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The Mrs. Crumplebottom from The Sims 2 is a distant relative. But who is she? The Mrs. Crumplebottom theories continue.

Theory #0[edit | edit source]

I think that she is the younger sister of Agnes crumplebottom.

Theory #1[edit | edit source]

Robert Crumplebottom could have been the son of Prudence and Simon Crumplebottom. He could have married Mrs. Crumplebottom and she took his last name, therefore, becoming Mortimer Goth's aunt through marriage. Sometime after, Robert died, leaving Mrs. Crumplebottom heart-broken. She then became the Mrs. Crumplebottom today, breaking up love-birds because she lost the only one she loved.

As for Elmira Clamp, Mrs. Crumplebottom's maiden name could have been Clamp, before she married Robert. If that's the case, then she had a brother who had Elmira. Or Mrs. Crumplebottom's last name wasn't Clamp, then she had a sister, who married a man whose last name was Clamp and then she had Elmira.

Theory #2[edit | edit source]

Robert Crumplebottom could have been the brother of Simon Crumplebottom. He could have married Mrs. Crumplebottom and she took his last name. Eventually, Robert died, leaving Mrs. Crumplebottom heart-broken, so she can't stand the sight of love.

Theory #3[edit | edit source]

My theory is a little more elaborate (but, I think, more realistic);Robert Crumplebottom is Simon Crumplebottoms nephew. Because if you think about it Mrs.Crumplebottom is an elder in sims 2 and so she has to be younger in sims 3. I know she was an elder in sims and sims 2 but stranger things have happened in the sims world (Bella's disaperance!)

As for Elmira Clamp I belive like the previous entries that Mrs.Crumplebottoms maiden names was Clamp and she had a brother who past the Clamp name onto Elmira. I also have another Mrs.Crumplebottom theory though...

Theory #4[edit | edit source]

Another brainbuster of a conundrum is in the sims 2 family tree it says Agnes Crumplebottom was never married! So how can she be married in the sims 3? Why wouldn't the Sims 2 make that connection?

You know what it is? The developers heard that some people wanted to know why the Crumplebottom in downtown was very cranky. The Sims 1 hinted on it but the Sims 3 is before everything and anything, so they wanted to give players answers. It is fustrating becasue in the process they made her story not make any sense.

Theory #5[edit | edit source]

Answers my questions to some extent and so having that answered, I have come to the conclusion that The distant realtive featured in nightlife ( which makes sense by the way. how long do you think she can live? In the sims 1 she is already old, so she would probably die of old age. Not live another 25 years! And I caculated her life expectancy by sims years. Even if in theory Sims had a life expectancy feature of 1000 days. she could only live for 11 more years than regular life expecatncies of 90 days, not 25 more years ( sims 2 regular lifespan! ) is a whole different Crumplebottom all together. Yes,meaning I believe Maxis's explanation, although they made it up to make the Sims 3 make sense ( I'm on to them! ). By the Crumplebottom name & Etymology itself can tell you to why she is cranky (In story books ppl anmes ending in --Bottom tend to act the same way Mrs. Crumplebottom), they all who bear the name seem to uptight and old-fashioned. The Nightlife Crumplebottom being of that distinct but none the less true family line carries on the legacy of crankiness & prudeness, for reasons of her just wanting to be that way. Nobody had to tell Elimira clamp to be that way, she just is. In addition, the Unsavory Charlatan, would never be able to flirt with Agnes because she would be busy being cranky over her Husband's death to want to be swayed by the come ons by a local pickpocket (aka a rascal roughian, which she dislikes).Although is is not traditional of Robert Crumplebottom to have changed his last name, and keeping in mind the Crumplebottoms are quite traditional, maybe it was just a really badly embrassing last name. Lastly, Anybody think the Nightlife Crumplebottom could be "Ms. Crumplebottom" instead of "Mrs. Crumplebottom"? it would sure make less sense!

