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The Sims 4: Realm of Magic

For spells in other games, see Spells.

Spells are a feature introduced alongside the spellcaster life state and the The Magic Realm neighborhood in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. A Sim must be a spellcaster to perform spells. Spellcasters with a higher ranking will have a higher success rate when casting spells and will have access to more powerful spells. To cast a spell, click on a Sim, object, or the ground and select "Magic..." and then "Spells...". Different spells will be available depending on the Sim, target objects, and the selected spellcaster's magical ranking and perks.

Spells are organized into three schools of magic: Practical, Mischief, and Untamed. Spellcasters can learn any spell as long as they practice magic within the respective school, or by asking a Sage to teach them spells. Spells are enhanced by an assortment of perks, but are also affected by the spellcaster's charge; when a spellcaster's charge is at 50% their magic and spells will be more powerful but they are at risk of overcharging and eventually death by spellcaster overload.

Each school possesses an Ultimate Spell which a spellcaster can only learn once they're a Virtuoso. They can ask a sage of the respective school to teach them the Ultimate Spell.

Spells can backfire depending on the spellcaster's ranking as well as whether they have the Curse of Scrambled Spells.

If Get Famous is installed, casting practical spells will allow celebrities to gain fame quickly, while casting mischief or untamed spells will carry the risk of lowering the caster's reputation.

Practical spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Description and Notes Magic Rank
Copypasto Turn one small object into many. Adept
Delicioso Create a tasty meal out of thin air.
Also has a second variant named "Grand Delicioso" which can summon a party serving of food. Can also be used to improve the quality of existing food (including spoiled food).
Floralorial Keep your plants healthy and bug free. Acolyte
Herbio Create a fully grown plant in even the most fallow of soils. Master
Repairio Fix a broken object, or make crafted objects higher quality. Apprentice
Scruberoo Make something (or someone) squeaky clean.
Cleans an object, vanishes empty plate/bowl, mops up puddles and washes Sim that's casted on.
Transportalate Move instantly to another location, regardless of distance. Adept
Homewardial Return to the Magic Realm. Master
Rite of Ascension Bestow the gift of magic to another Sim. Virtuoso

(Ultimate Spell)

Mischief spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Description and Notes Magic level
Burgliate Acquire something that doesn't belong to you. Adept
Deliriate Reach into a Sim's head and scramble their thoughts.
Changes the Sim emotion into Dazed.
Despairio Fill a Sim's mind with feelings of intense sadness. Apprentice
Furio Convince two Sims to argue and fight with each other. Acolyte
Infatuate Convince two Sims to get romantic with each other. Acolyte
Morphiate Transform a hapless Sim into an inanimate object..
Object made this way can't be interacted, like it can be normally.
Strangeify Make a Sim appear repulsive to everyone around them.
Changes the targeted Sim's facial features and skin take, causing sickness upon others in the Sim's vicinity.

(Ultimate Spell)

Untamed spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Description Magic level
Chillio Create a blast of cold air that freezes anyone it touches.
Freezes Sim into ice (much like SimRay) and can put them or things out from fire.
Decursify Free yourself from the effects of a magical curse. Adept
Dedeathify Restore a Ghost to their original physical form. Master
Inferniate Instantly incinerate your target with the power of fire.
Can start fire when casted on the floor, or set a Sim. Sims that are directly set on fire this way will not burn to death. Inferniate can also light fires in a fireplace or campfire.
Minionize Control another Sim's mind and bend them to your will.
Works similarly to Command Vampire power principle, instructing the targeted Sim to clean, repair, pick a fight etc.
Necrocall Summon the dead from their final resting place. Acolyte
Zipzap Harness electrical energy and give something a jolt.
Can be used to break objects by casting on them.
Duplicato Create a perfect replica of yourself, for a time
Summoned clone will automatically have the "Minionize" spell on them.

(Ultimate Spell)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are a total of 24 spells (9 Practical, 7 Mischief, and 8 Untamed).
  • While Sims can't be killed by casting Inferniate spell on them, it however can be done by casting the fire on the tile under the feet to ensure quicker demise.
  • The "Strangeify" spell gives Sims the appearance similar to the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.
  • If the player also has Cats & Dogs installed, there is a secret hidden spell that can turn pets into familiars.

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