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This article is about Simology. The Sims 3

Not to be confused with Lifetime want or Aspiration (The Sims 4).

A lifetime wish is a Sim's ultimate goal that they aim to accomplish within their lifetime. A Sim's lifetime wish is related to the traits they have. For example, a Flirty Sim may want to have the Heartbreaker Lifetime Wish. As of Late Night or patch 17, the game allows the player to choose any lifetime wish, even if it does not correspond with their traits.

A Sim must choose a lifetime wish during the game when growing up from teen to young adult. Sometimes, when a child or teen excels at a certain skill, they will receive a lifetime wish in their wish slot, which they can choose to promise or not. The game will prompt if the player clicks it. If a child or teen picks a lifetime wish, they will not need to pick one when they become a young adult.

Once a Sim has completed their Lifetime Wish, they will not be able to choose a new Lifetime Wish without the use of a pre-installed mod. If a Sim uses the Change Lifetime Wish reward to select a new Lifetime Wish instead of fulfilling their current one, the amount of Lifetime Happiness Points on the wish the player changes to is reduced by 10,000.

On The Sims 3 for consoles, there is a glitch that allows the player to have any Lifetime Wish they want, regardless of Traits, on the Create a Sim screen by choosing a trait that inspires a certain Lifetime Wish (like choosing "Evil" for "The Emperor of Evil") and then hitting Undo, allowing a Sim to get back the original trait they had without losing the Lifetime Wish they just chose.[clarification needed]

There are several ways for a teen or child to trigger a lifetime wish. Often, being mean to another Sim and/or beating them up will trigger the Emperor of Evil or Super Popular wishes. Watching a Sim die will trigger Emperor of Evil, World Renowned Surgeon, Star News Anchor, or Creature-Robot Cross Breeder. Seeing a ghost will often trigger Creature-Robot Cross Breeder. If a parent gets promoted, the child may roll a lifetime wish with the career of the parent, or even a rebellious career wish opposing the parent's career if the parent is working either in Law Enforcement or as a Criminal. Dining at a Bistro may trigger Celebrated Five Star Chef. Watching a game at the stadium or working out may trigger Superstar Athlete or Perfect Mind, Perfect Body. Witnessing a burglary may trigger the Become a Master Thief, Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler or International Super Spy wishes. Being read to sleep by a logic book or playing chess enough will trigger Chess Legend, and occasionally gaining a skill point will trigger Renaissance Sim.

Any promised lifetime wishes are not removed when the player changes the active household, unlike ordinary wishes.

List of Lifetime Wishes[edit | edit source]

Sims with the Ambitious trait will gain 15% more lifetime happiness points (rounded to multiples of 500). For example, an Ambitious Sim with the Gold Digger lifetime wish will earn 23,000 points instead of 20,000. Below is a complete list of lifetime wishes available in The Sims 3.

