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The Sims 3

Not to be confused with Aspiration reward (The Sims 2) or Aspiration reward (The Sims 4).

As Sims fulfill their wishes, they earn and collect Lifetime Happiness points that can be spent on Lifetime Rewards. These rewards are in the form of an object or a permanent state to the Sim. Lifetime rewards can be very handy when used in certain situation as well as helping Sims with minor difficulties or annoyances. Sims also earn lifetime happiness every Sim minute, and even faster if their overall mood is high or elated.

Some rewards that come in the form of objects can be sold for Simoleons. Base game reward objects are worth 1/5 of the lifetime happiness. I.e. a Food Replicator that costs 50,000 points can be sold for §10,000. Reward objects from various expansion packs aren't bound to this. Some of them are worth less, and some other are valueless.

The Change Lifetime Wish reward becomes unavailable to any Sim that has completed their lifetime wish unless a pre-installed mod is present. Other lifetime rewards, such as Long Distance Friend, are rendered redundant by successfully completing skill journal milestones, such as the Super Friendly charisma challenge.

Plumbots[TS3:ITF] require certain trait chips to be installed before they are allowed to purchase some of the lifetime rewards.

Base Game[edit | edit source]

Image Lifetime reward Description Cost Available Notes
Fast Metabolism Watch your body shift and change before your very eyes within a fraction of the effort! A more immediate new you! 5,000 Child Sims lose weight and gain muscle faster, lowers weight gain from overeating.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Speedy Cleaner Eliminate household grime and villainous soap scum double quick! 5,000 Child Sims clean messes faster. When combined with the Neat trait, the Sim will clean up messes very fast.

Plumbots must have the Competent Cleaner trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Discount Diner Restaurant meals will be on the house. Tips and tax included! 5,000 Child Eating at the Diner or Bistro will be free of any charges.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Professional Slacker How cool would it be to watch TV and slack off at work without the boss caring? 5,000 Teen The risk of demotion will be erased from the Sim's career. When Slacking off your performance will go up instead of down. The chance of getting caught from getting a replacement for a lecture is slightly reduced[TS3:UL].

Plumbots must have the Office Drone trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Observant Discover the traits of others twice as quickly! 5,000 Child Sims will learn three traits of another Sim just by meeting them.
Office Hero Your inter-office conversations will be more effective than ever! Co-workers will love hanging out with you. 5,000 Young Adult Relationships with co-workers increase faster (does not work outside the job).

Plumbots must have the Office Drone trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Legendary Host Everyone will show up to the party and have a great time - it will be legendary. 5,000 Teen Guests have a 100% chance of coming to a Sim's party and being positive higher than the party's level of fun.
Complimentary Entertainment You'll be added to the exclusive list at the community theatre and can get into all upcoming events free of charge. 5,000 Child Your rewarded Sim no longer has to pay any fees in the community theatre.
Bookshop Bargainer Books at the bookstore will carry a hefty discount, resulting in great savings for you! 10,000 Child Merchandise from the bookstore is now cheaper, combined with the weekly discount notice makes it even cheaper.
Fertility Treatment Increases your chances of conception! Twins and triplets are also much more likely. 10,000 Young Adult If both parents have this reward, the chance of having triplets are very high.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Opportunistic Earn greater rewards and bonuses for finishing Opportunities! 10,000 Child The rewards of an opportunity are increased by 200%.

Plumbots must have the Sentience trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Multi-Tasker Become better at your job and homework without any additional effort on your part! 10,000 Child Helps Sims finish homework/earn a promotion without always working hard. A teen with a part-time job will be seen as "Working Overtime" at school while "Working" at work, improving both school performance and work performance at the same time.

Plumbots must have the Office Drone trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Steel Bladder Peeing is for Sims with lesser wills (and bladders). 10,000 Child The Bladder Need is always full green and will never decay, bladder will be completely erased from the rewarded Sim's life.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Never Dull Sims love listening to you talk and will never get bored when you repeat social interactions! 10,000 Child Other Sims won't get bored for repeating the same social interactions many times. Doesn't work for the following social interactions: Enthuse About Comic Books, High Five
Change Lifetime Wish Picking a Lifetime Wish is a monumentous decision that leaves some Sims overwhelmed. In case the wrong Wish was chosen, here's a mulligan to set things straight. 10,000 Child Disappears as an option once a lifetime wish is achieved.

