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A limousine in The Sims 3

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Limousines were first seen in The Sims, where a limo was the top-level carpool vehicle in some careers. In the House Party expansion pack, Drew Carey would arrive in a limousine when a family was having a very good party. In the The Sims: Superstar, if the Sim is a one-star celebrity or higher and goes to studio town, a limo will come and pick them up. As the Sim gets more popular, different limos will pick them up.

A limo is unlockable in The Sims Bustin' Out. Once the player reaches Malcolm's Mansion, there will be an objective to show off their wealth by upgrading the house. When the objective is completed, the player can then switch out whatever car they have and use the limo to visit other locations. The limo features a hot tub in the back that the player's Sim will sit in while traveling. Interestingly when using the limo to visit other locations, the second track from The Sims: Hot Date will play instead of the normal traveling theme.

In The Sims 2, a limo comes to take a newly married couple away for their honeymoon. It is also a high-level carpool vehicle in many careers. If a teen Sim sneaks out with a friend, a limo may come to pick them up. If Nightlife is installed, an ownable limousine is available as custom content.

Sims cannot buy limousines in The Sims 3, but can get picked up in one if they reach the top of the Music, Criminal, Business, Film, or Political career. In Late Night, Sims who become high level celebrities, but do not own a car, will travel around town in a limousine. In the case of a prom[TS3:G], teens will be picked up by a limousine. In The Sims 3: Showtime, Sims who get high enough in the Magician, Acrobat, or Singer careers can travel around in a limo. A pink limousine can also be seen briefly in the intro video.

In console versions of The Sims 3, getting to the higher ranks of the political and business careers will cause a limo to replace the taxi.