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The Sims 3: Supernatural

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The arboretum is a rabbit hole featured in The Sims 3: Supernatural. Sims can tour the arboretum and WooHoo inside this rabbit hole. The only pre-placed arboretum in the game is located at Fae Ray Garden in Moonlight Falls. Inside the arboretum, Sims can also enter gardening competition, search for fairies, play fairy games, and talk to baby's breath.

Gardening competition[edit | edit source]

Rank Prize
1 §1,000
2 §800
3 §500
4 §350
5 §250
6 §150
7 §75
8 §50
9 - 12 §0

Sims can enter a gardening competition inside the arboretum. They require at least one harvestable in their inventory. The contest begins between 12 PM to 3 PM, and lasts for 3 hours. Virtually, up to 12 contestants compete in the contest. Multiple Sims in the active household can enter the contest together. Fake contestants will be generated by the game only to fill the empty slots to simulate competition rankings.

Upon entering the competition, the game will find the best quality random harvestable and remove it from the Sim's inventory. The quality of the fruit determines the competition score, but not the type of the harvestable. It means that a perfect apple will have a greater score than an outstanding life fruit. Aside from the harvestable quality, the number of gardening skill points (or child gardening for children) also determines the competition score. Sims will be disqualified if they leave the arboretum while the competition is still in progress.

Below is how the score is determined:

  1. Base score is 1 for horrifying and 11 for perfect quality harvestable.
  2. Score is multiplied by x1.075 for an adult, or x1.125 for a child.
  3. Bonus score is added by +1.125 per each gardening skill point for an adult, or +1.05 per each child gardening skill point for a child.[1]
  4. The final score is multiplied by a random number between x0.75 and x1.5

Sims will be awarded money if they earn the 1st to 8th place. Additionally, the 1st-place winner will be rewarded a gardening competition trophy in their inventory.

Fairy-related interactions[edit | edit source]

Search for fairies[edit | edit source]

Sims can search for fairies by entering the arboretum. While inside, the player will be prompted a series of chance card dialogs, consisting of two options. None of these options matter, nor do any elements factor in the outcome. The chance cards are only flavor texts, while the outcomes are purely random. The possible outcomes are as below, followed by their weighted chance.

  • A +50 relationship boost with a non-household random fairy (35)
  • Two random seeds of any rarity (50)
  • Three random common seeds (50)
  • A jar of fairy dust (60)

Upon exiting the rabbit hole, there is a 4% chance Sims may receive a special opportunity, Becoming a Fairy. They may receive it as long as the Sim is not a ghost, plumbot, or fairy.

Play fairy games[edit | edit source]

Children, Sims with childish trait, and fairies may enter the arboretum to play fairy games. They will spend half an hour inside and get the "Played Fairy Games" moodlet.

Talk to baby's breath[edit | edit source]

Sims who are neither mummies nor SimBots can talk to baby's breath inside the arboretum. They will spend an hour inside and get the "Magic in the Air" moodlet. This moodlet increases the chance of conception and random occult mutation of a baby by +50%.

Varieties[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Both "Fae Ray Gardens" and "Fae Ray Arboretum" are references to the actress Fay Wray.
  • Various plant decorations can be seen inside the Moonlight Falls arboretum by zooming in the camera. These plant decorations are not part of the rabbit hole, but rather Buy mode plants placed using the Moveobjects cheat.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Bonus score of +1.175 is added per each gardening skill point for a child, but it's impossible for a child to learn this skill in an unmodded gameplay.

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