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Create a Sim Stories
TS4 Create a Sim Stories.jpg
A User Interface when entering CAS Stories

Create a Sim Stories are a feature introduced in The Sims 4 July 16, 2019 patch. In the Create a Sim Stories, players will receive a series of questions in a form of short quiz and players can choose either one of the three answers or get a new question. The player's answer will dictate the Sims aspiration and traits. Sims will also have a chance to start their career and skills ahead up to level three as well their starting funds standard, above average, or high.

After all questions are answered, players can adjust gender, appearance, clothing, and name for the Sim. However, Traits and aspiration are locked and cannot be edited.

While most questions are from the base game. New questions related to the theme of the pack will appear after players install one of them (Except for Dine Out and Journey to Batuu). Stuff packs will never have new questions with the exception of Bowling Night Stuff.

Each answers have a weight chance for traits, aspirations, skills, careers and starting funds. Higher weight chance are more likely for Sims to get it after answering all the questions and more likely to start their skills and careers higher than normal.[confirmation needed]

List of Questions & Answers[edit | edit source]

Base Game[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
I found an uneaten sandwich, but don't know whose it is... I eat it
I put it away
I leave it alone
What do I do to cheer myself up? Go for a jog
Be mean to others!
Spend time with family
If I could be remembered for one thing, what would it be? All the art I've made
My contributions to science.
For everything I collected
In my free time, I like to... Curl up with a book
Play video games
Hit the gym
What's the first thing I do after a long day of work? Clean the house
Cook dinner
Take a shower
I've just met someone new. To impress them, I'll... Prank them
Try my best pickup line
Brag about my collections
What kind of home do I want to live in? A big, luxurious house
Doesn't matter; I'm always working
A family-friendly home
How do I act around groups of people? I ensure everyone's happy
I clam up
I take charge!
What approach do I take to my job? It's a means to an end
  • Trait: Ambitious (-2)
  • Starting Funds: Above Average (+3)
Success is important to me!
I trust in my awesomeness
What do I do for fun? Hang out with friends
Explore my creative side
Play games; surf the web
I get asked out on a date, what's my response? Go out, it could be fun!
Ask who else they like
Politely decline
There's something I want but can't afford. What do I do? Save my money
Trade for it
Steal it
It's the weekend, and I have nothing to do... Invite some friends over
Walk to the park
Stay in and relax
What's my favorite pastime? Reading a book
Watching sports
Guests are coming over; how do I prepare? Clean and fix everything
Cook lots of food
Make a rockin' playlist
What role would I play in a criminal heist? The mastermind
The muscle
The police informant
It's open mic night at the bar, and I'm up... Tell my best jokes!
Slapstick comedy!
Show off my musical talent
The fridge is broken. What do I do? Fix it myself
Call the repair service
Buy a new one
The big game is tonight. What do I do? I'm the team captain!
Go to the bar
I don't care for sports
  • Trait: Bro (-3)
As a child, I wanted to work... In outer space!
For myself
On robots!
How often do I visit the gym? Every chance I get!
On occasion
That's not for me
My neighbors didn't pay their bills, and their utilities got shut off... Laugh at their predicament
Offer to help
Avoid them at all costs
What's the most important thing to me? My stuff
My family
My reputation
Someone makes a joke about me. How do I react? I yell at them!
I laugh and play along
I feel humiliated
I have a great idea for a prank... It's at someone else's expense...
It's self-deprecating
I would never prank anyone
How do I get coworkers to listen to me? Excite them with grand ideas
Tell them jokes
Threaten to fire them
How much voodoo do I do to my friends for my own amusement? All the voodoo
Some of the voodoo
No voodoo
When taking a quiz, I... Never cheat
Pick answers randomly
Cheat with online guides
It's my friend's birthday. What do I do for them? Mix them a drink
Take them out on the town
What friends?
No trip to the grocery store is complete without buying... Raw ingredients
Microwaveable meals
A floral arrangement
The best music... Comes from the radio
Is played live
Comes from video games
At social events, I am... The life of the party
That person who brings a guitar
Picking fights!
A coworker messed up; now our boss is mad. What do I do? Blame them
Cover for them
Quit. I don't need this stress
In the evenings, I enjoy... Stargazing with telescopes
Watching television
Plotting my next move
I see computers as... A means to an end
A tool for world domination
A source of limitless knowledge
The internet is for... Inspiration
Making money
Llama memes
The world is in peril! What do I do? Go undercover
I trade in other's fears
I am the peril
My friend needs someone to watch their child... I'm the person for the job!
They should hire a nanny
They know not to ask me
It's dinnertime; I'm getting hungry. What's the plan? My body is a temple
Search Simstagram for recipes
Where's the closest buffet?
What's most important to me when selecting a place to live? Showing off my wealth!
Space to entertain guests
I'll embrace communal living
How do I feel about love? I'll know it when I feel it
Love at first sight is real
I keep my options open
Home is... Where my stuff is
Where the heart is
Where I feel safest
The best food is... Grown yourself
Caught hook, line, and sinker
Prepared by a chef
How do I get by in life? Intelligence and hard work
I "borrow" things
I mooch off of friends
  • Trait: Lazy (+3)
  • Career: Unemployed (+4)
  • Starting Funds: Standard (+3)
What defines success? Having many friends
Being rich
Bettering the world
When expressing myself artistically, I prefer to... Create something visual
Practice music
Create function over form
The best stories... Have happy endings
Have unexpected plot twists
Are written by me
What's the best kind of plot twist? Deus ex machina
The hero becomes the villain
Delivery of poetic justice
What do I save money for? A better home
The future
Nothing; I live in the moment
  • Trait: Materialistic (-3)
  • Starting Funds: High (-3)
  • Starting Funds: Above Average (-3)
What do I like to do outdoors? Fishing
Digging up treasure
I just got home from shopping for clothes... I'll review them on my blog!
I'll hang them neatly
Time to show them off!
What's the best way to celebrate my big family reunion? Enjoying Grandma's cooking
Taking a family photo
Avoiding my crazy uncle
My child has a recital tomorrow, how do I prepare? Make sure I have film
Help them practice chords
Tune my violin for a duet
I spotted a rare creature! I must capture it!
Take a picture!
Can I keep it?

