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The Sims Castaway Stories

Shipwrecked and Single is a guided game in The Sims Castaway Stories. It starts when the Queen Solomon cruise ship sets sail to Meet Your Mate, the hottest singles resort in the world. But then the ship crashes and you end up standed on a remote island. Lost and alone. Can you survive long enough to find other castaways and meet island natives?

Protagonist[edit | edit source]

Unlike any other Story Mode neighborhood from The Sims Stories series (that all have a set story protagonist), upon starting the Shipwrecked and Single story, there is a choice between two Sims to play through the story with: Jessica Knight and David Bennett. The player even has the option to create their own Sim as protagonist.

Story[edit | edit source]

The story starts with the protagonist drifting in the ocean, being washed ashore and waking up on Castaway Beach, on a remote tropical island. The protagonist then notices the Queen Solomon's shipwreck crashed on the rocks in the distance and realises that they had survived a disaster. They find a hatchet and a steamer trunk on the beach. Then they gather food and resources to survive. The protagonist calls the island Felicity Island, because nothing can go wrong on an island named Felicity.

Next morning, the protagonist notices that their camp had been sniffed through by animals and cleans up the mess. They then start to build a raft, which (once completed) will be used to get back to civilization. The raft needs something to use as a rope to tie the logs together and after finding a machete, the protagonist cuts a way into the jungle. They come across the Broken Wings and find a map in the plane wreckage. Then after more exploring they will reach Simian City, where they meet three orangutans; Waiata, Puna and Tiki. The protagonist finds a mysterious idol under the orangutans' tree, but gets attacked by Waiata for trying to take it. After feeding the orangutans banana's, the protagonist may take the idol. Back at the camp, the protagonist calls the idol Spaulding and starts talking to it, probably a sign of loneliness. Later, Waiata shows up at the camp and the protagonist decides to adopt her.

Next day, the protagonist finds a gem at the Broken Wings that fits in Spaulding's missing spot. Upon placing the gem, Spaulding breathes a yellow gas, which causes the protagonist to get sick from a mysterious disease. Later, they come across the Shady Lagoon and find a medicine box in the hut, containing a cure for the disease. The hut also has some old parachute ropes laying around for them to use as a rope to tie the logs of the raft together. The protagonist prefers the Shady Lagoon over their camp at Castaway Beach and decides to move to the lagoon.

Later, the protagonist goes to explore and finds the Primeval Shrine, which looks like it has an altar designed to hold Spaulding. Upon placing Spaulding at the altar, a door opens leading them to the Barren Banks. Where they meet the other survivors of the Queen Solomon, who had been waiting to be rescued. These include; Hugh Bailey, Gina Gibson, Sandra Barnham, Robby Smith and Emma Langsford. After talking to all of them, the protagonist learns that they all seem useless at survival, but that there is another survivor, Professor Winford Rhinehart, who had gone into the jungle to explore and gather food. The protagonist decides to go look for him and travels through The Swamp to The Boneyard, where they find the Professor. Professor Rhinehart says he has been studying the island and its natives for years and helps the protagonist with their raft. The protagonist picks up a bone at The Boneyard and then follows Professor Rhinehart to The Crossroads, where a post is laying around that proves to be useful as a mast for the raft. The protagonist returns to Castaway Beach to secure the mast. Professor Rhinehart shows up to look at the raft and the protagonist invites him over for a meal at the Shady Lagoon to thank him for his help.

Later that day, Professor Rhinehart shows up at the Shady Lagoon with all the other survivors. The protagonist doesn't like the others much, since they are useless and disrespectful, especially Hugh Bailey. But Professor Rhinehart insists to stay nice to them, because they might need their help, but to not tell them about the raft. The protagonist agrees and cooks a meal for everyone. Later that evening, Professor Rhinehart shows up again and suggests the protagonist to cut long grass at the Scavenger Fields to weave a sail for the raft.

The next morning, the protagonist heads off to the Scavenger Fields to cut the long grass with the machete. After cutting all the grass that is needed, Nanihi Manave shows up and gets chased into a tree by three hyenas; Taro, Wairua, and Patupaiarehe. The protagonist throws the bone that they had picked up at The Boneyard to distract the hyenas and save Nanihi. After that, she thanks the protagonist and tells them that she is the daughter of the native tribe's chief and invites them to the village.

