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For information on reshaping a Sim's face in The Sims 2, see Career rewards#Dr. Vu's Automated Cosmetic Surgeon.

In The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, Change Appearance is an interaction that uses a mirror to change some superficial aspects of a Sim's appearance.

In The Sims 2, this allows the player to change a Sim's hair style and hair color, though it does not change the Sim's genetic hair color. Because it does not change genetics, the only options shown when changing an elder's hair are grey and custom. The custom bin may show Maxis styles that are not available in CAS; these are generally styles that have been dyed. Change Appearance also allows the player to do anything that can be done in the Makeup, Facial Hair & Glasses area of CAS. Unlike the CAS controls, Change Appearance allows the player to change the color of a Sim's eyebrows, stubble, and facial hair independently of the Sim's hair color. Color selections are the same as for hair color, except that there is no "Custom" selection. This means that the color selection generally does not affect custom eyebrows, stubble, and facial hair; regardless of which color is selected, all will generally be available. (Custom eyebrows, stubble, and facial hair can be "binned" in the same way as hair, but usually are not.)

Beginning with Open for Business, a toddler's appearance can be changed if an older Sim takes the toddler to a mirror.

The Change Appearance dialog can also be accessed through vanities[TS2:U][TS2:S][TS2:TSS] and the Ug-No-More Makeover Station[TS2:OFB].

With The Sims 2: Pets, a related interaction allows the player to change some aspects of a pet's appearance.

In The Sims 3, this interaction opens a limited Create A Sim room, which allows the player to edit the Sim's hair and makeup.

Change Appearance and Life states[edit | edit source]

The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

  • PlantSims[TS2:S] cannot change their hair, but can access all the other options.
  • Servos[TS2:OFB] cannot use the interaction.
  • Vampires[TS2:NL] can use the interaction, even though they do not appear in mirrors.
  • Werewolves[TS2:P] in their werewolf form can attempt to use the interaction, but the player will be informed via a pop-up message that there is simply too much hair in the way.

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]