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The Sims 3: University Life

For the article concerning the sub-neighborhood, see College.

A college is a rabbit hole added in The Sims 3: University Life. Colleges are needed in Sims University for Sims in order to attend courses, skill classes, class activities, or after hours study service. There are 3 types of college rabbit holes.[1] These colleges have different function for particular majors (although one college isn't limited to one major), provide different skill classes, and have various other activities. The three types of colleges are the following:

  • Nichols School of Business
  • Thomas School of Art
  • Busche School of Science

Each college is marked with different map tag. Various activities can be done in each college building. College buildings are essential at the college sub-neighborhood, but it can also be placed at the main neighborhood. When placed at the main neighborhood, Sims can visit one to attend skill classes or activities, but they cannot attend courses there. In order to earn credits from attending courses, Sims still need to enroll to the university.

College Map Tag Classes Other Activities Notes
Nichols School of Business Charisma class, Writing class, Social Networking class
Thomas School of Art Cooking Class, Writing class, Guitar class, Painting class, Street Art class Pose Nude for Figure Class, Attend Critiquing and Being Critiqued Class, Find Makeshift Furniture
Busche School of Science Gardening class, Logic class, Science class Donation Services, Become Test Subject, Correlate Scientific Data

Varieties[edit | edit source]

Nichols School of Business[edit | edit source]

Nichols School of Business

Game: The Sims 3: University Life
Buyable: Edit Town mode
Price: §0

Rabbit hole

Size: 50x50
Neighborhood: Sims University

Our highly regarded Business and Communications degrees prepare you for the rigors of post academia life.

Nichols School of Business is the college of business in Sims University. This college building offers the skill classes for Charisma, Writing, and Social Networking. The building also has the options for Sims to attend balancing a budget class and attend resume writing and interview technique class.

Balancing a budget class costs §10 and lasts for half an hour. The class is available from 12 PM to 12 AM. After the class is over, Sims might lose §1 - §200 for a bad outcome, earn §10 - §50 for a medium outcome, or earn §250 - §1,000 for a good outcome. The chances of getting either of the outcomes are completely random.

Resume writing and interview technique class costs §10 and lasts for an hour. The class is also available from 12 PM to 12 AM. During the lesson, Sims will gain Charisma and Logic skills. After the class is over, Sims will get either of these moodlets:

EducatedHaving a Blast

Thomas School of Art[edit | edit source]

Thomas School of Art

Game: The Sims 3: University Life
Buyable: Edit Town mode
Price: §0

Rabbit hole

Size: 40x40
Neighborhood: Sims University

Earn a prestigious degree in Fine Arts and join the ranks of our world class artist alumni.

Thomas School of Art is the college of arts in Sims University. This college building offers the skill classes for Cooking, Painting, Writing, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Mixology, and Street Art. Aside from the skill classes and course, Sims can also attend critiquing, find makeshift furniture, and pose nude in the college building.

Attending critiquing costs §25 and lasts for an hour. During the session, Sims will gain Street Art and few Painting skills. Sims will also get one of the following moodlets:

Clinically CritiquedBoundless Creative Energy BoostBoring ConversationCan't Stand Art

In finding makeshift furniture, Sims will spend half an hour inside the building and when they're done, they will return an object, whether broken or not. Finding makeshift furniture is essentially using dumpster diving mechanics; the trait and skill factors, as well as the reward objects are the same. Avant Garde, Lucky, Frugal traits, Rebel influence, Street Art skill, and Mooch hidden skill all give higher chance to get medium and high quality items, while Neat, Perfectionist, Workaholic, Unlucky, and Artistic traits reduce the chance.

Posing nude will reward Sims §250. It lasts for an hour. After posing nude, Sims with Daredevil, Artistic, Rebellious, Adventurous, Party Animal, Inappropriate traits, or Eye Candy lifetime reward will get "Exhibitionist" moodlet; Sims with Never Nude, Proper, Shy, Over Emotional, Coward, or Socially Awkward trait will get "Feeling Naked on the Inside" negative moodlet; or "Prying Eyes" moodlet if they have none of the traits. The former factors override the latter, so Sims with Daredevil and Never Nude traits will get "Exhibitionist" moodlet instead.

Busche School of Science[edit | edit source]

Busche School of Science

Game: The Sims 3: University Life
Buyable: Edit Town mode
Price: §0

Rabbit hole

Size: 60x40
Neighborhood: Sims University

Some of the world's most innovative minds are graduates of our schools of Technology and Science & Medicine.

Busche School of Science is the college of science in Sims University. This college building offers skill classes for Gardening, Logic, Inventing, and Science. In this building, Sims can donate their saliva, plasma,[2] or giggles, and also become a medical or science test subject to earn some money.

Donating giggles and saliva last for 30 minutes and reward Sims §50, while donating plasma lasts for an hour and rewards Sims §100. Donating giggles, saliva, and plasma will give Sims "Giggle Fits", "Cotton Mouth", or "Plasmatic Platitudes" moodlet respectively. Sims who have the "Weakened" moodlet, as a result from providing plasma to a vampire, aren't able to donate plasma.

Becoming a test subject grants Sims §150 and lasts for an hour. When becoming a medical test subject, there's a chance Sims will get "Nauseous", "Sugar Rush", or "Backache" moodlet, while science test subject has the chance for Sims to get "Bad Night Sleep", "Had a Nice Nap", or "Rejuvenated" moodlet. Additionally, there's a 10% chance Sims will get "Botanitis Minorous" moodlet, which, if not cured, will turn Sims into a PlantSim.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The Schmidt Memorial Stadium and Annex doesn't count as a college, because it's a stadium and annex combined into one.
  2. Despite being not supposed to have plasma, genies and SimBots can donate plasma at the college of science.

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