Rachel Ware

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The Sims Pet Stories

Rachel Ware
Gender Female Female
Age Adult
Life state Sim
Rachel is an independent and no-nonsense woman. Her ambition might make her difficult to get close to, but confident individuals are certainly willing to try.
Education and employment
Career Executive
Family/Families Ware family
Marital status Single
Romances Stephen Loyal Crush
Zodiac sign Leo
Aspiration Fortune
Lifetime want Become Hall of Famer
Turn-ons Fitness
Black Hair
Turn-off Stink
Hair color Brown
Eye color Dark Blue
Skin color Medium
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game The Sims Pet Stories
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Mesa Flats

Rachel Ware is a pre-made adult Sim from Mesa Flats, one of the neighborhoods shipped with The Sims Pet Stories. She is a possible love interest for Stephen Loyal, the protagonist of the Midnight Masquerade story. She enjoys dancing and going to nightclubs, and works in the Business career as an Executive. Rachel first appears in the story, at the wedding of Celeste and Damien Girard at A Little Salmon Wedding Chapel. She meets Stephen there when he asks her to dance and the two seem to get along well. Stephen then asks Rachel out and she says she'd like to, but already has plans with Gordon Fetching.

A couple days later, Stephen calls Rachel to go out. She says she's with Gordon at the moment, but that she can meet Stephen in a few hours at Club Z. Once there, Stephen and Rachel have a fun time dancing. When Rachel asks him who he is taking to the Midnight Masquerade, Gordon shows up again. He tells Rachel he thought about her proposal from last night and wants to discuss it with her right away. Rachel agrees and they leave together and Stephen decides to go home. To Stephen it seemed like Rachel wanted him to ask her to the masquerade, but that he can't compete with Gordon.

A few days later, Rachel goes to Flat Hat Bar and finds Stephen and his friend James Briggs there playing poker. She joins them and goes to the ladies' room after the game is over. When she comes back, Gordon has arrived with his henchman Anthony Zilch. Gordon asks Rachel if she'd like to go to masquerade with him, but she says that she had already agreed to go with Stephen. Gordon says that he and Rachel still have their business project to handle and leaves with Anthony.

Next day, Rachel comes and tells Stephen he is going to Club Z with her, because he has been working nonstop. When they get to Club Z, Gordon and Erin Davis turn out to be there too. Stephen and Rachel sing karaoke together. After that, Gordon tries to grab Rachel, but she pushes him away. Stephen then decides to kiss Rachel in front of Gordon to make him leave her alone. Erin sees them kissing as well and asks Stephen if he's dating Rachel now to which he replies 'sort of' which makes Rachel angry, so she tells him she'll call tomorrow and leaves.

Two days later, Rachel calls Stephen to come over to Six Points Plaza to help her pick out a mask to wear for the Midnight Masquerade. The player has to make a choice between the two masks Rachel shows off.

On the Masquerade day, Stephen and Rachel head off to the Midnight Masquerade at the Amber Hall. Rachel soon asks Stephen to dance and he agrees. Gordon, who came with Erin, tells Rachel she looks great, but that she chose the wrong date. Rachel then agrees to one dance with Gordon, but says that she didn't come to be with him. After their dance, Rachel watches Gordon perform his music. After Julianne Charlot announces Gordon as the king of the Midnight Masquerade, the police arrive and arrest him. Rachel then learns that Gordon is a con-man who was after her simoleons. Stephen is then annouced king instead and it is now up to the player to choose his queen, either Erin or Rachel.

If the player chooses Rachel, he'll ask her to move in and after doing so she'll give him a hot tub as a present. If the player chooses Erin, Rachel does not move in with Stephen and his cat Diva in 1 Catopuma Crescent and she'll stay at her own furnished place at 26 Loubert Street and becomes playable from there after the story is finished.

Rachel has the Fortune aspiration and the Leo zodiac sign. As far as personality goes, Rachel is very outgoing. But also somewhat sloppy, lazy, and serious. When it comes to her skill points, Rachel has a high body skill, is past halfway towards maximizing the charisma skill, is halfway towards maximizing the logic skill, and has low cooking, creativity, cleaning, and mechanical skills. Her main interests are Money, Culture, Health, and Work.

Simology[edit | edit source]

Sloppy 4 Neat
Shy 8 Outgoing
Lazy 4 Active
Serious 4 Playful
Grouchy 5 Nice

Image Interest Level
Environment 4
Food 7
Weather 2
Culture 8
Money 9
Politics 2
Paranormal 6
Health 8
Fashion 3
Travel 5
Crime 5
Sports 7
Entertainment 6
Animals 0
Work 8
School 5
Toys 1
Sci-Fi 4

Image Memory Type
Met Mystery Sim Positive
Made Best Friends with Mystery Sim Positive
Had Very First Kiss with Mystery Sim Positive
Kissed Mystery Sim for the First Time Positive
Moved In Positive
Got a Job Positive

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Since Rachel wears a mask in the story, her facial structure could be replaced with the second template in CAS. This is a common glitch in The Sims Pet Stories.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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