Plumbots must have the Sentience trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Attractive Whether it's the scent or charm, people will suddenly like you more. 15,000 Teen Increases starting relationship bonus and rate of relationship increase. When combined with the Celebrity Charisma Challenge, Sims become their friend as soon as they meet them! Helpful for the Charisma Challenge called Super Friendly. The icon has been replaced as of patch 42.
Vacationer Feel free to take the occasional day off. Nobody at work will notice! 15,000 Teen When Sims with this Lifetime Reward take days off, their work performance bar will go down much slower than usual. When they are home, they will not get paid for doing their job.

Plumbots must have the Office Drone trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Haggler Store clerks will fear the sight of you and throw discounts at your feet to expedite your passing. 15,000 Teen Any Sim that has this reward will be given a very good discount at convenience stores (combined with the weekly discount message makes store merchandise incredibly cheaper).
Fast Learner Learn and improve skills faster than a galloping llama! 15,000 Child Learn skills faster. (combined with certain traits and the Sim's mood at elated makes learning faster than ever)

Plumbots must have the Limitless Learning trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Dirt Defiant Personal hygiene concerns and frequent bathing rarely trouble the Dirt Defiant! 15,000 Child Slows hygiene decay to a quarter of its usual speed. Squeaky Clean lasts 28 hours instead of 7. Objects and activities that decay hygiene still do so, however.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Long Distance Friend People will never become Distant Friends, even if you ignore them for a while. They know you're good for it down the line. 20,000 Child The relationship bar will never decay through means of neglect. (This reward is useless if your Sim is charismatic and has the "Super Friendly" charisma skill challenges).
Mid-Life Crisis Not happy with who you are? Pick new traits to become the Sim genetics failed to create. 20,000 Young Adult Reselect a Sim's traits without using testingcheatsenabled.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Super Green Thumb If you want to grow the best, most vibrantly delicious and organically superior plants, you Simply must go Super. 20,000 Teen Plants become one quality level higher than the seed or produce it was planted from. Harvestables are also automatically one quality level higher than the plant they were harvested from.

Plumbots must have the Limitless Learning trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Hardly Hungry Your body achieves such a perfect state of balance that you hardly ever feel hunger or thirst. 25,000 Child Cuts the decay rate of hunger to a quarter of the usual rate.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Body Sculptor The Body Sculptor device will give you the exact body shape you desire... within a few percentage points. 30,000 Teen Object: Allows a Sim to become heavier, leaner, more muscular, or less muscular. There is a chance it will malfunction and they will come out obese.

Note: This reward can be sold for up to §6,000.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Acclaimed Author Earn bigger royalty checks for every book written... assuming you're a writer. 30,000 Teen Earn more royalties from writing books.
Extra Creative The finest paintings are created by those who are not only creative, but extra creative. 30,000 Teen Paintings will be worth more money, and increase the chances of obtaining a Master-Piece.
Collection Helper The Collection Helper is an invaluable tool that helps collectors identify collectibles as well as find them in Map View. 40,000 Child The Collection Helper appears in the personal inventory with the icon of a butterfly (be careful not to sell). It may be used to locate Rocks and Gems, Insects, Seeds, and Fish. The exact locations of collectables are marked with map tags on map view, and when zoomed in the selected objects glow with a giant sparkle and beam of light. Sparkles don't start when paused.

Note: This reward can be sold for up to §8,000.