Theory #6[edit | edit source]

I think that Prudence's Ghost had children with another man, but since they never got married the last name of the child ended up being Crumplebottom and that Crumplebottom married some girl from pleasantview and gave birth to Robert Crumplebottom who was then married Alyssa Clamp and gave birth to Miriam Crumplebottom

Theory #7[edit | edit source]

I always thought Mrs. Crumplebottom was Agnes Crumplebottom. I've never seen her in The Sims 2 because I didn't play it that much. Anyways, Mrs. Crumplebottom was really depressed when her husband died, so she got mad and didn't like seeing people be romantic.--Zoey2070 18:13, January 2, 2010 (UTC)Zoey2070

Theroy #8[edit | edit source]

I thinl that her whole life has been Heck. When she was born things went bad. She was probably given up for adoption, since we don't know who the parents are. Then, she spent time in the oprhanage and went to colledge and married Robert Crumplebottom(which was the only time in her life when she was happy.) Then he died and she went mad and started beating other sims up. That's why everytime she sees a happy couple she hits them because she jealous of them.

Theroy #9[edit | edit source]

There on thing that just doesn't at up here in the sims 2 late night Mortimer the rich old guy from the Goth's is like 10 days away from dead in the sims 3 he's just an child and Agnes Crumplebottom is already an late young adult here now being late young adult is like being 28 years old or something like that okay and Mortimer is early child stage like 5/6 years old and seeing as Agnes Crumplebottom is depressed like forever her asprition level(will to live longer) could never have been high enough to be like let's say 94 years old she would have passed away along time ago if you exclude stuff like life potions and ambrosa and reviving people by useing the sciene lab. What she could have done is adopted an child and educated her to have an epsalute hate against people that are happy or flirt in an way that she could carry on the legacy of hate against happiness and love

Possibly the day Crumblebottom got widowed no one would help her drowning husband. Because they where too much full off themselves that no one would help her

Ps:(I know my english might not be superb but try to ignore it pllz)

Theory #10[edit | edit source]

I believe that Mrs. Crumplebottom and Miss. Crumplebottom is the same person for they are both cranky and similar in many other ways and Robert Crumplebottom could have been her first or second husband while Erik Darling could have been the other and after both of them died she hated love because for her they only lead to death so maybe she is not only jelous at other sims love but trying to protect them for the pain love can endure by hiting a sim and yelling at them for trying to hurt another sim 23:44, June 12, 2011 (UTC) Mystery Lady From Next Door(Who is very smart)

Theory #11[edit | edit source]

Simon Crumplebottom

Theory #12[edit | edit source]

Since her SimPE says she is a male, we can assume that she is a drag queen!

Theory #13[edit | edit source]

User:Joethatblackguy- I think Prudence Crumplebottom had a daughter (from a past marriage) named Alyssa and she married Marshall Danders and he was already divorced and had a daughter and was nearing death so when Marshall died by old age. Alyssa went busy with Grim and she produced twins Mrs. Crumplebottom and an unnamed boy. But pretty soon Alyssa died a few hours after her twins's birth and Prudence was too old to raise them that Agnes had to raise them so I think Mrs. Crumplebottom is really the child of The Grim Reaper, niece of Cornelia Crumplebottom and Agnes Crumplebottom, cousin of Mortimer Goth, and granddaughter of Prudence Crumplebottom

Theory #14[edit | edit source]

What if Agnes and Erik's ghost had Robert Crumplebottom, who married the Sims 2 Mrs.Crumplebottom before his "death".

Theory #15[edit | edit source]

Now this may sound out there, but what if the Mrs. Crumplebottom from the Sims 2, is the same Mrs. Crumplebottom, but, she is a ghost disguised as a human like the one from the sims 2 for the PSP?

If you ask me, this has precedence. The Tragic Clown is dead in the Sims 3 and appears alive (Although irregular and definitely inhuman) in the Sims 1. Her GHOST is it. She's simply disguised herself as a human and pulled a Touhou by screwing with the writers so they'd say she's a relative, when they mean relative in a different manner.

Theory #16[edit | edit source]

Agnes and Cornelia had a brother who is Robert Crumplebottom. At some point, perhaps when Robert was almost an elder, he married Mrs. Crumplebottom from the Sims 2. He died early in his elder life but not without leaving a legacy which is mentioned in the Sims 1. Mrs. Crumplebottom was heartbroken like her sister Agnes, and became very similar to Agnes. Agnes' death prior to the Sims 2 allowed Mrs. Crumplebottom to take on the role as the stern and strict woman who hates other sim's expressions of romance.