The protagonist travels to the Village Market, where Rarahu Anuata greets them. The protagonist has to meet and befriend four natives here; Emobi Whetu, Kiri Roimata, Orama Herenui and Timoti Fekitoa. After that, Nanihi's mother Huhana Manave greets the protagonist and thanks them for saving her daughter. She also insists to weave their raft's sail for them.

The protagonist then travels to the Village Harbor, where they have to meet and befriend four more natives; Ahio Heimata, Akolo Mamanu, Rainui Heimata and Tumata Tehea. After that, Nanihi's father Chief Fangaloka Manave greets the protagonist and thanks them for saving his daughter. He then invites them to the tribe's Volcano Festival as his honorable guest.

When the protagonist arrives at the Volcano Festival at The Hot Springs, Fangaloka gifts them a shell (that functions as a phone). The protagonist has to call and choose one of the befriended natives as their date for the festival. During their date at The Hot Springs, the chosen native will explain the history of the tribe and the Volcano Festival to the protagonist. Saying that the Volcano Festival is the most sacred celebration of the tribe. The festival marks the day that the volcano first rose from the sea. Intact with plants, animals and the island's tribe. The first chief emerged seated on his throne, the first shaman, his staff in hand by the chief's side. Tuku Tuzu, the first shaman, was very powerful. He and the chief loved each other like brothers. When the first chief died of old age, Tuku Tuzu went mad with grief. He became obsessed with making a potion to cheat death itself. Instead, he became consumed by his greed and lust for power. The festival was a time of second chances. A time to witness the true power of the volcano, the tribe, and love. The protagonist's date also tells them that several years ago, shaman Amanaki Tama invited outsiders to witness the festival. And that the next day, the shaman lost his greatest power. The tribe believes it was either taken back by the volcano or stolen by the outsiders. After the power of the volcano was stolen, the festival became a time to celebrate life and court a mate. After the festival ends, Chief Fangaloka invites the protagonist to live among the tribe if they wish. The protagonist still has to think about it. Worrying that they will like it too much and may never leave.

When the protagonist gets back to their home at the Shady Lagoon, they notice that the other survivors had moved in as well and rearranged the whole place. After confronting Hugh Bailey, the protagonist has had enough and moves out. The protagonist tells Professor Rhinehart that they can't deal with those people, which he finds perfectly understandable. The protagonist also tells him to keep the others away from the raft and that they are going to room with the villagers.

After moving out, the protagonist and Waiata are taken to their new home, the Village Residence. The Manave family members and the protagonist's date are there. The raft was also found and taken there by the tribe. Huhana Manave tells the protagonist that she has finished weaving the sail and gifts it to them. After attaching the sail to the raft, the protaginist's date turning lover tells them to stop living in the past and think about the here and now, suggesting them to stay, and leaves. Chief Fangaloka tells the protagonist that he will have his people make a rudder for their raft if they complete a task for him. Fangaloka tells they that the tribe's old village was abondoned because of a curse, which took many lives. In his haste, he left his sacred drums behind and wants the protagonist to fetch it for him, because shaman Amanaki Tama won't let anyone from the tribe go back to the old village. He might allow the protagonist, an outsider, to go. The protagonist then explores The Jungle and finds the shaman's apprentices; Patariki Hina and Afi Mohea, who are guarding the entrance to the Creepy Hollow where the shaman is. The protagonist is allowed through.