The Sims 3 Base Game[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Goal Lifetime
Description Key Traits EP
Become an Astronaut Reach level 10 in the Military career track 30,000 Astronauts are incredible pilots that have endured years of rigorous athletic training. They are the elite. An astronaut's thirst for adventure is quenched only by daring space missions where interstellar encounters and an astronaut's innate ability to tinker make them the stuff of legends. Athletic, Brave, Daredevil, Handy, Loves the Outdoors &BG
Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder Reach level 9 in the Science career track 29,000 The complexity of circuitry and oddity of organics perennially perplex the scientific community. Your Sim must learn the vast handiness expertise needed to control any gadget and enough experience with gardening and fishing to know what organic beings need to thrive when fused with machines. Angler, Computer Whiz, Genius, Green Thumb, Handy, Insane, Vegetarian &BG
Become a Master Thief Reach level 10 in the Thief branch of the Criminal career 32,500 Lightning quick reflexes (honed at the gym of course) and impeccable teamwork will take your Sim far, but only the most cat-like thieves will reach the rank of Master Thief. The path of thievery begins with the local crime organization and leads to the pilfering of the world's jewels! Athletic, Daredevil, Kleptomaniac, Evil, Rebellious &BG
Become a Superstar Athlete Reach level 9 of the Athletic career track 29,000 Championship jerseys are earned and worn by athletes known by their fans and teammates as Superstars. Earning a jersey means developing the utmost athletic perfection and a tight bond with teammates, thus fostering victory even when the game seems lost. Athletic, Daredevil, Loves the Outdoors, Party Animal &BG
Celebrated Five-Star Chef Reach level 10 of the Culinary career track 30,000 Bustling kitchens filled with fiery stoves and flamin' hot dishes are in store for Sims desirous of the Five-Star Chef epithet. Your Sim will need to run the dangerously spicy culinary gauntlet by building relationships with kitchen staff and developing cooking skills on par with the best chefs in the world. Green Thumb, Natural Cook, Vegetarian &BG
CEO of a Mega-Corporation Climb the corporate ladder to become a CEO in the Business Career 27,500 Your Sim will need to enter the Business Office to become a purveyor of profits and margins that make the board members smile. Your Sim must successfully schmooze co-workers and the ever-present boss to ascend the corporate hierarchy. Ambitious, Charismatic, Frugal, Loser, Schmoozer, Workaholic, Snob &BG
Chess Legend Master the Logic skill
Become a Grand Master in Chess
30,000 Logic is cold and calculated - an impenetrable fortress that cannot be undermined by passion-filled banter. Chess is the battleground for those who adhere to logic. A Sim who can both master the path of logic, and reach the coveted rank of Chess Grand Master will forever be enshrined in memory. Computer Whiz, Couch Potato, Genius, Loser &BG
Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler Reach level 10 in the Law Enforcement career track (Forensic branch). 30,000 Special Agents in the field require the best data to apprehend criminals and only the finest analytical minds will suffice. After all, criminals only leave so many useful clues, making the work challenging. Students of logic with a knack for painting make the best forensic analysts. Computer Whiz, Genius, Good &BG
Gold Digger See Ghost of Wealthy Spouse 20,000 There are many paths to acquiring wealth, though some are more devious and selfish than others. Gold Diggers seek to marry the incredibly wealthy and yearn to see the "hopefully" premature demise of their spouse. It's the only way to really enjoy the money - alone and rich with the spouse six-feet under in the backyard. Commitment Issues, Couch Potato, Frugal, Evil, Insane, Mooch, Snob, Mean Spirited, Flirty, Inappropriate &BG
Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers Master the Charisma Skill
Master the Guitar Skill
30,000 Kindly spoken words and softly strummed strings are the fastest way to a Sim's heart and an excellent way to make friends. Charisma is a highly social endeavor, whereas guitar is for those who love learning and performing music. A master of both is an irresistible charmer without peer in the social world. Artistic, Charismatic, Good Sense of Humor, Great Kisser, Hopeless Romantic, Schmoozer, Virtuoso &BG
Heartbreaker Be the Boyfriend/Girlfriend of 10 Different Sims 35,000 Why settle for a long-term romantic relationship or monogamy when there are so many attractive Sims out there? Your Sim can find a lifetime's enjoyment by seeing many different Sims. Such a romantically nomadic lifestyle is all well and good if your Sim's many former lovers can be kept at a reasonably safe distance, lest jealousy rear its vengeful head. Commitment Issues, Flirty, Great Kisser, Party Animal, Mean Spirited &BG
Hit Movie Composer Reach level 10 in the Music career track (Symphonic branch) 30,000 The role of the composer is at times simple as a dainty decrescendo and others as complex as the most bombastic finale. The composer must be well-liked by the musicians of the symphony, a master of music, and one who truly understands logic to grasp the science of sound. Genius, Hopeless Romantic, Virtuoso, Artistic &BG
Illustrious Author Master the Writing Skill
Master the Painting Skill
30,000 The arts of the masters delight Sims from every walk of life. However, for each successful artist there are dozens of has-beens and failures whose books and canvasses pain all who can see. Your Sim can write and paint towards a lifetime of artistic success, but it won't be easy. Artistic, Bookworm, Genius, Loner &BG
International Super Spy Reach level 10 in the Law Enforcement career track (Special Agent branch) 30,000 The forces of justice and order need champions to foil the nefarious plans of those who would do the citizenry harm. Only Sims in peak physical condition who use logic to solve troubled situations and look smashing in evening wear need apply at the Police Department. Athletic, Brave, Childish, Computer Whiz, Daredevil, Charismatic, Good &BG
Jack of All Trades Reach level 5 in four different careers 35,000 Being tied to a single job isn't for everyone, especially those who enjoy learning new things and finding adventure behind a new desk. Your Sim will be a jack of all trades, or at least four, by climbing halfway up the corporate ladder of four careers. Childish, Commitment Issues, Insane, Workaholic &BG
Leader of the Free World Reach level 10 in the Political career track 30,000 The Leader of the Free World must be a passionate and charismatic politician who is always able to raise immense campaign funds. It is an unenviable position that must constantly adjust to unexpected problems. The world needs great leaders... potentially, like your Sim. Ambitious, Charismatic, Friendly, Good, Schmoozer &BG
Living in the Lap of Luxury Have Household Net Worth of 100,000 Simoleons 32,500 A life of extreme wealth is one of comfort and privilege, but also one of fulfillment. It's important to feel the rewards from one's hard labors! If your Sim owns a fabulously furnished home and has enough money to truly live in a lap of luxury, satisfaction will be had. Ambitious, Kleptomaniac, Mooch, Snob &BG
Master of the Arts Master the Painting Skill
Master the Guitar Skill
30,000 The carefully clasped brush of the artisan can paint images that incite the humorless to laugh and the inarticulate to eloquence. The addition of skills with the stringed guitar can make your Sim the envy of the community. Success isn't a given, but is a reward that results from ingenuity and a touch of luck. Artistic, Genius, Virtuoso &BG
Perfect Mind, Perfect Body Master the Logic Skill
Master the Athletic Skill
30,000 Seeking personal perfection through rigorous mental and physical training is a noble goal that guarantees a lifetime of challenge. Your Sim may one day stand on the peak of physical Sim achievement, but not without much sweat and mental strain. Athletic, Genius, Perfectionist &BG
Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium Have at Least 13 Different Species of Perfect Fish in Fishbowls 32,500 The ultimate fishermen can reel in incredibly majestic fish; so large they're practically bursting out of their scales. Truly dedicated fishermen spend hours casting and re-casting until the fruits of the deep blue are caught. Your Sim can create an amazing private aquarium by catching the most magnificent fish for a private collection. Angler, Genius, Loves the Outdoors, Perfectionist &BG
Professional Author Earn §4,000 Per Week in Royalties 32,500 While some write as a purely creative outlet, the best and most persistent writers can make quite a healthy living as authors. Royalties don't grow on trees, so your Sim must be willing to push through years of lousy checks to earn enough to live comfortably. Couch Potato, Loner, Bookworm, Artistic &BG
Renaissance Sim Reach Level 10 with 3 Different Skills 35,000 True scholars are not satisfied with mastering a single subject, or mediocrity spread amongst a variety of topics. There are many physical, mental, and creative pursuits from which to choose. Reach the top level of several skills to become a Renaissance Sim. Genius, Workaholic, Commitment Issues &BG
Rock Star Reach level 10 in the Music career track (Rock branch) 30,000 The path of Rock appeals to many a young Sim, but the perilous journey of sound is completed by few. Your Sim must join the music career, survive the early years of rock servitude, and master the guitar to become the greatest rock star the world has ever known. Artistic, Party Animal, Virtuoso, Rebellious &BG
Star News Anchor Reach level 10 in the Journalism career track 30,000 Late breaking news will frequently fall from the skies and be prime for the plucking by journalists worthy of reporting the greatest stories of the decade. Great charisma and an epic level of literary eloquence are required to succeed in the fast-paced field of journalism. Artistic, Charismatic, Friendly, Bookworm &BG
Super Popular Be Friends with 20 Sims 30,000 Popularity isn't just a grade school desire, but a sign that the community enjoys the friendship of your Sim. Unselfish socialization is quite the worthwhile pursuit. Know that the social landscape is also dotted with the boring and the rude, a hodge-podge of society's best and worst individuals. Charismatic, Childish, Friendly, Mooch, Party Animal, Schmoozer &BG
Surrounded by Family Raise 5 Children from Babies to Teenagers 35,000 For family focused Sims, the joys that pitter and patter about on two legs make all the struggle and hardship of parenthood worthwhile. A house full of children can mean a tight budget, little personal time, and few luxuries, but there's always somebody to play with or something new to teach. Family-Oriented, Friendly, Good, Nurturing &BG
Swimming in Cash Have 50,000 Simoleons in Household Funds 35,000 Simoleons fuel the world and for some fiscally-minded Sims, personal happiness as well. Scrimping and saving to live in an efficient home, working hard at work, and succeeding at lucrative personal side projects will allow your Sim to swim in the metaphorical pool of money. Ambitious, Frugal, Mooch, Snob &BG
The Culinary Librarian Learn Every Recipe 30,000 There is a vast array of recipes to prepare for hungry guests and famished family members. By mastering the cooking skill and perusing the bookstore for recipes, your Sim can become a walking library of culinary expertise. Natural Cook, Vegetarian &BG
The Emperor of Evil Reach level 10 of the Criminal career track (Evil branch). 32,500 Your Sim can one day become the leader of the most diabolical organization in the world. Strong evil office relationships are a must, as is possessing enough athletic ability to stop the interferences of nosy government spies. Evil vigilance is a must! Ambitious, Evil, Insane, Mean Spirited, Rebellious &BG
The Perfect Garden Plant and Grow 8 Different Species of Perfect Plant 32,500 The most delicious fruits and vegetables are harvested from a perfect plant. Perfect plants grow from only the best seeds, which drop from the branches of generation spanning plants that have been well tended to and loved. Only fanatically patient outdoors men can plant such a garden. Genius, Green Thumb, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Cook, Perfectionist, Vegetarian &BG
The Tinkerer Master the Handiness Skill
Master the Logic Skill
30,000 Logic and Handiness are natural bedfellows, partners of invention and discovery. Logic leads to great finds like eerie nebulas, whereas handiness unlocks interesting household improvements. These can be a part of your Sim's future, though toying with electricity is never entirely safe. Computer Whiz, Genius, Handy &BG
World Renowned Surgeon Reach level 10 in the Medical career track 32,500 Your Sim must be able to make logically brilliant, split-second decisions at the operating table with only a heartbeat to spare. Only the greatest surgeons defeat disease, and in doing so cause the viruses to truly know fear. The medical profession is only for incredibly dedicated Sims who are mentally above the rest. Bookworm, Friendly, Genius, Good, Workaholic &BG