Food Replicator The Food Replicator speeds up meal prep by duplicating dishes perfectly... more or less. 50,000 Child See details here. Note: This reward can be sold for up to §10,000.
Moodlet Manager The Moodlet Manager eases the mind and removes troubling thoughts... most of the time. 60,000 Child The Moodlet Manager has a "Cure" function which removes all negative and neutral moodlets, allowing the targeted Sim(s) (even unplayable ones) to repeatedly explore the mausoleum, search the town for collectibles or work out, however it may occasionally fail and result in a "Zap" instead, where a random negative moodlet is given (normally exhausted) . However, it can just be used again to remove it. Considering the fact that this can completely restore a Sim's needs up to maximum when they become low enough to produce a negative or neutral moodlet, this is probably one of the best rewards. The Moodlet Manager does NOT "cure" the "Sore" moodlet from sleeping after a rigorous workout. The "Cure" function will instantly complete a Sim's transformation to a Vampire. Can be passed down through generations of Sims.

Note: This reward can be sold for up to §12,000.

Teleportation Pad The Teleportation Pad reduces your transportation costs by 100%... within a reasonable margin of error. 75,000 Child The Teleportation Pad lets Sims instantly teleport to any location on the map, and use their mobile phone to teleport back. Occasionally, the teleporter malfunctions and teleports them to the wrong place, but it's a simple matter of teleporting back with the phone and retrying. Can be upgraded with "Perfect Teleportation", which prevents it from ever malfunctioning. This reward can be sold for up to §15,000.

World Adventures[edit | edit source]

Image Lifetime reward Description Cost Available Notes
Inappropriate but in a Good Way Other Sims won't mind you acting inappropriately. 5,000 Child Not connected to the Inappropriate trait. Allows Sims to act inappropriately (using fridge, sleeping) at others' houses without being rebuked.
Jetsetter Trip and travel prices are reduced for Sims with this reward. 5,000 Teen Prices from traveling is made cheaper by 25% for the rewarded Sim.
Eye Candy Sim has an aura that gives them the "Eye Candy" moodlet. Who could resist such a good looking Sim? 5,000 Young Adult Makes Sims sparkle with a red glitter effect, providing those around them with a positive moodlet.
Change of Taste Allows the player to reselect a Sim's Favorites. 5,000 Child Allows the player to reselect a Sim's Favorites.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Prepared Traveler Travel Parties with a Prepared Traveler in the group can stay in locations longer. 10,000 Teen Adds 3 days for every Sim with this reward going on the trip. This bonus stacks for every Sim going on the trip with this reward.
No Jealousy You'll never have to deal with the negative effects of other Sims being jealous of you. 10,000 Teen Allows a Sim to flirt with another Sim right in front of another lover (or 20!) without them even caring! Other Sims won't get jealous of a played Sim, but will still get jealous of those a Sim flirts with.

(Note: this has lost its functionality since Generations)

Stone Hearted Sim does not get upset at deaths and break ups. 10,000 Child Sims will not experience negative moodlets like: lost a friend, heartbroken,or witnessed death.
No Bills Ever How great would it be to not have to pay bills, ever? 15,000 Child There is a bug: if a family member moves (not the one with the reward), then a few days later, the game will warn the player about unpaid bills in which it can be paid by clicking the button on the notification.
Learned Relic Hunter Learned Relic Hunters have a knack for finding higher value Relics and other collectables. 15,000 Teen Sims will find relics of higher value while excavating or raiding an old tomb.
Carefree Sims gain Fun 25% faster than normal. 20,000 Child Any entertainment you do makes your fun mood go up faster.

Plumbots must have the Sentience trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Meditative Trance Sleep You can get a lot more done when you don't need to sleep for very long at night. 30,000 Child Energy bar fills in 25% faster than it would normally take while sleeping.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Ambitions[edit | edit source]