Theory #17[edit | edit source]

I'll say that Mrs. Crumplebottom is an illusion that hates love because of Angus Crumplebottom's husband died, so she is an illusion of Angus who married Robert Crumplebottom, but then divorsed, because she had lover to beat with a purse, so in The Sims, There was Miss Crumplebottom who was a clone of Mrs Crumplebottom in the Sims 2 with the same personality. So Mrs. Crumplebottom pops out of the well when a person wishes for love so she can stop their hearts from being destroyed.--Jako98146 15:50, 12 August 2009 (UTC)

Theory #18[edit | edit source]

Mrs.Crumplebottom is actually the Ghost of Agnes Crumplebottom in my opinion, and the tale of her breaking love has been passed down from the time of the sims 3 right down to the time of the sims 2 and as there are ghosts on simearth, Agnes simply could not take being in the underworld all day while there are people kissing and woohooing up there so she split into MILLIONS of Mrs.crumplebottoms and they invaded the mind of every sim that believed the Tales, therefore, creating an illusion of an old lady with a handbag that hits lovebirds if they make love in public. This is also proved right in some ways as there is no Mrs.Crumplebottom in the sims 3 except Prudence (unless Cornelia's Maiden name counts too) "but she is MRS. not Ms!"

I have a theory for that too, Erik Darling is Agnes's deceased boyfriend, correct? If Agnes died, they would be able to communicate in the underworld, they got married in the mausoleum in front of all the deceased Crumplebottoms (even Cornelia as she is older than Agnes, this explains how they are still joined. But Erik took Agnes's name instead because she is so rich) Thus, creating Mrs.Crumplebottom, upon this, part one of my theory starts.


Theory #19[edit | edit source]

Well, for the user who wrote theory # 5, the sims storyline goes like this: The Sims 3, The Sims 1, The Sims 2. Because, most of the adult characters that appear in TS1 are children in TS3 and elders in TS2. Anyway, I don't think that Mrs.Crumplebottom is connected to any of the families in TS2 or TS3. If you add her to your family with boolprop and look at her family tree, nobody appears. She got the last name as a parody... just to make it funny. Crumplebottom. If that's not funny I don't know what it is. And I think the Mrs. thing is also aesthetic. I mean, would you expect an old lady to be a miss instead of a mrs.? Nah, of course not. Or she is married to the Grim Reaper. Don't laugh. It makes perfect sense. She is following the moral code of the victorian era, right? And if sweet old Grim is always out taking people's souls and having affairs with serial killers she's must be lonely! So she bowls and drinks and smacks lovebirds with that ugly handbag (I don't know if you noticed, but she sometimes knits. What's the deal with that?). Partly because it's not morraly decent to kiss in public, partly because it reminds her of her unhappy marriage. Anyway, I'm stumped by the knitting thing. Does she have a child? I can't break my head thinking about it, so I'm asking other users to break their heads figuring it out. I'm asking you to write your opinion on the knitting baby clothes thing. Pleeeeease!!


Theory #20[edit | edit source]

I think maybe - and hear me out, people! - that Agnes had an illegitimate child with Erik whom she called Robert, and Robert grew up to marry a sprightly young woman whom he met at his high school. Robert became a successful puppeteer and then later a philantropist, but he was soon struck dead at his charity performance by a falling chandelier. His wife was grief-stricken, but what she didn't know what that it was, in fact, Agnes who had killed her son because she couldn't bear to see his wife have a happy marriage when her own Erik had died so tragically. Pennniless and deppressed, Agnes and Robert's widow spent the rest of their years in miserly solitude. Agnes, who was still mourning the loss of her own husband, spent the rest of her days slapping the happy couples who spent romantic evenings downtown. Eventually she died, and 25 years later Robert's widow donned Agnes' clothing and took up her role.

The real story of the Crumplebottoms[edit | edit source]

Get comfortable, get some popcorn, and get ready to read the best story that should have (but never did) become a short movie.

