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About Me[edit source]

My name is Courtney Pearce but i'd perfer if you called me Courtney or by my username Holeseditor28. i spend most of my time playing sims, singing or hanging out with my friends.

The Sims games I own[edit source]

  • Sims 2 with all the expansion packs and stuff packs
  • sims 3 with all the expansion packs and stuff packs
  • sims life stories
  • Sim 4 (with the the Holiday Celebration Pack and Outdoor Retreat)

Stories[edit source]

  • I made Rose Greenman have a sister for Daisy and I aged both Daisy and her sister Jody. Then Daisy had a plantsim child named Andy and Jody cured herself of her plantsimism and adopted a baby named Luke Greenman. Then since Daisy didn't like Jody for curing herself,she and Andy moved out. Daisy married Liam McCarthy ( CAS) and had twins a girl named Sonny and a boy named Sebastion. By then Andy went to college to study drama and Sonny and Sebastion are children and Sonny is a B student and Sebastion is a C + student. Now Sonny and Sebastion are 2 days away from being teens.Holeseditor28 (talk) 10:09, August 5, 2012 (UTC)Holeseditor28
  • In my game I moved The gavigan family in an apartment in my custom town Johnson Village. Mary and Nathan have a little girl named Pia. Than Mary and Nathan divorced each other and Nathan moved in a little house and moved to strangetown. Mary on the other hand had remarried to CAS Kris McDonald. Kris and Mary had helped Isaiah who is now a teen study hard to get a scholarship while he was trying to win the heart of Emily Ramaswami (see Ramaswami family player stories). At the same time they were also trying to keep Pia healthy and happy before she grows up into a child. Meanwhile in Strange town Nathan got abducted by aliens and had twin aliens Daniel and Danielle. Mary and Kris are sad and proud to see Isaiah go to college and study political science. Pia went to college after studying to earn a scholarship she got the SimCitys scholars grant like Isaiah got and she also got the young entrepreneurs award, a scholarship Isaiah never got. Now Mary and Kris are elders, Isaiah has finished college and is married and are now having their 2nd child and Pia is in her sophmore year of college in the philosiophy major. In Strangetown Nathan is an elder and his twin alien girls are on their way to college.Holeseditor28 (talk) 10:09, August 5, 2012 (UTC)Holeseditor28
  • I moved Priya and Sanjay to my custom town Johnson Village and they moved into an apartment. Soon enough Pryia got pregnant with a baby girl who she named Emily. As a child Emily kept her grades steady at a B- . When she was a teen she was going steady with Isaiah Gavigan and they each kept their grades at an A They both got a scholarship and went to college both majoring in polictical science. Just after Priya gave birth to Sajay II, Sanjay ( Not Sanjay II) died in a house fire and Priya had to raise her little boy on her own. Now Isaiah and Emily are having their second child after their first child Warren was born and now a toddler.Isaiah is a double agent in the intelligence career and Emily is an icon in the show business career.Holeseditor28 (talk) 10:09, August 5, 2012 (UTC)Holeseditor28
  • Julien moved into one of my custom neighborhoods and met CAS Hannah Tart when she walked on his lot when Julien first moved there. They immediatley fell in love. Every night, Julien invited Hannah over to his luxurious mansion. That continued until Julien proposed engagment to Hannah. She accepted and the next day Julien married Hannah under the wedding arch. Soon enough Hannah got pregnant. They had twins named Warren and Wendy. They had 3 more kids (each born at different times) named Nina, Meghan and Lawrence. Now Warren and Wendy are out of college and out on their own, Nina is in college, Meghan is a teen staying home to babysit Lawrence who is a childHoleseditor28 (talk) 12:43, August 6, 2012 (UTC)Holeseditor28