Image Lifetime reward Description Cost Available Notes
Professional Simoleon Booster Earn larger weekly stipend and more Simoleons for every profession job completed 10,000 Teen More Simoleons are earned for completing a profession career and several clients.
Efficient Inventor Efficient Inventors are able to tinker and create more inventions with less scrap. 10,000 Teen Less scrap is needed for inventions, also improves completion rate for invention process.
Entrepreneurial Mindset Sims with an Entrepreneurial Mindset earn experience more quickly and tend to reach the top of their careers more quickly. 10,000 Teen Sims have a highly increased chance to get a promotion (dependent on their necessary skills and workplace evaluation bar for an even higher chance, and other lifetime rewards relating to careers).
Suave Seller Suave Sellers are able to sell their goods for a higher price at local stores and the consignment store. 15,000 Teen Receive more money for selling goods at the local and consignment stores. After a sale at the consignment store, the Sim will receive the "Made A Good Sale" moodlet.
Artisan Crafter Artisan Crafters create higher quality inventions and sculptures that are more valuable when sold. 20,000 Teen Inventions and Sculptures will be sold for more money.
Fireproof Homestead The Fireproof Homestead guarantees your Sim's home will never again catch on fire 30,000 Teen Fireplaces in the current household will never cause a dangerous fire hazard. Will also prevent Pyromaniacs from setting things on fire.
My Best Friend A SimBot joins the family with Best Friend relationship status to the Sim who chooses this lifetime reward. 40,000 Child A random gendered SimBot instantly joins the family with instant and permanent best friend status to the rewarded Sim. SimBots can also be made from the Inventing skill.

Late Night[edit | edit source]

Image Lifetime Reward Description Cost Available Notes
The Hustler The Hustler is unusually good at bar games such as Darts, Foosball, and Shuffleboard 5,000 Young Adult Sims with this reward are given a higher chance to win any game.
Watering Hole Regular Watering Hole Regulars are frequent customers at local bars, so they get a discount on all food and drinks. 7,500 Young Adult Sims with this reward are given a hefty 50% discount at bars.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

The Next Big Thing Sims who are The Next Big Thing are bound to make any band successful. They earn extra Simoleons when playing gigs with a band. 7,500 Young Adult More Simoleons are earned from playing gigs in bands.
Excellent Groupie Excellent Groupies make every group outing a good time. 10,000 Young Adult Makes group outing events (Similar to parties) more successful.
Master of Seduction Masters of Seduction never feel the pain of romantic rejection. Their romantic advances always succeed. 15,000 Young Adult Most romantic interactions are accepted.

Plumbots must have the Capacity to Love trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Better Mixologist Better Mixologists make higher quality drinks than the average Sim. 15,000 Young Adult Any drinks you make are of better quality.
Always on the List Sims who are Always on the List will never be refused entry into bars, clubs, and lounges. 17,500 Young Adult "Celebrity" reputation is no longer required when trying to enter bars, clubs or lounges.
Map to the Stars Sims with a Map to the Stars can see all Celebrity homes in map view, making it easy to be a frequent uninvited guest! 20,000 Young Adult Gives the location of all celebrities and allows you to sort them out from their reputation level.

Generations[edit | edit source]

Image Lifetime reward Description Cost Available Notes
Hover Bed Ground-bound beds are a thing of the past. Purchase this reward to receive the state of the art in hovering slumber satisfaction! 20,000 Child Hover Bed will appear in family inventory.
Clean Slate[1] Allows you start over in the world of romance. No more reputation... No more hurt feelings! 25,000 Young Adult All recorded days of your Sim's current relationship will be deleted.
Super Nanny Daycare caretakers will have the voice of reason to toddlers and children. Kids will be less likely to disobey and be easier to keep happy. 25,000 Young Adult Sims in the Daycare profession will have an easier time taking care of the children and toddlers in their care.

Plumbots must have the RoboNanny trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Inheritance Purchase this reward to receive a handsome inheritance from a long, lost relative! The purchase of this reward and the relative's demise are completely coincidental. 30,000 Child The amount of money gained from this Lifetime reward is around §30000 - §40000

Above Reproach[1] Public displays of affection will go more unnoticed by Sims around town. 35,000 Young Adult Sims still have a chance to get reputation once this is purchased, just a significantly lower chance.
Clone Voucher The purchaser of this reward receives a Clone Voucher. Redeem it at the Science Facility to have a Child-aged clone of your Sim join your household! You cannot purchase this reward if your household is full. 45,000 Young Adult A pregnant Sim will count as two people toward your household count.