Agnes resurrected Erik as a ghost, they got remarried and Erik took the last name Crumplebottom. They had a non-ghost kid who ended up being the Mrs. Crumplebottom from Nightlife. And another (ghost) girl who married a non-ghost man with the last name Clamp. They had 2 non-ghost children Elmira Clamp and another girl who married a guy with the last name Arneson, they had Ian Arneson. The End. By Ed

Agnes and Erik also had Robert Crumplebottom

Theory#21[edit | edit source]

Mrs. Crumplebottom married Robert Crumplebottom, but it was never shown, mostly because he was never in the Sims series(unless I'm wrong)he became famous umong the sims and was crushed by a chandelere(reason 2)Mrs. Crumplebottom was sad and hated love, but this leads to that she is Mother or copusin, or cousin-in-law to Agnes Crumplebottom.

Theory #22[edit | edit source]

Agnes (a.k.a. Miss Crumplebottom) was pregnant with Erik Darling's child when he died. Since the parents weren't married, that child took her mother's last name. She grew up to become Mrs. Crumplebottom. Why, then, would she be Mrs. Crumplebottom instead of Miss or Ms.? Easy - she had a husband, and he took her last name, then he died. --Sparrowsong 06:46, January 12, 2010 (UTC)

Theory #23[edit | edit source]

Agnes Crumplebottom's first husband was Robert Crumplebottom, who took Agnes's last name. Later, Robert died, so Agnes married Erik Darling, who also died. She then had two baby girls with Erik's ghost. They named one of the babies Mrs. and the other's name was unknown. They both got taken away by the social worker. When they were released, Mrs. revived Robert using that reviving food (I forgot what it's called.). After that, Robert died because of the chandelier story in The Sims 1, which is why she hates love. As for Mrs.'s sister, she married a guy with the last name of Clamp. They had two baby girls, one named Elmira, and the other's name is unknown. The one whose name is unknown married someone with the last name of Arneson. They had a boy named Ian, who was mainly raised in Elmira's library.

Theory #24[edit | edit source]

I think Simon and Prudence had a son when they were young and gave him up for adoption and he was Robert who married a Miss. Clamp and she became Mrs. Crumplebottom after that Robert died and like Agnes she grew bitter. Also Robert married a young Miss. Clamp who was younger than Miss.(Agnes) Crumplebottom

Theory #25[edit | edit source]

I Think she is a character that just never dies like Mario or something or she could be a vampire or she was able to get her hands on the Elixir of Life with that she lives on.

Theory #26[edit | edit source]

I wrote Theory 22. If that theory is not just stupid to you. I think it could be a illigettime child between Agnes and Erik so taking Agnes Madien name and put up for adoption and Agnes called the baby Mrs. because she wanted the baby to be married all it life or something. Mrs. Crumplebottom grew up in care never seeing open love and loved books about the past so found about her moral code. The first contact she ever had from her birth family was the day of her Mother's Funeral and at the funeral she was told about her mother so she took on a signture outfit and everything just then her new husband Robert (Who took her name for legal reasons) was killed at the anually charity event. THEORY 116702 Agnes=Ms.Crumplebottom=distant relative=two extremely annoying cousins= theory

Theory #27[edit | edit source]

I think Agnes had a baby with her ghost husband and had Mrs. Crumblebottom and she married Robert but he took her last name... Maybe?

Theory #28[edit | edit source]

My theory is that Robert Crumplebottom married Mrs. Crumplebottom, but instead of her taking his last name, he took her last name. Then, his original last name could have been Clamp, thus explaining Mrs. Crumplebottom's niece, Elmira. And the Ms. Crumplebottom in The Sims couldn't be the Mrs. Crumplebottom in the Sims 2, because Ms. Crumplebottom was said to be Agnes Crumplebottom by game developers. And why Mrs. Crumplebottom is so cranky all the time is because her husband had an early death, and she never found love again, or didn't want to find love again. And, I'm guessing with the new expantion pack Sims 3: Late Night coming out, our mysterious friend, Mrs. Crumplebottom, will be revealed, since we're finally getting the Downtown area again, and she may be introduced as a young adult in this game, and her husband will either be introduced alive or dead.

Theory #29[edit | edit source]

If Mrs. C is an elder in the Sims 2, that means she would be roughly the same age as Mortimer, thus she would be a child in the Sims 3. Meaning that Mr. C would have to be a child too, so they're unrelated.

