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The onomatology (meaning study of the origin of names) of the Sim characters are sometimes hilarious, but always interesting. Many of the names had been intentionally chosen for etymology reasons. Simmers have found out many of the meanings, although a large-enough portion do not mean as much as the onomatology of others. Some of the names came as a shock, other names didn't seem to have an onomatological relation. Not all of the names were intended for the definitions researched, but it is still interesting (and sometimes coincidental) to see what the name meanings are.

The Goth family[edit | edit source]

Goth: Relates either to medieval times or means "an uncivilized person" or "a person without culture". The Goth name in general has some resemblance, as well. The family seems to be the oldest (making it "medieval") Also it can be a word for someone who likes to dress in black or likes the shadows.

Gunther Goth: Variant of Günther, from Old High German "gund" (battle) and "heri" (army).

Cornelia Goth: Derived from the Latin word "cornu", meaning "horn". Or possibly, Cornelia is supposed to refer to "corn" because of the rural landscape of Pleasantview's past. The name is quite old-fashionable yet elegant and suits her perfectly.

Hecuba Goth: Variant on the Greek name 'Hekabe' which itself is a variant of 'Hecate' and can possibly mean "Far-off". From Greek Mythology - the wife of Priam and mother of Hector, Paris, and Cassandra (along with 16 other children) in Homer's Iliad. Hecate is also a traditional goddess of witches, which may relate with Cassandra Goth's name relating to prophecies.

Menelaus Goth:From Greek origin it means "withstanding the people". From Greek Mythology - the king of Sparta at the time of the Trojan War; husband of Helen and brother of Agamemnon.

The Charming family[edit | edit source]

Charming: As in pleasant, charismatic. Also a present participle form of charm.

Claire Charming: Means bright, clear.

Luna Charming: Means moon.

The Kat family[edit | edit source]

"Kat": As in cat. Kat is the correct way of spelling cat in Danish and Dutch.

Tara Kat: Meaning "Star", "Goddess of the Sea", "Shining," "Stone of Destiny," or "A hill where Kings met".

Ginia Kat: Ginia, short for Virginia, refers to Elizabeth the I, the "Virgin Queen" and its meaning is "Maiden". Ginia is also a Spanish variant of Virginia.

Waggles Kat: Meaning "To move with short, quick motions".

Boots Kat: Meaning "Protective footwear".

Scout Kat: Meaning "To Listen".

Maggie Kat: Maggie, short for Megan or Margaret, meaning "Pearl".

Mickey Kat: Mickey, short for Michael or Mike, meaning "Who resembles God".

Samantha Kat: Meaning "God heard," or "Flower".

Faline Kat: Meaning "Like a cat" or "Deer".

The Burb family[edit | edit source]

Burb: Slang for "suburb" which describes Pleasantview.

John Burb: Popular name meaning "Yahweh is Gracious" or "God is Gracious"

Lucy Burb: Popular name meaning "light"

Brad Burb: Popular name meaning "broad".

Tiffany Burb: Popular name meaning "manifestation of god". It may have been chosen due to the stereotype of fashionable and popular girls being named Tiffany.

Benjamin Burb: Popular name meaning "son of the south"

Susan Burb: Popular name meaning "lily" or "rose"

Tucker Burb: Tucker is perhaps related to the German word 'tucher' means 'clothweaver'.