The Sims 3: World Adventures[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Goal Lifetime
Description Key Traits EP
Bottomless Nectar Cellar Have a Current Collection of Nectar Bottles Worth 10,000 Simoleons
Have at least 50 Bottles of Nectar in your Nectar Cellar
30,000 High quality Nectar comes with a heavy price tag, but Sims of discerning taste know that it is worth the cost. Nectar obsessed Sims seek to stock a cellar full of Nectar racks with the finest, tastiest juices infused with the sweetest fruits, and be known by friends as a true connoisseur of fine Nectar. Green Thumb, Party Animal, Snob, Natural Cook &EP01
Great Explorer Fully explore 6 Tombs in Each Location 35,000 With a thirst for knowledge and experience, explorers are always in search of their next big adventure! Though they face hardships untold and dangers unnumbered, nothing will stop explorers from traversing the deepest, darkest tombs found around the world! Adventurous, Brave, Daredevil, Kleptomaniac &EP01
Martial Arts Master Reach Level 10 in the Martial Arts Skill
Obtain Grand Master Rank
30,000 Martial Arts Mastery is attained by only a dedicated few, but to become a warrior of legend respected by Sims worldwide requires skill, dedication, and fortitude. Your Sim must journey to the Academy of Shang Simla in order to train rigorously in preparation to compete in the Tournament Sparring Matches in order to earn the rank of Grand Master. Disciplined, Evil, Daredevil, Athletic &EP01
Physical Perfection Reach Level 10 of the Martial Arts and Athletic Skills 27,500 On the path to Martial Arts mastery Sims must hone their bodies and minds through challenges and rigorous training. Your Sim must seek out the Academy in Shang Simla to start practicing the basic moves. Only through hard work and dedication will your Sim sculpt the perfect body, and attain the skills necessary to rise in the ranks of Martial Arts mastery. Disciplined, Athletic, Brave, Adventurous &EP01
Private Museum Have a Current Relic Collection on Your Home Lot Worth §20,000 32,500 Collectors and purveyors of the ancient arts have a keen eye for beauty, detail, and value. Relics of all kinds are of interest to them, and they actively seek out new acquisitions in tombs, markets, and dig sites to expand their collections. Only the most persistent and dedicated Sims possess a Private Museum. Artistic, Snob, Adventurous &EP01
Seasoned Traveler Reach Max Visa Level for all 3 Destinations 60,000 Sophisticated Sims who travel extensively and spend time in foreign locales become worldly and wise, but only those who work hard at earning the respect and trust of the locals will be able to acquire a coveted max level Visa in France, China, and Egypt! Through opportunities and Adventures abroad your Sim will befriend others and become welcome wherever they go. Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, Perfectionist, Friendly &EP01
Visionary Reach Level 10 of the Painting and Photography Skills 30,000 Whether slowly crafted through the precise stroke of the brush on canvas, or captured in a moment by the eye of the camera's lens, artistic works can evoke in Sims feelings of beauty, anger, excitement, and joy. Mastering the artistic skills of Painting and Photography is a sure path to happiness for Sims who value the creative arts above all else. Artistic, Loves the Outdoors, Photographer's Eye &EP01
World-Class Gallery Have a Current Collection of Photographs Worth at least §25000
Have at least 10 Photographs from Each Location Placed on Your Lot
32,500 Sims with keen aesthetic judgment value photographs of all sizes and subjects. Whether a beautiful foreign landscape, or a candid portrait snapped on city streets, collectors have an eye for beauty and value. A World-Class Gallery is built by Sims who want a collection rivaled by none. Artistic, Photographer's Eye &EP01

