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This is the Onomatology page for Desiderata Valley, the neighbourhood shipped with The Sims 2: FreeTime.

The Aspir Family[edit | edit source]

  • Aspir: Ornamental name for Asp 'aspen tree'
  • Luis: Famed warrior
  • Victor: Victor; meaning conqueror
  • Elizabeth: God's oath; dedicated
  • Pauline: In French meaning small
  • Noriko: Law child.
  • Larisa: Citadel
  • Raul: Wise as a wolf
  • Paulina: In French meaning small
  • Manuel: God with us
  • Kimura: Tree village
  • Kumiko: Long time beautiful child
  • Jiro: Second son
  • Kozolv :
  • Pavel: Humble, tiny, small
  • Keesa:
  • Nejem: Means "star" in Arabic
  • Darius: Powerful enemy
  • Jasmine: Beautiful as the flower
  • Cyrus: Great king
  • Diana: full of divine light
  • Maximilian: Great, big
  • Gloria: Glory
  • Vincent: The winner

The Jocque Family[edit | edit source]

  • Jocque: (Word jock) "common man" "Meaning "an athletic man"
  • Marcel: Root: Marcus Origin: Latin Meaning: "god of war"
  • Sophia: a common name coming from the Greek word "Sophus" which means "Wisdom"
  • Violet: bluish-purple color. Also a Plant; Beautiful
  • Henri: House owner
  • Amie: Beloved
  • Armand: Soldier
  • Gabrielle: God is my strength
  • Vachel: Small cow
  • Sebastien: Person from ancient city of Sebasta
  • Amie: Beloved
  • Pachis:
  • Jason: To heal
  • Alyssa: Noble
  • Flavian: Yellow hair
  • Theresia: To harvest
  • Kokins:
  • Philip: Lover of horses
  • Catherine: Pure

The Bell Family[edit | edit source]

  • Bell: "to sound, roar," "to ring a bell," "chief, leader," "awaken a memory."
  • Issac:"He will laugh"
  • Hannah: "favor, grace" "gracious, merciful, he that gives"
  • Daniel: From a Hebrew name meaning "Judged by God" or "God is my judge"
  • Bartholomew: Son of the furrow
  • Ruth: Compassionate friend
  • Tobias: God is good
  • Edna: Rejuvenation, delight
  • Zingle:
  • Nathan: Given
  • Melissa: Honeybee
  • Wirth: Provider
  • Sharon: "Flat Clearing" and "German"
  • Samuel: Told by god
  • Marian: Bitter
  • Judith: A Judea woman
  • Michael: Who is like god?
  • Reis: Kings
  • Anna: Grace
  • Zachary: The lord has remembered

The Mole Family[edit | edit source]

The Contrary Family[edit | edit source]

  • Contrary: Opposite in nature, direction or meaning
  • Edward: Wealthy
  • Opal: Precious stone
  • Rick: Powerful, rich
  • Talbot: Command of the valley
  • Emma: Universal
  • Darren: Little great one
  • Tessica: ?
  • Henderson: Son of Henry
  • Hank: Estate ruler
  • Sharlene: Feminine of Cahrles meaning "free man"
  • Miller: Grinder of grain
  • Chase: To hunt
  • Stormy: Windy
  • Kristopher: Bearer of Christ
  • Tish: Joy, gladness
  • Rogers
  • Rudy: Short of Rudolph meaning "famous wolf"
  • Linda: Pretty

The Una Family[edit | edit source]

  • Una: Means "one" in Spanish (Female)
  • Natasha: Russian pet from of Natalya (Natalie) "born on christmas day"
  • Katerina: from "Katherine" meaning pure
  • Alexei: Protector of the men
  • Mikhail: Who is like god?
  • Yuri: -