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The Sims Studio is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts (EA), located primarily at EA's Redwood City campus. It was created in 2006, as The Sims Division, and took over development of The Sims series from Maxis (which allowed Maxis to devote its resources to developing Spore). The Sims Studio has developed all games in The Sims series since The Sims 2: Bon Voyage, including The Sims 3 and all of its expansion and stuff packs. Despite The Sims development leaving Maxis, many Maxis developers remained with The Sims Division/The Sims Studio to continue developing the series.

With an EA reorganization in late 2011, The Sims Studio was placed under the Maxis umbrella, as Maxis was made one of EA's main development labels.

The Sims Games Developed at The Sims Studio[edit | edit source]

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