Occult Sims cannot purchase this reward.

Motive Mobile Instead of taking a taxi to get around, your Sim will be picked up and transported by the Motive Mobile. The Motive Mobile is a state of the art vehicle designed to get your Sim from Point A to point B without sacrificing comfort, hygiene, or other needs your Sim has. 45,000 Young Adult This reward fills all motives once Sim starts riding the vehicle. Can hold an entire household of Sims. However, due to a bug, life states who ride it end up needing motives they don't need. This happens to SimBots needing hygiene, mummies needing bladder and energy, vampires needing hunger and thirst, and aliens needing energy. It will not fulfill the brain power, thirst, destruction and scratch motives. This reward can be passed down.
Age Freeze Potion The purchaser of this reward receives an ‘Age Freeze’ potion. Drinking this potion immediately stops the Sim’s biological clock, preventing further aging! 65,000 Teen Sims will only age if they use birthday cake.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Young Again Potion The purchaser of this reward receives a ‘Young Again’ potion! Drinking this potion allows a Young Adult, Adult or Elder to return to the beginning of Young Adulthood. 70,000 Young Adult This potion can also be made using the Catalyst Chemistry Lab Station with max Logic skill.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Pets[edit | edit source]

Image Lifetime reward Description Cost Available Notes
Vomit Machine Here’s a way to get your owners attention. Gain the ability to vomit at will. 1,500 Cat, Dog If you buy Never Nauseous after this lifetime reward, Vomit Machine will be lost and return to the list.
Best Behavior Save your furniture! Save your House! This reward will make it so your pet will never bite or scratch furniture, roll around in puddles and get into the trash can and litter box…unless of course you really want them to! 2,500 Cat, Dog Your Sim's cat or dog pet will never behave inappropriately unless ordered to.
Never Nauseous Pets become immune from getting nauseous and vomiting. 2,500 Cat, Dog If you buy Vomit Machine after this lifetime reward, Never Nauseous will be lost and return to the list.
Fearless Foals Foals can venture away from their Mother’s grasp without feeling sad or lonely. 2,500 Horse Foal can be away from their parent horse.
Steel Bladder for Pets Never again worry about those fretful accidents. Pets with steel bladders lose the urge to pee. 4,000 Cat, Dog, Horse Your Sim's pets will never have to take care of their bladder.
Lucky Mount Riders of this Horse are often showered with Good Luck 4,000 Horse The performance of the horse at any equine competitions will be better.
Atomic Grazer Gain the ability to Graze on any type of surface. 4,000 Horse Your Sim's Horse can graze anywhere, everywhere, anytime.
Friend of the Herd Be the most popular Horse in town. Wild Horses are often attracted to your home lot. 4,000 Horse Wild horses will show up on your property, they might follow you around town. Unicorns may also appear on your lot instead of a fishing spot.
Fertility Treatment for Pets Puppies & Kittens galore! This guarantees larger litters for your pet. 5,000 Cat, Dog Pets with this reward will have more offspring either giving birth or with the corresponding animal they mated with.
Beloved Animal Your pet gains more social fulfillment from interacting with humans. 5,000 Cat, Dog, Horse Pets will fill their social bar more quickly when socializing with human sims.
Desert Pony An ability often taught in the arid lands of Al Simhara, but can now be bestowed upon your Horse. Quenching your Horse’s thirst will occur less often. 5,000 Horse Horse's thirst need will deplete slowly.
Gardener’s Delight Make your box stalls as eco-friendly as possible. Fertilizer from box stalls used by this Horse, is always of the highest quality. 5,000 Horse High quality fertilizer can be acquired and used for plants.
Equine Zen Your Horse will be able to channel it’s [sic] inner strength more efficiently. With this reward, exercise motives refill much faster. 6,000 Horse Horse exercise will fill up faster than normal.
Alpha Pet Your pet is gifted with heightened senses when searching for prey or collectibles. Results from hunting are greatly improved. 7,500 Cat, Dog Pets will hunt more effectively and may collect more expensive valuables.
Attitude Adjustment Have you ever wondered how your favorite pet would be if they were loud instead of quiet? Neat instead of Piggy? Go ahead and choose new traits for your Pet. 7,500 Cat, Dog, Horse This reward allows you to choose the traits of your pet.
Super Smart Pet Your Pet becomes super smart and can learn skills much faster, while making praising and scolding much more effective. 7,500 Cat, Dog, Horse Your pet will learn tricks and skills much faster. Praising & Scolding also becomes more efficient.
Pet Hygienator Landgraab Industries’ latest solution in high tech pet hygiene. Use it to keep your pets squeaky clean and free of fleas. 10,000 Cat, Dog It will appear in the Family Inventory.
Super Swank Pet Bed A really swank pet bed, so your pet can sleep in style. 10,000 Cat, Dog It will appear in the Family Inventory.
Celestial Salt Lick A little taste of paradise, disguised in the form of a sparkling salt lick. It refills both hunger and thirst. 10,000 Horse This will give a four hour long 30+ moodlet when licked. Does not conflict with the regular salt lick, which can also be licked right after or before licking the said lick.
Self Cleaning Box Stall Every pet deserves a clean place to live. Give your Horse a Box Stall that never needs to be cleaned. 12,500 Horse It will appear in the Family Inventory.
Clone Voucher for Pets The Pet that purchases this reward gets a clone voucher. Redeem it at the Science Facility to have a young clone of your pet join the household. You cannot purchase this reward if your household is full. 15,000 Cat, Dog, Horse This voucher allows you to redeem a young version clone of your adult pet.
Bottomless Pet Bowl Give your pet a pet bowl that provides high quality sustenance and never needs refilling. 15,000 Cat, Dog It will appear in the Family Inventory.
Raised by Wolves Gain more social fulfillment from interacting with pets. 15,000 Child Your Sim will fill their social need more quickly when socializing with pets.
Young Again Potion for Pets This potion will magically turn back the time on your pet’s Life. Here’s to starting over! 20,000 Cat, Dog, Horse It will appear in Sim's Inventory, not in Pet's Inventory.
Animal Expert Can't seem to ever get tired of your pets? This reward makes it so dogs, cats, and horses, live much longer lives. Pets kept in terrarium and birds are also less likely to die. 25,000 Child Pets will live much longer.

