, Juliet find out Romeo died, and stabs herself with his dagger, and drops on top of his body.
Tybalt Capp: Juliet's cousin in the play, Tybalt is hotheaded and loves to fight. He kills Mercutio and is then killed by Romeo, setting the stage for the lover's demise.
Hermia Capp: Hermia was the main character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Her love for Lysander was disapproved of by her father, so the two decided to run away to the forest. One of Puck's spells go wrong, and Lysander falls in love with Hermia's best friend Helena! The lovers are properly sorted out in the end.
Cordelia Capp: Cordelia was one of Lear's daughters in King Lear. She is the only one who loves him truly. She marries the king of France, but she is marked as a traitor and hanged.
Caliban Capp: Caliban is the deformed slave of Prospero in The Tempest. He is the son of the witch Sycorax, and serves as an antagonist.
Goneril Capp: Goneril was the eldest of Lear's daughter in King Lear. She only loves his money, and is fighting with Regan for the love of Edmund. She eventually dies near the end.
Albany Capp: The Duke of Albany, a region of England, is the husband of Goneril in King Lear.
Miranda Capp: Miranda is the daughter of the magician Prospero in The Tempest. She is imprisoned on the island, but eventually freed. She is also in love with Ferdinand who is the prince and son of King Alfonso of Navarre.
Hal Capp: A central character in Henry IV, Part 1 and Henry IV, Part 2 and the title character of Henry V.
Desdemona Capp: Desdemona is the wife of Othello in the play of his name. The treacherous Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona is unfaithful, and she is suffocated by him. Desdemona means unfortunate in Greek.
Ariel Capp: Ariel is an air spirit in service to Prospero. In the play, Ariel seems to be male.
Regan Capp: Regan is Lear's middle daughter in King Lear. She competes with Goneril for Edmund's love, but her sister poisons her and she dies.
Cornwall Capp: The Duke of Cornwall (an area of England) was Regan's husband in King Lear.
Contessa Capp: Contessa is the Italian term for Countess, hinting that there may be royalty in her family.
Consort Capp: is a title given in some monarchies to the husband of a queen regnant.
Scribonia Capp: Scribonia was the second wife of Roman emperor Augustus Caesar, ad the mother of his only natural child.
Octavius Capp: He, along with Antonius and Lepidus, was a triumvir (ruler of Rome) after Caesar's death.
Octavius Capp: One of the three men (triumvirs) who rule Rome after the assassination of Julius Caesar.
Cleopatra Capp: was a Hellenistic ruler of Egypt, and portrayed in Antony and Cleopatra.
Antony Capp: Roman general and one of the three men (triumvirs) who rule Rome after the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C.

Anjou: Anjou is a former county and province centered on the city of Angers, conquered by Julius Caesar.
Henry Anjou: Henry II, called Curtmantle, ruled as King of England from 25 October 1154 – 6 July 1189.
Eleanor Anjou: Henry II's wife, Eleanor duchess of Aquitaine. She was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in Western Europe during the High Middle Ages. She was married twice, first to Louis VII, King of France, and second to Henry II, King of England.

Caesar: Referring to Julius Caesar, or "a title of imperial character".
Julius Caesar: An ancient Roman politician who was betrayed and killed by his colleagues. Shakespeare wrote a biographical play in his name. He was also one of the lover of Cleopatra Philopator VIII with who he will have Caesarion (Ptolemy Ceasar) who will be his biological son and only real heir for the Roman throne.
Calpurnia Caesar: Calpurnia was the third wife of Julius Caesar. In the play and real life story it was revealed that she was infertile and cannot have children.

Dane: One who is from Denmark. The play Hamlet is set in Denmark.
Hamlet Dane: The title character of the play Hamlet and his father.
Tobea Dane: Probably a pun. The word probably is to be a Dane or Scot
Gertrude Dane: Gertrude was the mother of Hamlet.

Scott: One who is from Scotland. The play Macbeth is set in Scotland.
Macduff Scott: Macduff was the antagonist and eventual killer of Macbeth.
Lady Scott: A reference to Macduff's wife, referred to as Lady Macduff.

Norman: The Normans are a people who colonised Normandy, a region in northern France, and conquered other lands, including England.
William Norman: William I of England, also known as "William the Conqueror" for his conquest of England, against the Saxons. William was the son of the unmarried Robert I, Duke of Normandy, by Robert's mistress Herleva. William bullied his wife Matilda the granddaughter of the French King, into marring him, they had ten children.
Mathilde Norman: Was a character in Shakespeare's play Hamlet. As well as the beautiful granddaughter of King Robert II of France, and wife to William the Conqueror. Could also refer to the granddaughter of William the Conqueror, also commonly known as Empress Matilda, typically considered the first Queen Regnant of England.
Richard Norman: Probably refers to Richard I of England, a descended of William I.
Anne Norman: Could refer to Anne Boelyn or Anne of Cleves, both of whom where wives of Henry VIII.

Gale: A gale is a strong wind.
Prospero Gale: Prospero was the hero of The Tempest. He was a magician who, with the help of Ariel, shipwrecked his enemies on the island he and his daughter were imprisoned on.
Sycorax Gale: Sycorax was a witch and main antagonist in The Tempest.

Thebe: Thebe is a location in Greece.
Andromache Thebe: Andromache was the daughter of Eetion, the King of Thebe, and wife of Hector in Greek mythology.
Hector Thebe: Hector was the Son to Priam, King of Troy, and husband of Andromche in Greek mytology. He is killed at the end of Troilus and Cressida.
Queen Thebe: Queen Thebe is a reference to the unnamed wife of Eetion, Greek king of Thebe. Her name suggests royalty in the Capp bloodline.
Eetion Thebe: Eetion was the King of Thebe in Greek mythology.

Family tree




In the Capp family, the husband takes the wife's last name, meaning that the family is matrilineal. Consort Capp's name - consort - means spouse of the head of a royal or noble family (note that Consort's late spouse is named Contessa, which means countess in Italian, hinting that the Capp family might be noble). Because the Capps are matrilineal, they can be easily married to the Summerdreams, another premade matrilineal family, while the Monty family is patrilineal. Matrilinearity does not mean matriarchy.

If the Capp family follows real-life primogeniture but through the female line, then the heir of the Capp family will follow this pattern:

  1. Miranda Capp, daughter of Goneril.
  2. Desdemona Capp, daughter of Goneril.
  3. Ariel Capp, daughter of Goneril.
  4. Regan Capp, daughter of Contessa.
  5. Juliette Capp, daughter of Cordelia.
  6. Hermia Capp, daughter of Cordelia.

However, the player may choose to go by Shakespeare's canon for the characters' roles and behaviors, as Shakespeare's canon may not follow strict primogeniture. Either way, or something completely random, is equally valid, as this is a sandbox game.

Capp Manor

Main article: Capp Manor

The Capps live in one of the largest lots in Veronaville, situated at the far edge of the 'English' side of town, opposite the Monty Ranch. The Manor is relatively small and is situated at the back of the lot.

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The Capp Family
Cleopatra - Antony - Scribonia - Octavius

Contessa - Consort

Goneril - Albany - Miranda - Hal - Desdemona - Ariel

Regan - Cornwall - Kent

Cordelia - Caliban - Tybalt - Hermia - Juliette

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