The protagonist meets the shaman, Amanaki Tama, and tells him that the Chief has sent them to ask for permission to enter the abandoned village. Shaman Amanaki says that no one may enter, lest the curse overtake them all. The protagonist asks if the curse effects them too, to which the shaman replies that the volcano's wrath effects even outlanders and that no one is safe until the stolen idol is returned to the temple. The protagonist realises Spaulding is the idol and may enter the abandoned village if they returns with the idol. However, when the protagonist goes back to the Primeval Shrine where they left Spaulding, the idol is missing from the altar. The protagonist will find it again in Simian City, where it was initially found. The orangutans seem to like the idol a lot and took it back. The protagonist then returns with Spaulding to the Creepy Hollow. Shaman Amanaki tells them that to enter The Forbidden Village, they must travel to The Crossroads and pass by the jaguar, Mata. He says that Mata means "the eye", for she is ever watchful and no one slips by her. He also says that the protagonist must charm Mata with a leaf of the nepeta plant, which grows on the lot. The protagonist takes a leaf and heads off to The Crossroads, where they tame Mata and pass her.

In the Forbidden Village, the protagonist opens the baskets while looking for the sacred drums and discovers three ghosts; Anaru Unutea, Poehina Vaianu and Piripi Fainga. The ghosts request for their urns to be placed at the altars. After doing so, the protagonist will find the sacred drums in the basket of the chief's hut. After returning the drums to Chief Fangaloka, he will call for a celebration at Hullaba Luau.

At Hullaba Luau, the protagonist greets their lover with a kiss and follows the customs of the natives' luau, which include; drinking the volcano water, dancing the limbo, and walking the hot coals. After completing these for their lover, they kiss again and fall in love. Chief Fangaloka declares the protagonist friend of the tribe and gifts him the promised rudder for the raft. Huhana tells the protagonist that when the raft is completed and they returns to their land, the appreciation of the tribe will go with them. The protagonist's lover gets upset over them leaving and runs away. Huhana tells the protagonist to not worry and that their lover will forgive them and learn to forget. Suddenly the volcano erupts and the Chief orders everyone to get back to their huts. When the protagonist gets home they wonder if this is their home now or if home is still back in the city. Their lover feels more like home than any actual place.

When the protagonist wakes up next morning, they make up their mind. They worked hard on their raft and it made sense at the time, but they have it so good here now with their lover. The protagonist decides to go tell their lover that they are staying. At the Village Harbor, the protagonist runs into Nanihi, who tells them that her father is in The Jungle. When arriving in The Jungle, the protagonist's lover tells them to stay away and claims to be cursed by the volcano, coming out here to die alone to protect the village. Rarahu interrupts by saying that it is too late and that the curse has already spread to others in the village. Chief Fangaloka says everyone must flee and that the tribe has experienced the curse before. Nanihi then says that she brought the curse to the old village by accident, when she took the idol. She says it breathed yellow smoke, so she threw it in the jungle and then the curse appeared. The protagonist realises that the curse is the same as the disease they got from Spaulding and cured with the medicine back at the Shady Lagoon. To convince the natives that it's a disease and no curse, the protagonist kisses their "cursed" lover. Suddenly, the sound of a volcano eruption is heard and lava starts pouring out of the monkey statue's fountain. Chief Fangaloka yells that the protagonist has angered the volcano, but then notices that the curse has no effect on them. The protagonist tells the Chief that a medicine cured the disease and caused immunity, but there is no medicine left and they must quickly retrieve more from their civilization to safe the tribe. The protagonist tells their lover about the decision to stay, to which their lover replies that they will stay strong and wait for the protagonist to come back. After saying goodbye, the protagonist returns to their raft at the Village Residence to prepare for the journey.

When the protagonist gets back home at the Village Residence, Professor Rhinehart shows up. He had been looking for the protagonist, because the raft had vanished from Castaway Beach and he is glad to now see it's here. The protagonist quickly explains the situation to the professor, but then the volcano erupts, causing the raft's sail to catch fire and burn up. Professor Rhinehart tells the protagonist to not worry and that there is a research base on the island where they might be able to find a replacement sail. The protagonist gets mad at the professor for not telling them about this research base earlier. Professor Rhinehart apologizes and says that at his age, his mind is not what it used to be. The protagonist then travels to The Abandoned Research Base and finds a replacement sail.