The Sims 3: Ambitions[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Goal Lifetime
Description Key Traits EP
Descendant of da Vinci Master the Inventing, Painting and Sculpting Skills 40,000 It is said that a jack of all trades is a master of none, but your Sim proves there can be exceptions. A brilliant artist with an eye for painting, the dexterity for sculpting, and the genius for invention, no endeavor is out of reach to such a multi-talented individual. Shun the offerings of the outside world and instead spend the days contemplating the canvas, and the nights wooing images buried deep in the stone. Why leave just one legacy, when you can leave behind dozens? Artistic, Savvy Sculptor, Eccentric &EP02
Fashion Phenomenon Reach level 10 in the Stylist Profession 30,000 It would be a crime if Sims with fine style and keen fashion sense were to utilize their gifts only for themselves. If your Sim yearns to make others more beautiful, to transform ugly ducklings into suave swans, then a career in the Stylist Profession is the only natural course! Trendy taste for make-up, hair styles, and fabric patterns are a must for any Sim aspiring to reach the end of the fashion runway. Artistic, Friendly, Charismatic, Snob &EP02
Firefighter Super Hero Save 30 Sims lives on the job in the Firefighter Profession 30,000 The selfless act of saving another Sim's life is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding accomplishments your Sim can imagine. Only through rigorous training to bulk up the body will your Sim have the fortitude and stamina to aid others. A sharp mind, brave heart, and the ability to stay calm under pressure will be beneficial in the unending struggle of Sim versus disaster. Brave, Ambitious, Athletic, Handy, Lucky &EP02
Home Design Hotshot Earn 100 top scores for jobs in the Architectural Design Profession 30,000 Home is where the heart is, and a well designed room leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime. Brush up your painting skills, study the latest techniques for reupholstering furniture, and familiarize yourself with popular patterns and fabrics for rugs and floor tiles. Only through an obsessive attention to detail, good taste, and learning to listen to and respect your client's wishes will your Sim be able to deliver the perfect home remodel or room addition! Savvy Sculptor, Artistic, Perfectionist &EP02
Monster Maker Create 3 Monsters 25,000 For some Sims the ultimate pastime is the unending search for new types of life. Whether crafted through mystical, laborical, or convergent methods occult creations are wondrous achievements for Sims who prefer to dabble in the unknown. Some may call them 'monsters,' but to their creators they are just another member of the family. Insane, Daredevil, Eccentric, Genius &EP02
Paranormal Profiteer Reach level 10 in the Ghost Hunter Profession 30,000 Specters, spirits, spooks, or shades, putting stray ghosts to rest is a great feeling! The complexity of interpreting paranormal patterns of activity will require dedicated study and attention to detail. Your Sim must gather experience in all things logical in order to have any chance of understanding the complexities of the spirit world. Eccentric, Genius, Daredevil, Brave &EP02
Pervasive Private Eye Solve 35 cases on the job in the Investigator Profession 30,000 Late night stakeouts, dusting for prints, hacking computers, snooping for clues; the life of a private investigator is one of long hours, dangerous intrigues, and baffling mysteries. Sound logic and ample fortitude are required to excel in this fast pace world of criminal analysis. Put on your best disguise, grab your magnifying glass, and drop by the neighborhood Police Department to get started. For Sims following the path of the Pervasive Private Eye there is nothing more satisfying than putting together the clues to solve the mystery. Perceptive, Photographer's Eye, Genius, Loner &EP02
Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law Possess §50,000 worth of stolen goods 30,000 While other Sims were learning that hard work over long hours can be turned into Simoleons, your Sim learned that borrowing without asking leads to the same result without the sweat and tears. Whether snatched accidentally while visiting the park, or borrowed when an acquaintance wasn't looking, the value of objects gathered is in the eye of beholder. One Sims trash is another Sims treasure. And if your Sim happens to klepto real treasure, well, all the better... Kleptomaniac, Evil, Daredevil, Frugal, Mooch, Mean Spirited, Rebellious &EP02