Get to Work[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
There's a going away party for an acquaintance. What do I do? Bake them a pie
Buy them a gift
Send a text message
Someone ate the last slice of my pizza... I can solve this mystery!
I'll treat everyone as a suspect
I'm better off without it
A friend trips and falls in my home. What's my reaction? I'll provide first aid!
  • Trait: Good (+1)
  • Career: Doctor (+3)
  • Starting Funds: High (+1)
Did they break anything?
Point and laugh
Looking to the stars one night, I see something in the sky. What is it? Wow, a shooting star!
That's no moon
What are my thoughts on aliens? Someday we'll find them
They walk amongst us
Klaatu barada nikto

Get Together[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
It's time to hit the nightclub and... Dance the night away!
Scope out the DJ
Hang with my friends
What kind of group do I want to be a part of? The kind that betters society
Me and my imaginary friends
I lead, others follow
What's the best music to dance to? High energy, hoppin' music!
I make my own jams
Slow music; make it romantic

City Living[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
The song I like just came on the radio! Crank it up!
Sing along!
Quietly enjoy it
Someone is wrong on the internet. What do I do? Troll them
Write a blog post about it
Politely debate them
My interest in politics is... Measured by medieval serial dramas
Speaking truth to power
The best part of having an opinion is... Getting paid to have it
Convincing others to share it
Telling everyone about it
I've found a worthy cause to support. How should I help? Be the change I want to see
Canvas the city with fliers
Secure government funding
What's for dinner? Veggies!
A three course meal
Who cares? I'm eating alone

Cats & Dogs[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
I love visiting the park to... Get some fresh air
Go jogging
Pet all the dogs!
I feel most rewarded when helping... People
Cats get out of trees
Before bed, I'm likely to... Rate dogs on the internet
Browse cat videos
Release the robot vacuum
The best part of owning a pet is... Teaching them tricks
Hearing my cat's purr
Giving them a forever home
My favorite type of people are... Good people
Interesting people