Showtime[edit | edit source]

Image Lifetime reward Description Cost Available Notes
Engaging The audience will hang on the slightest movement or quietest whisper that you produce. Your successes on stage will be more prevalent, and your fails less significant. 10,000 Child Improves the effect of Sim's interactions with the crowd while improving the chances of getting a gig.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

That Was Deliberate Turn a stumble into a well planned stride and a cracked voice into an operatic bellow. The audience is less likely to notice any mistakes that you may make while performing on stage. 15,000 Teen Reduces the penalties of any mistakes on stage while improving the chances of getting a gig.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Perfect Host You welcome your guest with open arms and accommodate their needs as if your life depends on it... and this doesn’t go unnoticed. Your Sim's household will receive more money, as well as Lifetime Happiness points, when hosting a Sim through Simport. 20,000 Child When hosting through Simport, you will earn more money and lifetime happiness.
Fearless Voyager Sometimes you take a voyage. Sometimes the voyage takes you. Either way, it pays big to be fearless when going on tour via Simport. 20,000 Child Performances with Simport will earn you more and are likely to be successful.
ExtraordinAIRe-Inator The ExtraordinAIRe-Inator turns your house into a place of meditation. Relax into it’s [sic] fresh and soothing aromas. 20,000 Child Item appears in family inventory, it is hung on a wall and mediating in front of it for 45 minutes will give a positive moodlet.
Born to Cook Become a better chef without spending years slaving over a hot stove! Increase the quality and taste of your food! 20,000 Child Improves meal quality level by one of any meal Sim cooks.

Plumbots must have the Limitless Learning trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Dusty Old Lamp This lamp can make all your wishes comes true with only a little polishing. 30,000 Child With this lamp, you now have access to a Genie.