After protagonist gets back and applies the sail to the raft, Professor Rhinehart shows up again. He tells the protagonist that the idol from which the disease came, protected the temple. And that the cure must be inside the temple itself, but it's been sealed for a long time. He also says that to open the temple, they need the Staff of Tuzu, which is hidden in a petrified tree on Volcano Island. The protagonist is suspicious about the professor knowing all this, but Professor Rhinehart says there is no time to explain. The protagonist takes the risk to believe him and sails to Volcano Island, while Professor Rhinehart goes to tell the Chief about their plan. The protagonist strands on the Volcano Shores and travels through The Lava Pools to get to The Petrified Forest, where they find the Staff of Tuzu. Then another volcano eruption occurs causing the way back to collapse and the protagonist has to follow another path, bringing them to Dead Man's Cove. Here, the protagonist finds a man laying on the ground and wonders whether he is dead or not. After helping him, he tells the protagonist that he is Bart Pittman, chief engineer on the Queen Solomon. Pittman reveals, in his last breath, that Professor Rhinehart is responsible for the Queen Solomon's shipwreck. Rhinehart had bribed Pittman to get into the engine room of the cruise ship, where he caused an explosion that ultimately sank the ship. Bart Pittman dies on the spot and the protagonist returns to the Village Harbor to find the Professor. Once there, Chief Fangaloka says that Rhinehart is waiting for the protagonist at The House of Tuzu.

When the protagonist arrives at The House of Tuzu, they confront Professor Rhinehart. It turns out, he doesn't know whether there is a cure inside the temple or not and only used them to get inside. Professor Rhinehart reveals that, years ago, he had been to Felicity Island before and has been trying to get into The House of Tuzu ever since. When he witnessed its power, he became determined to steal the Staff of Tuzu. Rhinehart managed to steal it, but the natives drove him from the island before he had the opportunity to use it. Before he left, Rhinehart sealed the House of Tuzu with the staff and hid it in The Petrified Forest. He then planned to return to the island somehow and finally use the staff to open the House of Tuzu and use its power. In the end, using the Staff of Tuzu, the protagonist opens Rhinehart's way to eternal life. Once Rhinehart drinks from the Chalice of Youth and turns into an adult, Shaman Amanaki shows up. He tells the protagonist that they have the power to choose Rhinehart's fate with the staff. The player is given the choice either to banish Rhinehart or reward him by giving him youth, ironically by turning him into a toddler. After that, the protagonist and Shaman Amanaki return to the Village Harbor and Amanaki tells the protagonist that they also have the power to heal their lover. The protagonist uses the staff to cure the disease and save the tribe. Out of gratitude, Shaman Amanaki appoints the protagonist as his successor. From this time forward, the protagonist is the shaman of the tribe. The protagonist then proposes to their lover. After their engagement, the other survivors from back at the lagoon show up. Hugh Bailey tells the protagonist that it looks way better here in the village and wants to move in with the tribe as well. The protagonist isn't so sure about that, which offends Hugh. Who then insists on taking the raft and leaving, but then a helicopter arrives. The helicopter is there to deliver a package for Professor Rhinehart, containing a weather control device, which was part of the evil project Rhinehart was working on at The Abandoned Research Base to set himself up as an immortal volcano god. However, the protagonist receives the package instead. Hugh Bailey, Gina Gibson and Sandra Barnham get in the helicopter to go home, but Robby Smith and Emma Langsford decide to stay on the island. At the end, the protagonist and their lover get married.

Post-game[edit | edit source]

After finishing the story, Free Play mode, like at Wanmami Island, is unlocked on Felicity Island as well. Various families consisting of the story characters can now be played.

All survivors of the Queen Solomon (except the protagonist) will appear in the family bin, even Hugh Bailey, Gina Gibson and Sandra Barnham who were supposedly rescued by a helicopter were eventually dropped back on the island because they got on the pilot's nerves for nearly crashing the helicopter. Rarahu Anuata is the only island native who appears in the family bin.

If the player chooses to turn Winford Rhinehart into a toddler, he will become a playable member of the Tama family after the story.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Note that most of the family icons will appear incorrectly untill the player plays the families. The protagonist's lover will still appear in the family portait of his/her previous family, and toddler Winford is not seen in the Tama family before visiting their lot. Rarahu Anuata also looks completely different in the portrait, which will change once he moved in somewhere.

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