The Sims 3: Late Night[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Goal Lifetime
Description Key Traits EP
Distinguished Director Reach Level 10 in the Film Career Track (Directing Branch) 30,000 A great director can manipulate the emotions of the audience with images and words. Any great film requires a great screenplay, so ambitious directors must hone their writing craft to learn to bring the audience to tears, joy, and heart-pounding action with her pen. Directors that want their skill recognized by their peers can't hide in the shadows, so becoming a well-known Celebrity is a must. Artistic, Bookworm, Star Quality &EP03
Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous Reach Celebrity Star Level 5
Be Worth at Least 100,000 Simoleons
40,000 Elite and sophisticated, Celebrities lead a life unlike any other Sims. The road to fame isn't easy, but spreading your Sim's fame and amassing great wealth will lead to a life of luxury like none other! Charismatic, Snob, Star Quality &EP03
Master Mixologist Master Mixology Skill
Own a Bar
40,000 A true master of mixological arts knows how to combine different juice flavors with such skill that their creations both tickle the tongues and transform the minds of their Sim customers. Acing the skill of mixology won't be easy, so your Sim will need to spend hours pouring and flipping at the bar to become a true master. No mixological genius would be complete without their own bar venue to show off their fanciful drink inventions! Ambitious, Frugal, Workaholic &EP03
Master Romancer WooHoo in 5 Different Places with 5 Different Sims 30,000 An accomplished Sim lover knows all the right things to say to make other Sims swoon. A true love opportunist isn't satisfied with romancing in just one location, but anywhere and everywhere! Continue to rack up those romantic successes to become a legendary master of the romantic arts. Commitment Issues, Flirty, Great Kisser, Inappropriate &EP03
One Sim Band Master Bass, Guitar, Drums, and Piano Skills 45,000 A musical virtuoso can strum a guitar with one hand while tickling the ivories with the other. Your Sim is not satisfied with mastering just one instrument, but yearns to become an expert at them all! Hours of jamming may not make the neighbors your Sim's friend, but it is the only way to unlock his true musical potential. Genius, Perfectionist, Virtuoso &EP03
Superstar Actor Reach Level 10 in the Film Career Track (Acting Branch) 30,000 Many stars grace the silver screen, but few are memorable enough that their celluloid exploits will be remembered for generations. To become a true film superstar, your Sim will need to stand out from the crowd of acting wannabes. Oodles of charisma and an abundance of time in the Celebrity spotlight is the only sure path to becoming one of film's brightest stars! Charismatic, Dramatic, Star Quality, Rebellious &EP03