Supernatural[edit | edit source]

Image Lifetime reward Description Cost Available Notes
Flying Vacuum It’s a bird! It’s a broom! No, it’s a flying vacuum! Step up and ride in the luxury and style that only a vacuum can provide. The Flying Vacuum serves a brand new form of transportation for Sims Teen to Elder. The flying vacuum is the fastest form of transportation apart from teleporting. The Flying Vacuum also increases a Sim’s Hidden Broom Riding Skill which lets them learn new magical stunts! 10,000 Child Increases Broom Riding (hidden skill)
Alpha Wolf Sims will tremble at your new Terrifying Howl while Cursed Bites and growls are guaranteed to be fearsome. 20,000 Child Werewolf Unlocks the Terrifying Howl interaction, which causes Sims to faint if used on them. Also causes any bite victims to always turn into a Werewolf.
Magic Hands Wands are for amateurs! Real witches can magic with only their hands, and their spells never fail. Tired of carrying a wand around? Give your witch the always executed, wand-less power! No more carrying around multiple wands for your powers. Magic Hands gives witches the upper hand! No pun intended! 20,000 Teen Witch The Witch Sim with this reward no longer needs a wand and their spells will always succeed.
Immortal Become the greatest of vampires by tolerating sunlight and never die of old age. Stay out all night and all day as a vampire. The Immortal LTR not only saves your vampire from death, it also gives them a sparkly coat to protect them from those UV Rays. 30,000 Young Adult Vampire Vampire Sims with this reward no longer age and will no longer receive a negative moodlet for standing outside during daytime.
King/Queen of the Fae Summon other fairies, change your wing color/shape at will, and make fairy magic less taxing. Instead of heading into CAS to customize your fairy, you can automatically change your Fairy wing shape and color anywhere! A self action provides custom changes. If your Sim has any Fairy friends, they can summon them at any time through a teleportation summon. 30,000 Young Adult Fairy Allows the recipient of this reward to customize their fairy wings and call other fairy friends to them. This lifetime reward also slows down the fairy magic drain.
Philosopher's Stone Creating gold from ordinary objects isn’t for the casual alchemy hobbyist – this is the big league! Grant yourself power never before imagined, but remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Want to add a ghost from around town to your family? How about creating some gold from the old newspapers laying around the house? Look no further than the Philosopher’s Stone! Place any object on the philosopher’s stone to Transmute Gold, or bind a ghost to your household. 40,000 Child

Seasons[edit | edit source]

Image Lifetime reward Description Cost Available Notes
Competitive Eater The bottomless pit in your Sim's stomach will help you gain an advantage over others in eating contest. Competitive Eaters will never feel nauseous or stuffed in these contests. 5,000 Child Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.
Festival Frequenter Festival Frequenters know how to get more out of festivals. Your Sim will be able to earn more festival tickets and receive discounts on concession stands, face painting booths, and kissing booths. 5,000 Child Sims will get "Festival Aficionado" moodlet when going into a festival.
Simmunity You'll have super immunity that prevents you from getting nauseous, sick, and allergies. 7,500 Child Sims will be immune to allergy and cold. Vegetarian Sims will not be nauseous eating meat. Nausea from pregnancy or failed Alchemy elixirs will not occur.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

All Weather Champion A champion of all seasons. Your Sim is naturally great at snowball and water balloon fights, have the ability of a world class skater and snowboarder, and proficient at building snowmen, snow angels, and igloos at an impressive rate. 10,000 Child Sims' snowboarding, skating, horseshoes, and snowball/water balloon fighting secret skills will be maximized.
Immune To Cold Sims immune to the cold will always stay pleasantly warm. 10,000 Child Makes Sims immune to cold.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Immune To Heat Sims immune to heat can enjoy a nice tan without ever getting burnt. 10,000 Child Makes Sims immune to heat.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

The Cloud-inator 9000 The Cloud Ray gives you nothing less than command of the weather (albeit in an extremely localized fashion). It's easy to operate: just point, shoot, and laugh in the face of nature. 30,000 Teen
Climatron Control Unit It's the dream of any self-respecting mad scientist: a machine that controls the weather. Whether you want to use it to destroy the world's crops or make the weatherman look dumb, this Climatron Control Unit is the answer. 40,000 Teen The machine enables Sims to change the season and weather at will.