Theory #30[edit | edit source]

I think that she is not a normal Sim. Due to the fact that she crawls out of a magic well causes one to think that she is a magical being, thus, able to live longer than most Sims. I don't have a better idea about her genetics than the rest of the fans here, but at least this might help explain her extremely long lifespan.

Hello! I am adding on to this. I also believe that maybe she cast a spell on herself to be immortal and to be exactly like she was when she cast maybe that why she cannot be a supernatural creature.

Theory #31[edit | edit source]

I think that she is Either Robert Crumplebottom's wife, Agnes Crumplebottom/Cornelia Goth's Sister, or I think that She is Agnes' Daughter-in-law and that the reason that Agnes is so cranky in Hot Date, is that 1.Her Husband (Erik Darling) Died, then her adoptive son (Robert Crumplebottom) died too. So Robert is Agnes' Adoptive son.

Theory #32[edit | edit source]

I think that her husband is Robert Crumplebottom who is maybe Simon Crumplebottom's son or Agnes and Cornelia's brother. Mrs Crumplebottom's maiden name is maybe Clamp because it was said that she took care of her neice Elmira Clamp from my sims

Theory #33[edit | edit source]

Mrs. Crumplebottom is just a being that copies Miss Agnes Crumplebottom so she has rights to beat the crap out of people making out and such. She is a deity. Other than that, she may be just a b**ch.

Theory #34[edit | edit source]

I had it where Robert Crumplebottom is brother to the Crumplebottom sisters, the middle child, who was living elsewhere. He would grow up to meet a young Agnes Seabottom(this Agnes is much younger than the other Agnes) from Barnacle Bay and marry her, but he dies while as an adult (just before Sims 1). Cordy and Agnes would use their influence to dedicate a park in honor of their brother. Meanwhile, an embittered Agnes Crumplebottom nee Seabottom would be at elder stage at the events of Sims 2. Making my own meaning 00:31, April 22, 2011 (UTC)

Theory #35

I think that Mrs.Crumplebottom is really Agnes Crumplebottom, when Erik died she fell in depression and she went insane, and that's why she's hitting everyone who's trying to kiss or make out on a public place.

Theory #36 (and i think it makes sense)[edit | edit source]

Mrs Crumplebottom married Robert Crumblebottom therefore inheriting his last name Robert could have been Simon Crumplebottom's brother/cousin or maybe even nephew but when Robert died he disappered from Mrs Crumplebottom's family tree like all dead sim do (they only disappear for their name wrong I know nothing about her)

' 23:41, June 12, 2011 (UTC) 'Mystery Lady From Next Door(Who is very smart)

Theory #37[edit | edit source]

The game treats her like an object, so why wouldn't she be weird?

I made this and I need to say something else.

The reason she hates love is easy to see if you look at the article. No shows of affection in public. A code of the victorian era. She was a teen then :) and she was butt ugly. She knew no one would propose to her so even though she was traditional she proposed to her crush, Robert Crumplebottom but he denied her. He was going to change his mind and propose her but Maxis accidentally killed him. They already screwed up trying to fix Nervous, so they left it alone and did nothing. They killed her too (serial killers! :O) and tried to fix her for some reason. They created a robot object by accident when trying to make her. It was an unstoppable robot that had been misprogrammed to destroy love but it failed and they trapped it in downtown somehow so it lurks there to reak havoc on poor defensless sims. It also has a code in its hardrive so that it cannot become a supernatural creature as this would have stopped her from destroying love full time. Why can't she be a nice old granny?

Theroy #38[edit | edit source]

People aren't thinking logically, if Agnes Crumplebottom is obviously older than Mrs. Crumplebottom, then how would she be Agnes' aunt or anything older than her? I gave Mrs. Crumplebottom the name Charlotte, and no matter what she has to be the wife of Robert. Since he's been left out of all the games his relation is questionable but there are several options: he is the youngest child of Simon Crumplebottom and Prudence Crumplebottom making him Agnes and Cornelia's younger brother, or there could always be the chance that Robert was Agnes' son as unlikely as it is he would be around Mortimer's age which "Charlotte" is. I assume that she and Robert may have conceived a child, forcing them to marry. Which would make sense of the reason so doesn't accept public displays of effect and maybe her husbands death just made her a bitter shrew. As for Elmira Clamp I personally, and many others feel that the MySims game isn't in the same series thus the characters have no relation. Charmingbuffy 21:05, July 31, 2011 (UTC)

Theroy #39[edit | edit source]

I think that Mrs. Crumplebottom is just a character that is destined to make the sims more "interesting".

