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The Sims 3

A diner is a cheap rabbit hole restaurant found in The Sims 3.

Gameplay descriptions[edit | edit source]

Unlike the bistro, diners are open 24 hours.

Diners generate the following red map tag in-game:

Eating at the Diner can earn Sims the following moodlets:

Image Moodlet Name Mood Effect Time Period Game Dialog/Description Notes
Great Meal +25-35 Mood 8 Hours Great meals can be rare, but when a Sim dines upon such a delicious feast, it will be remembered for some time. Very Nice to Great quality food. Or high quality dried food if the Sims does not have the Snob trait.
Stuffed No Mood Effect 3 Hours Forcing Sims to eat when they are not hungry may lead to a loss of appetite and weight gain. Eating with this moodlet makes Sim fatter. Appears when eating while not hungry. Less likely to experience weight gain with the Fast Metabolism lifetime reward.

This is the place where you can fill your empty stomach with junk food any time, get a job in the Culinary Career, attend a Cooking class, or attend a weekly eating contest.

At the location you can either have a drink or eat inside. It's remarkably cheaper (unless you have the discount diner lifetime reward or have high enough level in the culinary career) and faster than eating at the bistro, although there seems to be no related wish in eating here and the Sim receives a lower moodlet than if they ate at the bistro.

You may buy a partner's deed for §6,000 and then buy out the property for an additional §18,000. It's the cheapest business to become a partner in, and a good start if you plan to buy out the city as your Sim's retirement plan.

Varieties[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The tombstone of B. Vernon Castor can be found outside Brunton's Boxcar Diner in Twinbrook. It's unknown why the tombstone is there.
  • Rosalind Cruzita of Sunlit Tides might be related to Cruzita's Groceries and Diner in Isla Paradiso.
  • Even with the Discount Diner lifetime reward, you can not eat at diner with less money than the price of the meal (Tested on PC).

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