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Caliente family
Was it just coincidence that the Caliente sisters arrived on the eve of Bella's disappearance? And is their interest in Mortimer physical... or fiscal?
Name Caliente family
Members Dina Caliente, Nina Caliente
Number of generations 3 generations
Family connections Goth family, Bachelor family, Lothario family
Lot 170 Main Street
Funds §1,040
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Pleasantview
For the household in Barnacle Bay which features Dina Caliente, Nina Caliente and Luisa Libros or the household in Oasis Springs which features Dina Caliente, Nina Caliente, Don Lothario and Katrina Caliente, see Caliente household.

The Caliente( Listen) family began with Nestor Caliente and his wife Dulcinea Caliente. Together they had a son, Tango Caliente, who never married or had any children. Flamenco Caliente resulted from Nestor being abducted by Pollination Technician 7. Flamenco married Nighat, the only child of Tariq and Benazir Al Mahmoud. Together, they had twin daughters, Nina and Dina Caliente.

Simis Bachelor married Jocasta Bachelor and had two children, Bella and Michael Bachelor. Dina married Michael, but they had no children, and Michael later died of old age. Michael's urn sits on a coffee table in the twins' living room.

The living members of the Caliente family are the twins, Nina and Dina, who share a house at 170 Main Street. They have opposite personalities; Nina is shy, serious, and neat, while Dina is playful, outgoing, and a bit sloppy. Since they have opposite personalities, they have different Zodiac signs, even though they are twins. (In the universe the Sims inhabit, Zodiac signs reflect personality, not time of birth, so twins can and will have different signs.)

When they are first played, they are twenty-eight days away from becoming elders. They start out with §1040 in funds, which wouldn't be too bad if either one of them had a job.

Nina's lover is their next door neighbor, Don Lothario. However, Don is also involved with Dina, apparently without either sister's knowledge. Dina is in love with Mortimer Goth, though it is rumored that she only wants to marry him for his money. Dina and Nina did not appear in The Sims, but since they're described as having arrived on the eve of Bella's disappearance, this is not surprising.

Where they lived before they moved to Pleasantview is not stated. They do appear in Barnacle Bay, a downloadable neighborhood for The Sims 3. However, between Dina's bio and the skills they have when Barnacle Bay is first played, it appears that, for them, Barnacle Bay comes after Pleasantview.


Caliente: Literally meaning "hot" in Spanish. The name also contains the word "alien", hinting at the family's extraterrestrial connections.
Dina Caliente: Means "Judged."
Nina Caliente: "Nina" is a feminine Russian name derived from the original Georgian form Nino. Could also possibly mean "fire" or derive from the Babylonian fertility goddess.
Flamenco Caliente: Flamenco is a type of music that is a very cultural tradition to Spaniards.
Nighat Caliente: An Arabic name meaning "sight" or "glance".
Nestor Caliente: Means the "traveler" in Greek.
Dulcinea Caliente: Of Latin or Spanish origin, meaning sweet. Also, the name of the heroine in the book, "Don Quixote".
Tango Caliente: A dance originating from Spanish-colonized countries in South America.
Al Mahmoud: Arabic word meaning "praiseworthy".
Tariq Al Mahmoud: Means "he who pounds at the door". It is the Arabic name of the morning star.
Benazir Al Mahmoud: An Arabic name meaning "incomparable".

Family tree




Oddly, the first night that the Caliente household is played in The Sims 2, there is always a burglar who sneaks onto the lot and attempts to steal from the family. The player should buy and use a burglar alarm to catch the thief. While buying a burglar alarm will cost about one-fourth of the money they start off with, they will come out ahead if the burglar is successfully caught. This whole scenario could be prevented however. The burglar only shows up when Dina is living on the lot. If the player moves Dina out or gets her married to Mortimer while playing the Goth household, only Nina will be living on the lot and as a result, there will be no burglar. This only works though if Dina is moved out during the day or if the Goth household is played first and the player chooses to have Mortimer and Dina marry there.


  • The Caliente family has some of the most varied heritage in the series. It appears that Nina and Dina are of Arab descent on their mother's side and of Alien and Hispanic descent on their father's side. Something similar happens with Pauline Aspir from Desiderata Valley, being of Hispanic, Russian, and Japanese descent from her father Victor, and of Persian and Anglo-Saxon descent from her mother Elizabeth.
  • Doreen Caliente from Moonlight Falls shares the family's last name but her relation to the Calientes, if any, is unknown.
The Caliente Family
Nestor - Dulcinea - Tango - Flamenco - Nighat - Dina - Nina - Katrina

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