The Sims 3: Pets[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Goal Lifetime
Description Key Traits EP
The Animal Rescuer Adopt 6 Strays 20,000 You have a soft spot for animals of all shapes and sizes. To see one being mistreated, abandoned, or neglected breaks your heart. That is why you've made it a personal mission to adopt as many pets as you can to help make their world a little brighter. Good, Animal Lover, Vegetarian &EP05
The Ark Builder Have 2 cats, dogs, horses, birds, lizards, turtles, rodents, snakes, butterflies, and beetles 30,000 There is no such thing as having too many pets. The more pets you have, the happier you are. The same can be said for your pets as well. It brings you and your pets joy when another animal joins your growing herd. Some Sims may think this is an unhealthy obsession, but to you, Sim or animal, they're all part of your growing family. Animal Lover &EP05
The Canine Companion Become Friends with 15 Dogs 25,000 You know that saying, dogs are a Sim's best friend? Not only do you believe it - that is the motto you live by. But why limit yourself to just one best friend. You want to befriend as many dogs as you can to not only show the world that dogs are a Sim's best friend, but how they are the most amazing animals in the entire world! Dog Person, Friendly &EP05
The Cat Herder Become Friends with 15 Cats 25,000 You love all things feline related. So it's no surprise that your only goal in life is to befriend as many cats as Simlishly possible! In a past life, you may have possibly been a cat, which would explain why you have this undying love for them! Cat Person, Friendly &EP05
The Fairy Tale Finder Adopt a Unicorn 20,000 Why settle for a regular pet when you can have one of the most enigmatic, charismatic, and mythical animals to ever exist? The sheer presence of a Unicorn inspires an aura of tranquility and mysticism. Not many Sims can say they've seen one, let alone have one be part of their family. So if you ever come across one - it'll be worth your while to make that unicorn a member of your family. Childish, Animal Lover, Good &EP05
The Jockey Reach Level 10 of Riding Skill
Win/Earn §40,000 Simoleons using your Horses
30,000 Lightweight and agile, the Jockey is the driving force when it comes to Horseback Riding. To reach actual Jockey status, one must dedicate one’s life to serving and being one with their horse and their various trainers. The path to becoming a full-fledged Jockey is not an easy task and requires intense training, competing in rigorous competitions, and the will to win. Equestrian &EP05
The Zoologist Collect 20 pets in the wild. (Minor Pets Only) 25,000 While being able to obtain pets through various ways, there is no greater self-satisfaction for an avid animal lover than to go out into the wild, and bring home a native of the animal kingdom. Animals born and bred in the wild have different challenges and responsibilities as opposed to regular house pets, but that won't discourage you one bit! Animal Lover, Perfectionist, Loves the Outdoors &EP05

The Sims 3: Showtime[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Goal Lifetime
Description Key Traits EP
Master Acrobat Reach level 10 of the Acrobat Career 30,000 Many young Sims fall in love with tumbling and jump headfirst into acrobatics, hoping that their leap of faith will end in sold out performances with crowds of adoring fans. It will take years of stretching, bending, and treating burns, but great strength of body--and perseverance--will eventually lead a Sim to the title of Master Acrobat. Natural Born Performer, Athletic, Artistic, Daredevil, Pyromaniac &EP06
Master Magician Reach level 10 of the Magician Career. 30,000 The world of magic and illusion seems exotic and mysterious to most Sims. To make it as a Magician, your Sim must master tricks ranging from making small objects appear to escaping complicated death traps. It will be dangerous, but success will surely lead to fame and glory as a world renown Illusionist. Natural Born Performer, Charismatic, Daredevil, Kleptomaniac, Social Butterfly, Brave, Lucky, Good Sense of Humor &EP06
Vocal Legend Reach level 10 of the Singer Career 30,000 Everyone dreams of being the next idol, of being worshiped by millions of Sims across the world. But can you work through the years of stress and obscurity to reach the heights of super-stardom? Natural Born Performer, Diva, Virtuoso, Social Butterfly, Artistic &EP06

