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The Sims 2: University

No need to mourn the passing of your loved ones. Not only is this telephone a classy accessory to any stylish realm, but it also provides a direct line to the Grim Reaper. For nary the price of your soul, Mr Reaper will gladly bring anyone back from the beyond. But beware: if you don't offer a competitive price, your resurrected loved one may be ... incomplete.
Game The Sims 2: University
Buyability Limited
Object type(s) Career reward
Size 1x1

The Resurrect-o-Nomitron was introduced in The Sims 2: University as the Paranormal career reward. This item is different from other career reward items in that it allows a Sim to offer the Grim Reaper money to bring back loved ones and pets if their urn or gravestone is in the neighborhood. However, if a player is cheap or low on Simoleons, the dead Sim will either come back with problems, or as a zombie—or not come back at all. Any Sim that is a child or older can use the object.

When a Sim uses it to call the Grim Reaper, the player will be presented with a phonebook-like list of deceased Sims that Sim knows. This list will include the Sim's deceased ancestors and relatives, as well as deceased Sims the caller knew when they were alive. The player will then be able to decide how much to pay. If all goes well, the revived Sim or pet will appear next to the Resurrect-o-Nomitron. If the caller paid for a perfect resurrection, the revived Sim or pet will appear in a cloud of green smoke. Otherwise, the smoke will be orange or red, with a hint of flame.

The Resurrect-o-Nomitron will always be found in pre-made secret society lots. So after a Sim joins any secret society, they can add the Resurrect-o-Nomitron to their inventory and use it normally without the need of completing the paranormal career track. This is a common strategy for players who want to resurrect a Sim.

Payments and results[edit | edit source]

  • §8513–§10,000 — Perfect Sim. Exactly as when they died (but reset to start of age range they were in) and in a good mood.
  • §4128–§8512 — "Problem" Sim. The Sim returns looking exactly as they once did, but with their personality reversed, some skill points lost, and they will have a different job or a demotion. The lower the bid the worse the effect.
  • §988–§4127 — The Sim is revived, but as a zombie. Walks with limp, thinks about brains, loses most skill points and have a set personality (outgoing 4, active 3, playful 1).
  • Below §987 — The plea fails. The Reaper will take the money and give nothing.

Note that children and pets will always be perfectly resurrected regardless of the amount of money offered.

Messages[edit | edit source]

  • For a perfect resurrection: (Sim Name) has been resurrected. Try not to let them die again.
  • For an incomplete resurrection: (Sim Name) has been resurrected with certain deficiencies. Cheapness does have its downsides.
  • For the creation of a zombie: (Sim Name) has been a zombie! Good luck with your new "creation".

The life of a zombie[edit | edit source]

Jenny Smith as a zombie.
Main article: Zombie#The Sims 2

Zombies come back with features that are uniquely theirs. The most noticeable are blue skin, changes in facial structure, and the zombie walk. They will never walk, run, or skip normally again.

The physical appearance is not the only change. Zombies lose skill points and have their personality replaced. They often groan and think about brains. They are mean, a little outgoing, active, sloppy, and a little playful. Zombie teens can go to college and become adults after graduation. Some Sims may be disgusted by zombies when they enter the room.

Related wants and fears[edit | edit source]

Relatives and knowledge-Sim friends of recently deceased Sims will often roll a want to resurrect that Sim. Knowledge Sims who knew a recently deceased Sim, but were not friends with him or her will often roll a want to make a zombie. This will happen whether or not they have access to a Resurrect-o-Nomitron. Apparently, it's enough for them to know that resurrection is possible.

Sims who do not have the knowledge aspiration will often roll a fear that a recently deceased friend will become a zombie.

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