The "Concoctanation Station"

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The "Concoctanation Station"
Chemistry Set.png
Explore the infallibility and mathematical order of the universe with the "Concoctanation Station" Home Chemistry Lab. The comprehensive glassware set enables completion of almost any organic chemistry procedure. An excellent learning tool or conversation piece, the kit includes potion jar, Bunsen burner, test tubes, deluxe chemical rack, burn kit, eyewash and 35-page disclaimer of liability.
Game The Sims: Livin' Large
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §980
Object type(s) Skill

The "Concoctanation Station" is an item that was added in The Sims: Livin' Large. It allows Sims to create potions of varying effects, but the player cannot select which potion will be made.

After a potion is made, another cannot be made until a Sim drinks it. Guests may drink potions, but NPCs will not. There is no option to dispose of the potion once brewed. If the player does not wish for any Sim to drink it, they must sell the Concoctanation Station and buy a new one.

Usage[edit | edit source]

A Sim needs at least one cooking point to be able to use this item. Using this item increases a Sim's logic skill. However, if the Sim using it has a low logic skill, potions being made can easily blow up in the Sim's face, or go drastically wrong, creating a horrible smell that will waft around the neighborhood, causing the police to appear and fine the Sim §500 for doing so. Having a full logic skill (10/10) greatly reduces but does not eliminate the possibility of explosions or release of stench. If a Sim brews or drinks a potion outside during school hours, the police will fine the player for pollution.

If a guest drinks any potion in the chemistry set, they will suddenly walk out of the house and cannot be interacted with.

Potions[edit | edit source]

See also: Potions

The potions and their usages are as follows.

  • Blue: Sims are more likely to make this potion than any other. It maxes out three random motives, regardless of how high they were to begin with. Even if the potion is made indoors, the police may fine the Sim.
  • Yellow: This reverses a Sim's personality. The reverse works simply on the 10-point scale; a Sim who had had 3 Nice points, now has 7 Nice points, and so on. However, the changed personality can be reverted if the Sim makes another yellow potion and drinks it. If a personality scale is at 10, it goes to 0, and if it is at 0, it goes to 10. So, for example, a nice Sim becomes a grouchy Sim, or vice versa. As soon as a Sim drinks this potion, they will automatically use a random interaction on another Sim, and this will affect their relationship. For example, if a nice Sim drinks the potion, they become a mean Sim, and will go to any person in the household and use a random mean interaction on them, likely decreasing the relationship points between the two Sims. This potion can be used to max out the personality of a zombie Sim.
  • White: This can cure sickness, although it rarely appears. It will not appear unless the Sim using the chemistry set is sick, and most times, the Sim may not be cured.
  • Purple: This turns a Sim into a monster for a set amount of time (3 to 4 hours). When this happens, the player will lose control of the Sim. The monster will wander around the house to use items, which they always end up breaking, especially the television. They also have a tendency of waking up sleeping Sims who are in the same room. If easels are available, the monster will use them and paint the same picture as a child, but more quickly. Monster Sims can also scare off burglars.
  • Red: This makes the drinker's worst enemy of the opposite gender in the neighborhood fall in love with them and appear next to them. Whether Sim is nice or not decides what happens next. If the Sim is already in a relationship, their spouse will become jealous when they see this happen. For some reason, if a male Sim appears, it will commonly be Mortimer Goth.
  • Orange: This render the Sim invisible for a space of time (for 12 – 18 hours). Invisible Sims can't do much; they can interact with other Sims, but those Sims can't interact back, and the relationship will not be affected. They can also use the bathroom if another Sim is using it without being told to leave.
  • Dark Green: This makes an evil clone of the Sim, which will wander around and eventually disappear. During this time, the clone will use mean interactions on any people there, even their original self. As a result, the Sim's relationships with other people will deteriorate greatly because they will mistake the clone for the actual Sim. The clone of a zombie Sim will not have tinted skin.
  • Light Green: This potion drops all of the Sim's motives so that they are almost empty. If a Sim drinks this potion, they will starve after 163 in-game minutes if not fed.

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