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The Sims 3: Into the Future

Bot Building

A sim using bot workshop

Bot Building is a skill introduced in The Sims 3: Into the Future. Increasing this skill enables Sims to make higher quality Plumbots and more advanced trait chips.

Sims can learn and increase Bot Building skill by using the Bot Workshop or by reading any of the 3 skill books for Bot Building. They can also take a class at the Bot Arena. A Sim can also register as a self-employed Bot Builder.

Description[edit | edit source]

A Bot Builder is a tinkerer at heart who's capable of building everything from simple mechanical Nanites to complex Sim-like Plumbots. It'll take time and practice before (Sim Name) is ready to build advanced Plumbots, but even a novice can design or create Trait Chips and Nanites to get started!

Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Nanites Discovered
  • Trait Chips Discovered
  • Trait Chips Created
  • Tips Earned from Tune Ups
  • Bots Created
  • Bots Sold

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Domo Arigato Mr. Plumboto
Earn at least §5,000 from performing Tune Ups. As a result, the Well Tuned moodlet will last longer after performing a Tune Up.
Create at least 200 Nanites to become a Micro-Master. Once achieved, the cost of creating all Nanites is halved.
Chipping In
Chip in by discovering 21 different Trait Chip recipes. After chipping in, all purchases at the Bot Shop will be 25% off!

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Level Ability
0 Interactions at Reventlov's Bot Workshop:

  • Design Nanites
  • Create Nanite...

Interactions with Plumbots:

  • Tune Up
  • Adjust Trait Chips
1 Interactions at Reventlov's Bot Workshop:

  • Design Trait Chips
  • Create Trait Chip...
2 Interactions at Reventlov's Bot Workshop:

  • Create Plumbot for §250
  • Customize Plumbot for §100
3 Interaction with Nanites:

  • Reverse Engineer
4 Tune Ups yield better tips.
Tune Ups may increase Plumbot quality.
5 Interaction with Plumbots:

  • Upgrade Trait Chip Slots

Maximum of 4 Trait Chip Slots.

6 Better quality improvement with Tune Ups.
7 Maximum of 5 Trait Chip Slots.
9 Maximum of 6 Trait Chip Slots.
10 Maximum of 7 Trait Chip Slots.

Nanites[edit | edit source]

Nanites can be found and gathered in the future. They can also be created at a Bot Workshop for a fee, which varies depending on which one is being created. Building or reverse-engineering nanites will increase a Sim's Bot Building skill level. Reverse-engineering nanites will also provide empty processors.

Nanites are important components of trait chips.

Nanite Rarity Value Build Cost Trait Chips
Neutron Common §20 §15 Mood Adjuster
Caustic Common §25 §18 Musical Machine
Quantum Common §30 §23 Office Drone
Scalar Common §30 §23 RoboNanny
Lite Common §35 §26 Steel Chef
Lepton Common §40 §30 Office Drone
Tribble Common §50 §37
Heisenberg Common §55 §41 Musical Machine
Condensor Uncommon §90 §68 Solar Powered
Tunnelling Uncommon §100 §75 Limitless Learning
Torque Uncommon §105 §78 Algorithmic Artist
Induction Uncommon §115 §86 Holo Projector
Polar Uncommon §115 §86 Algorithmic Artist
Thermo Uncommon §125 §93 Efficient
Dispersion Rare §250 §187
Entropic Rare §275 §206
Optic Rare §310 §232
Damping Rare §315 §236
Prismatic Rare §350 §262
Uber Rare §550 §412 Sentience

Trait Chips[edit | edit source]

Main article: Trait chip

Trait Chips can be created at the Bot Workshop. They provide functionality to Plumbots and a Plumbot can be fitted with a maximum of seven trait chips.

Trait Chip Value Level Nanite(s) Processor(s) Crystal(s)
Competent Cleaner § 1 Any n/a n/a
HandiBot § 2 Any Small n/a
A.I. Angler § 2 Any Small x2 n/a
Steel Chef § 3 Lite Small x3 n/a
Fear of Humans § 3 Any Small n/a
RoboNanny § 4 Scalar Small x3 n/a
Friendly Functions § 4 n/a Small x3 Kindness
Sinister Circuits § 5 n/a Small x3 Rage
Sense of Humor § 5 n/a Small x3 Laughter
Office Drone § 6 Lepton, Quantum Small x2 n/a
Musical Machine § 6 Caustic, Heisenberg Small x2 n/a
Mood Adjuster § 6 Neutron Small x4 Any
Solar Powered § 7 Condensor Medium n/a
Capacity to Love § 7 n/a Medium x2 Love x5
RoBotany Gardener § 7 Any x3 Medium Any
Limitless Learning § 8 Tunnelling Medium x3 n/a
Simulated Emotions § 8 n/a n/a Kindness, Laughter, Rage
Algorithmic Artist § 8 Torque, Polar Medium x2 n/a
Holo Projector § 9 Induction Medium x3, Large n/a
Efficient § 9 Thermo Medium x2, Large n/a
Sentience § 10 Uber Large x2 Any x5

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