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Salutations, buddy! Welcome to my user talk page!
This is a user talk page, used for contacting the user it belongs to (in this case, it would be me).

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Thanks! Joshuanl30 (talk) 01:17, January 5, 2018 (UTC)

Have you considered...[edit source]

Hey Auror. I didn't want to spring a nomination on you since I don't want to apply any pressure, but have you considered applying for content moderator rights on the wiki? I think content mod would be a good fit for you, since you are a very experienced editor and former administrator. The content mod position is intended to be a "technical" position, as opposed to admin which is more community-focused. Content mods can delete and undelete pages, can rollback edits, and can protect or unprotect pages, but aren't responsible for issuing blocks or performing the other "duties" assigned to administrators on the wiki. The position as a whole entails a lot less responsibility than that of administrator, so if you're only somewhat active on the wiki it's not a big deal. Like I said, I don't want to pressure you into applying, but I wanted to see if it was something you had considered. -- LostInRiverview talk · blog · contribs 03:36, February 27, 2018 (UTC)

Happy birthday![edit source]

Happy belated birthday, Ѧüя◎ґ! :D ― C.Syde (talk | contribs) 12:34, March 18, 2018 (UTC)

I was rather late because I was busy, but it's no trouble! :D ― C.Syde (talk | contribs) 03:07, March 21, 2018 (UTC)

RE: Headshots[edit source]

You're Welcome :)

I was considering to put black background on all of those but after seeing some others don't, I decided not to. However if you think it's better, I'll edit them right away. --Frostwalker Talk - Read 09:11, April 14, 2018 (UTC)

RE: Headshots Part 2[edit source]

I've double checked that my game didn't use any mods that alter the Sim's appearance (when I saved those Sims so I can extract them through S3PE), so I guess not. --Frostwalker Talk - Read 10:12, April 14, 2018 (UTC)

Never mind, I missed one mod that changes the eyes. I'll reupload soon. --Frostwalker Talk - Read 10:24, April 14, 2018 (UTC)

RE:Thank you for your contributions[edit source]

Thank you a lot! I will appreciate these awards greatly! - SimDestroyer (talk) 22:04, April 28, 2018 (UTC)

hi :)[edit source]

Hi Auror :) HOope you're well! I would if I could but honestly I forgot how to! I will try to give it a try RoseGui (talk) 20:51, May 31, 2018 (UTC)

re: Template:Infobox Sim[edit source]

Hello! FANDOM's portability team is deep into development of portable infoboxes for Sims Wiki and have a lot of pre-existing portability work on the current design. They can have it ready to show you guys next week. Should you choose to subsequently rework the design, they can adapt it later. With portable infoboxes standardizing the templates, it would even be easier for you guys to make a visual change. If you have any further questions or concerns, please direct them to FishTank. JoePlay (talk) 19:30, June 8, 2018 (UTC)

RE: Welcome back[edit source]

Hey Auror! I'd love to join in, but my microphone has been rebelling against me and refuses to cooperate. But the warm welcome back is appreciated; if you'd like to catch up using some other medium, I'm more than happy to do so. All the best! PGR7 (parler - entendre) 02:17, June 13, 2018 (UTC)

Re: Big Changes[edit source]

They're great! I really like the sleek and modern edge to it. It's been nice to see you again :) Joey.eyeball (talk) 12:30, June 17, 2018 (UTC)

Hello[edit source]

So how is the famous Auror.

Daryurian (The Mighty Turian) 20:00, August 25, 2018 (UTC)

RE: hello[edit source]

Nice to hear.

Daryurian (The Mighty Turian) 13:51, September 3, 2018 (UTC)

Re: Welcome back![edit source]

Thank you! It's nice to be here again :) Mate1234 (talk) 11:45, May 4, 2019 (UTC)

RE: Discord[edit source]

Thank you for inviting me! I've never used Discord before but I'll consider it :-) —Gvaudoin 💬 17:42, June 9, 2019 (UTC)