Theory #40[edit | edit source]

I think Mrs. Crumplebottom is the slightly younger cousin of Agnes Crumplebottom. She and Agnes were close and shared the same ideas. When Agnes died, Mrs. Crumplebottom adopted her cousin's personality in her memory.

Theory 41#[edit | edit source]

I think she is just a relative of Agnes Crumplebottom

Theory #42[edit | edit source]

I have no idea about her sisters or cousins or any relatives but I am pretty sure that during the period from The Sims and The Sims 2 she started drinking elixar of life and thus never dies and I think that she is cranky as Robert Crumplebottom her late husband died!

Theory #43[edit | edit source]

I think she is an ancestor of Agnes Crumplebottom. I don't know.

Theory #44[edit | edit source]

I think Mrs. Crumplebottom is a vampire. She doesn't react to vampire bites (well she does but she doesn't convert) and it seems to be the only explaination for her not aging. Maybe adrenaline or dopamine or even testosterone/estrogen in the Sims' blood due to romantic activity (don't make fun of me - I know it's a game but come on) makes the blood harder to resist or something.

Theory #45[edit | edit source]

Erik Darling is Gunter Goths brother. They hated each other, and altered it so they showed no connections.Erik and Agnes settled down in Sunset Valley years later, unaware Gunter was there. When Erik met him as a new neighbour, Gunter got angry and tried to drown Erik. As a final request, Erik asked if Gunter would bury Cornelia and Agnes family in the graveyard. Gunter told them Erik died fishing. Then she became bitter. She goes to the beach and drowns herself. She then gets resurrected by her sister Cornelia. She moves away and away, until she settles with Cornelia's descendants. She sees how happy Don and Cassandra are, and loathes Don for trying to have a marriage, despite the fact Don doesn't want one. She then whacks people with her handbag, filled with love letters and framed photos of Erik.

Theory #46[edit | edit source]

Mrs Crumplebottom could actually be one of the Crumplebottom sisters, most probably Bianca Crumplebottom since she looks most like her. She married someone called Robert, who took her last name due to the Crumplebottoms fame. That could also explain Elmira Clamp cause one of the others sister, Belinda or Beatrice, could have gotten married and had her and another child who had Ian Arneson. Then, to clear up the triplets identity, they could be the children of Simon Crumplebottom's sibling or his father's siblings children. Thats would then clear up all odd ends of the Crumplebottoms. The REAL Annoying Thing/LeeseyBoy~Michael Leese 20:19, February 3, 2013 (UTC)LeeseyBoy

Theory #47[edit | edit source]

Mrs. Crumplebottom possibly could have been born by Mr. Crumplebottom and Ms. Crumplebottom (from ​The Sims: Hot Date) when they were 39 or 28, since The Sims 2 takes place 25 years after The Sims, and The Sims takes place like, 30 years after The Sims 3, thus having Mrs. Crumplebottom 83 years old.

Theory #48[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 2 Mrs.CrumpleBottom is a naggy old sim who shows up at DownTown lots in the game The Sims 2 Night Life. Most of the time, whenever two sims are doing a romatic interaction she either scolds them or terrorizes them with her purse. I think she does this because she used to be married once. My theory is that Mrs.CrumpleBottom was once happily married to a sim, but then her husband had died. So now she probably thinks that since she had her love taken away from her, no one deserves love. So that's probably the reason why she always nags or is rude to romatic sims. But in The Sims 3 she is not in it, just Agnes Crumplebottom and Cornelia Goth ( But her maiden name is Crumplebottom.) Maybe that Mrs.Crumplebottom wasn't born yet, what if she's actually supposed to end up being Agnes Crumplebottom's daughter? Who knows really. But that's MY theory.