University Life[edit | edit source]

Image Lifetime reward Description Cost Available Notes
Jock Influence Gain a substantial amount of influence with the Jock group. 2,000 Teen Your sim will gain a certain amount of Jock influence.

Plumbots must have the Limitless Learning trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Nerd Influence Gain a substantial amount of influence with the Nerd group. 2,000 Teen Your sim will gain a certain amount of Nerd influence.

Plumbots must have the Limitless Learning trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Rebel Influence Gain a substantial amount of influence with the Rebel group. 2,000 Teen Your sim will gain a certain amount of Rebel influence.

Plumbots must have the Limitless Learning trait chip installed in order to purchase this reward.

Honorary Degree Pick a degree of your choice without attending University! 50,000 Teen Sims will instantly graduate a major with a grade of B. The game will prompt the player to choose which major the Sim will be.

Island Paradise[edit | edit source]

Image Lifetime reward Description Cost Available Notes
Strong Stomach Nausea and seasickness are things of the past! 2,000 Child Less likely to get seasick, or nausea.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Permanent Mermaid Your Mermaid Sim no longer needs frequent swimming sessions in order to maintain her fish-like features. 5,000 Teen Mermaid No longer gets moodlets about swimming in salt water and prevents returning to normal.
Lungs of Steel Go Scuba Diving without the fear of running out of air. 15,000 Teen The Sim is immune to death by running out of air.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Hotel Mogul Learn to squeeze every ounce of profitability out of your resorts. Hotel Moguls receive a bonus on all resort income. 15,000 Teen Gives Sims a bonus on all resort incomes by 50%. Does not stack if purchased by multiple Sims in a household.
Mermadic Kelp Gives you a bite-sized bit of Mermadic Kelp strong enough to bring out the fish in any Sim. 25,000 Teen Allows Sims to transform into a mermaid. If "Adapting to Land" moodlet expires, it will return to normal.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Uncharted Island Map If there is a uncharted [sic] island to be found, this map will surely reveal it. 25,000 Child Reveals the Plunder Cove hidden island.
Friend of the Kraken The fearsome Kraken bows to your will! Boats that you are on will never be targeted by the Kraken. You can also order the Kraken to wreak havoc on any boat that you wish. 30,000 Teen Cannot be attacked by Kraken. Allows Sims to command the Kraken to attack other boats.

Into the Future[edit | edit source]

Image Lifetime reward Description Cost Available Notes
Portal Immunity Never suffer from the effects of Time Travel Sickness while traveling through time again! 5,000 Child Prevents Sims from getting nauseous, scared, or time paradox sickness while time traveling.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Future Sim Become the Sim of the Future, today! Receive an upgraded phone and fit in better while in Oasis Landing. 10,000 Baby Upgrades a Sim's cellphone into a HoloPhone, which works similarly to University Life smartphone. The only difference is that the phone interface would appear translucent. Sims can switch between the regular phone / smartphone and the HoloPhone.

Plumbots cannot purchase this reward.

Trait Chip Bundle Get a bundle of assorted Trait Chips for your Plumbots without having to design or create them! 10,000 Child Gives Sims a random amount of random trait chips.
Maintenance Master A Plumbot who has become a Maintenance Master will no longer have to worry about their Maintenance! 15,000 Plumbot Plumbots will always have their maintenance need at 100%, and will never have to worry about constant maintenance checkups.
Time Remote Control The power to control time! Allows for Oasis Landing Utopian, Dystopian, and Normal states to be selected at the click of a button. 30,000 Teen The object enables Sims to change the future state without the need to complete the time traveler legacy statue opportunity.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 This reward is carried forward in patch 1.22.

es:Recompensas de felicidad de toda la vida

ru:Награда счастья всей жизни