The Sims 3: Supernatural[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Goal Lifetime
Description Key Traits EP
Alchemy Artisan Reach Level 10 in Alchemy
Use 50 Alchemy Elixirs
35,000 When chefs combine ingredients, they make something tasty. When an Alchemy Artisan mixes ingredients, they rewrite the rules of human existence. Mastery of the Alchemy skill is not easy, but incredible powers await the dedicated. Only through constant practice, careful study, and the application of a wide variety of powerful elixirs will a Sim earn the title of Alchemy Artisan. Supernatural Fan, Genius, Adventurous, Ambitious, Brave, Childish, Daredevil, Eccentric, Evil, Gatherer, Green Thumb, Inappropriate, Mean Spirited, Neurotic, Perceptive &EP07
Celebrity Psychic Reach Level 10 of the Fortune Teller Career (Scam Artist Branch) 30,000 Telling people what they want to hear can be an extremely lucrative business, provided you can find the right people and anticipate what they desire. The ultimate destination for any pseudo seer is the position of Celebrity Psychic, where you are actually celebrated for your vague promises and doublespeak. It’s like being a politician, except people give you their money voluntarily! Star Quality, Evil, Charismatic, Loser, Social Butterfly, Supernatural Skeptic, Schmoozer, Kleptomaniac &EP07
Greener Gardens Make 100 Plants Grow Using Bloom
Reach Level 10 Gardening Skill
25,000 Fairies have a natural green thumb that’ll make others jealous with their pristine lawns and green gardens. But even for fairies it's not easy to tame the lawn and make it their own. It requires a lot of practice and even more patience to reap the reward of having a yard that’s the envy of the neighborhood. Fairy &EP07
Leader of the Pack Convert 5 Sims to Werewolves
Find 40,000 Simoleons Worth of Objects While Hunting With Pack
30,000 Anyone can be in a pack but few Sims are capable of being Leader of the Pack. Being the alpha dog takes hard work, discipline, and a nose for fine treasure. But it can’t be done alone – a loyal following of fellow werewolves is required to show everyone who the big dogs are in town. It is not for the faint of heart to take the journey to become Leader of the Pack. Werewolf &EP07
Magic Makeover Grant 12 Different Sims Inner Beauty
Reach Level 10 Charisma Skill
25,000 The fairest fairies know that everyone could use a little inner beauty. But it also takes a charismatic fairy to really know what inner beauty is. Teaching Sims about inner beauty won't be easy but it's a lesson well worth teaching. Spread the beauty and everyone will have a better day! Fairy &EP07
Master of Mysticism Reach Level 10 of the Fortune Teller Career (Mystic Branch) 30,000 Why are we here? What does the future hold? Will it hurt? These questions are so large as to be exclusively rhetorical, yet we keep asking. What if you had the talent to discover the answers? What if you could nurture a unique ability to find understanding in the chaos of the universe? You could be the ultimate Master of Mysticism! Insane, Loner, Lucky, Mean Spirited, Night Owl, Nurturing, Perceptive, Rebellious, Schmoozer, Social Butterfly &EP07
Mystic Healer Cure 12 Different Transformed Sims Using Sunlight Charm or Potent Cure Elixir 30,000 These days Sims can be transformed into all sorts of odd things like toads, zombies and tragic clowns. Even Sims that are feeling blue or have inner beauty can’t catch a break! It takes a selfless Sim who cares deeply for others to cure these poor souls of their afflictions. Not many are up to the task of being a Mystic Healer, but for those who are they can feel good inside for doing so. Witch &EP07
Turn the Town Drink from 20 Sims
Turn 5 Sims into Vampires
30,000 Some vampires believe that the measure of a vampire’s greatness can be seen in their number of conquests. Rest during the day so the long nights can be spent quenching the thirst for plasma and converting those you find worthy. There will be many challenges to face in order to Turn the Town, but the reward will be worth it when you leave a bite in town lore. Vampire &EP07
Zombie Master Turn 10 Different Sims into a Zombie Using the Reanimation Ritual or Potent Zombification Elixir 35,000 For a Zombie Master, there’s no better friend than a staggering brain craving zombie. They’re just soooo cute! But for other Sims, there’s nothing more terrifying than seeing a relentless zombie off in the distance. To be a Zombie Master is to accept responsibility in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Witch &EP07

