Willow Nigmos

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The Sims 2

Willow Nigmos
Gender Female Female
Age Ambiguous
Life state Ghost
Family/Families Nigmos family
Parents Peponi Muenda, Lerato Muenda Both Deceased
Siblings Olive Specter Sister
Marital status Married
Romances Creon Nigmos Husband Deceased
Children Ophelia Nigmos Daughter
Zodiac sign Libra
Aspiration Family Family
Hair color Grey
Eye color Green
Skin color Dark
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Drowning
Neighborhood Strangetown

Willow Nigmos (née Muenda) is the deceased sister of Olive Specter. Willow was married to Creon Nigmos and had a daughter with him, Ophelia.

She is deceased before the game begins, and it is said that she drowned. After her death, Willow's daughter, Ophelia, goes to live with her aunt, Olive Specter (Willow's sister). At the start of The Sims 2, Olive is an elder, and Ophelia is a teenager, and they live together in their eerie home in Strangetown (which happens to be haunted by more than a few ghosts). As a ghost, she looks randomized, and her thumbnail will change. The same goes for her husband, her father, her mother, Melissa Sims, Vicki Sims, Lyla Grunt, and Luc Smith.

Willow is very glitchy when resurrected; her face is badly corrupted, appears deformed and changes constantly. She will be bald, with green eyes instead of brown. It's impossible to change her back to normal unless Dr Vu's Automated Cosmetic Surgeon is used, you will need to completely change her face, but it is not very different from one of the default ones, so it is possible to make her look the same. However, the default 2nd face template looks different on elder Sims, especially elder females.[1] So players will have to age her to something different, age her back to an adult, select one of the broken Maxis face templates, and then age her into an elder.

Like her sister and the other Sims buried on the lot, she has no eyebrows. Despite having the appearance of an elder, she is treated as an adult. Willow was 14 days away from becoming an elder, while her husband is 29 days away from becoming an elder. According to Willow's genetics, her hair was red before it turned grey, and though she has brown eyes in her thumbnail, her genes are for green eyes. Despite this, neither of her parents had red hair or green eyes.

According to Olive's memories, Willow died as an adult after Olive's latest husband's death as well as her husband's death. Olive's memories state that Willow grew up three times (Toddler–Child, Child–Teen, Teen–Adult), indicating she was originally supposed to be an adult at the time of her death.

According to SimPE, Willow had unlinked relations with every deceased Sim (except Danielle Greaves and Jessica Ebadi) and townie Bella Goth.

If Willow has more children after being resurrected, they will inherit her corrupted facial features. This also happens with Lyla Grunt and Creon Nigmos. Exporting her to the body shop will result in the application crashing.

Resurrection tip
This Sim can be resurrected with the Tombstone of Life and Death.
Resurrecting her has been known to cause corruption.
Corrupted face
This Sim has a corrupted face, and will likely appear with a randomly generated face when initialized in the game. This Sim's corrupted appearance may be genetic and may be passed on to their offspring.

Simology[edit | edit source]

Sloppy 2 Neat
Shy 8 Outgoing
Lazy 2 Active
Serious 6 Playful
Grouchy 7 Nice

Image Interest Level
Environment 6
Food 3
Weather 9
Culture 4
Money 6
Politics 1
Paranormal 4
Health 4
Fashion 0
Travel 3
Crime 4
Sports 4
Entertainment 7
Animals 1
Work 7
School 4
Toys 4
Sci-Fi 0

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Other Languages[edit | edit source]

Language The Sims 2
English Willow Nigmos
Brazilian Portuguese Villona Nigma
Chinese (Simplified) 维隆 尼克默斯
Chinese (Traditional) 柳兒 尼格摩斯
Czech Vrba Nigmosová
Danish Willow Nigma
Dutch Manon Nicodemus
European Portuguese Salgueiro Nigmos
Finnish Tuuli Lieroinen
French Guillemette Dainottan
German Wilma Nigmos
Italian Willow Nigmos
Japanese ウィロー ニグモス
Korean 윌로우 니그모스
Norwegian Wenche Bruun-Nielsen
Polish Władysława Zmrok
Russian Willow Nigmopulos
(Уиллоу Нигмопулос)
Spanish Margarita Del Moho
Swedish Vide Nigmos
Thai วิล•โลว์ นิคม•อส

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Sims created using the 2nd template may have slightly different features when they become elders, though the difference is more noticeable on females. There's a mod that replaces the default 2nd face template for elders, with the default face for elders that use a broken face template (which looks like the 2nd face template on adults, but with the elderly wrinkles). However this mod does not change the faces of elder females already born in game.
nl:Manon Nicodemus

fr:Guillemette Dainottan no:Wenche Bruun-Nielsen es:Margarita Del Moho pl:Władysława Zmrok pt:Villona Nigma ru:Уиллоу Нигмопулос