The Sims 3: University Life[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Goal Lifetime
Description Key Traits EP
Blog Artist Reach Level 10 in Social Networking Skill
Create a Five Star blog
30,000 A successful blogger captivates their audience and leaves them yearning for the next post. It’s not easy to combine witty observations and impeccable timing, but someone’s gotta keep the netizens entertained. The one who does will earn the title of Blog Artist. Computer Whiz, Couch Potato &EP09
Major Master Earn Three Degrees 35,000 For some, there's no limit to the amount of learning they can endure and the thrill of class is enough to keep earning degrees. They are called Major Masters. With a bag full of books and a caffeinated drink in hand, they’re a university warrior ready to learn! Bookworm, Ambitious &EP09
Perfect Student Earn a University Degree with a Perfect GPA 25,000 Earning a university degree is an accomplishment all in itself. But to earn one with a perfect GPA takes as much brawn as it does brains. Late nights will be spent studying and a little luck will be needed to pass exams, but it’s worth it for a perfect GPA. Genius, Perfectionist, Socially Awkward &EP09
Reach Max Influence with All Social Groups Reach Max Influence with All Social Groups 35,000 Being an influential Sim in one group is difficult enough, but reaching max influence across three groups? That's a challenge any social Sim will gladly accept! It won't be easy and there is much schmoozing to do, but rest assured there will be comrades to be found around every corner. Irresistible, Friendly, Charismatic &EP09
Scientific Specialist Reach Level 10 in Science Skill
Reach Level 10 in any Scientific, Medical, or Business Career
30,000 The universe is a mysterious place with even more mysterious rules governing it. Few can ever hope to understand such rules, but those who live vicariously by collecting and analyzing samples will earn the title of Scientific Specialist and tell the rest of us how the universe works. Socially Awkward, Genius &EP09
Street Credible Reach Level 10 of Street Art Skill
Create 7 Masterpiece Murals
30,000 For a street artist armed with a spray can, the world is their canvas waiting to be painted. It takes a keen eye and a steady hand to create masterful art on the walls and ground, but a street artist wouldn’t have it any other way. Avant Garde &EP09

The Sims 3: Island Paradise[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Goal Lifetime
Description Key Traits EP
Deep Sea Diver Master the Diving Skill.
Earn 40,000 Simoleons from Selling Diving Collectables.
30,000 The bottom of the ocean hides treasures and creatures never seen by land dwelling Sims. Only the bravest and foolhardy divers can survive the deadly deep searching for underwater riches. Be sure to bring your oxygen tank! Loves To Swim, Angler, Ambitious &EP10
Grand Explorer Own all Uncharted Islands 65,000 There are mysterious lands yet to be charted by any Sim. To find them, your Sim must set sail, brave the high seas, and dive the deepest oceans. Search high and low for these uncharted islands and claim them as your own! Ambitious, Perfectionist, Sailor, Loves the Outdoors &EP10
Resort Empire Own a Five Star Resort.
Collect 40,000 Simoleons in Resort Profit.
32,500 To become a true hotel mogul, your Sim will need to manage employees, maintain a profit, and always satisfy patrons. Once your Sim has created the perfect resort empire, travelers from all around will flock for a chance to stay at your luxurious getaway. Ambitious, Workaholic, Frugal &EP10
Seaside Savior Rescue 50 Sims as a Lifeguard. 30,000 Anyone can be a lifeguard, but a Sim that rescues drowning Sims is a true hero! Be a hero in your town. Brave, Athletic, Good, Charismatic &EP10

The Sims 3: Into the Future[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Goal Lifetime
Description Key Traits EP
High Tech Collector Reach Level 10 in Advanced Technology Skill
Own a Hover Board, Dream Pod, Food Synthesizer, Holo Disc, and Jet Pack
30,000 Most Sims use technology and some may understand it, but few truly appreciate it the way you do. By amassing a vast collection of your most beloved hardware, you might build a living museum to the machines you love! Computer Whiz, Ambitious, Bot Fan, Perfectionist &EP11
More than a Machine Reach Level 10 in Bot Building Skill
Give a Plumbot Sentience
30,000 Through dedicated study, you may build great Plumbots. It takes very special inspiration to imbue them with Sentience! Those superb citizens bridging this gap are examples to Sim and Bot alike: symbols of the civilization they both share. Bot Fan, Computer Whiz, Family-Oriented, Handy &EP11
Made the Most of my Time Experience All Alternate Futures
Be Honored with a Legacy Statue
30,000 So few Sims get the opportunity to Time Travel, and you're determined to make the most of it! Tweaking alternate timelines is an obvious choice, but what if you could also achieve immortality by winning your community's eternal respect? Unstable, Adventurous, Ambitious, Brave, Daredevil &EP11

Removed Lifetime Wishes[edit | edit source]

Here are a few lifetime wishes that didn't make it to the finished game.


Probably merged with Seasoned Traveler.


Probably merged with Seasoned Traveler.


Probably merged with Seasoned Traveler.

Martial Arts Tournament[TS3:WA]

Probably scrapped for Martial Arts Master.

Nectar Making[TS3:WA]

Probably scrapped for Bottomless Nectar Cellar.

Photog Ambiguious[TS3:WA]

Probably scrapped for World-Class Gallery.

Extraordinary Entrepreneur[TS3:A]

Earn a number of Simoleons from self-employment

Creature of the Night[TS3:LN]

Probably connected to Vampires.

Platinum Artist[TS3:LN]

Probably connected to Band.

Imaginary Friend[TS3:G]

Probably connected to Imaginary Friends.

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