Seasons[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
Flowers look best when they're... Blooming in my garden
In a beautiful arrangement
Dead, during winter
What do I grow in my garden? Fruits and vegetables

Get Famous[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
When watching TV, I most pay attention to... How the actors emote
The writing and dialog
My phone
It's lights, camera, ... Action!
Acting is a means to... Becoming famous
Winning a Starlight Accolades Award
A job that provides free catering
  • Trait: Glutton (+3)
  • Starting Funds: Standard (+3)
Surprise; the paparazzi are here! Promote myself
Hype my latest movie
Sneak out the back door
Which side of the camera do I prefer to be on? In front, tight shot
Behind it, crafting the story
In a different room

Island Living[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
Whenever I visit the ocean, how do I feel? Right at home
I want to keep swimmers safe
  • Career: Lifeguard (+3)
  • Aspiration: Beach Life (+2)
Hungry; I love seafood
I see trash all over the beach. What do I do? Clean it up, immediately
Try not to add to the mess
Nothing, it reminds me of home
My family wants me to respect tradition. What does that mean to me? Honoring tradition is important
I'll forge my own traditions
Traditions aren't for me
How close to the water do I want to be? I'd have gills if I could!
Snorkeling sounds fun!
Staying dry in my boat
  • Skill: Fishing (+3)
  • Career: Fisherman (+3)

Discover University[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
When thinking of University, the thing I look forward to most is... The education
The people
All of it!
The Annual Summer Party is tonight, but exams are in the morning; what do I do? Party like a rock star!
Find a way to cheat
Stay home and prepare until the last possible second
Even from a young age I wanted to explore... Technology
Spring Break is here! How do I spend my time? Visiting family and friends
More learning!
With a vacation
The cost of university doesn't concern me because... I'll be taking out numerous loans
  • Trait: Self-assured (+2)
  • Skill: Logic (-1)
  • Starting Funds: Standard (+3)
  • Starting Funds: Above Average (+1)
My parents are paying for it
  • Skill: Charisma (-1)
  • Starting Funds: Above Average (+1)
  • Starting Funds: High (+3)
I'll be working while in school
  • Trait: Ambitious (+3)
  • Skill: Logic (+1)
  • Starting Funds: Above Average (+3)
  • Starting Funds: High (+1)

Eco Lifestyle[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
There's a dumpster. It's not on fire, or anything... How romantic!
That's where trash goes, yep
Time to loot!
The air quality in the neighborhood has gotten worse, what do I do? My household will pollute less
I'll work with the city to solve the problem
Stay indoors. What else?
I need a new couch. What's my go-to solution? Buy a new couch
"Acquire" a new couch. From the neighbors
Build new furniture from the old stuff
What's my greatest creation? Mixing all soda flavors into one!
I once glued down some macaroni
What isn't my greatest creation?
How much do I see recycling as a duty? I use, I recycle, I use again!
I put my paper in the recycling bins
What's recycling?

List of Questions & Answers by Game Pack[edit | edit source]

Outdoor Retreat[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
Bugs, critters, and all that? They're fascinating
At one with mother nature
The great outdoors are... It's in the name: great!
Outside. I'm inside
Where frogs live; eww
I've found a strange plant outside. What do I do? Identify it
Avoid; it might be poisonous
Eat it

Spa Day[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
Meditation is... An excellent way to relax
Best done in the sauna
I'm too caffeinated for it
The best way for me to relax is... A good massage
TV and junk food
Reading a book

Vampires[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
So, how about that sunlight? Too bright; it's the worst!
Sunlight energizes me
It comes from a yellow dwarf star
Where do I prefer to sleep? In a bed
In a race car
  • Trait: Childish (+3)
  • Starting Funds: Standard (+3)
In a coffin
What's the best way to experience the lunar eclipse? Play a pipe organ
Dress in black
Watching it with my boo
What do I know about vampires? Goths, with big pointy teeth
They're creatures in teen novels
You can count on me, er them

Parenthood[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
How involved in a child's life would I want to be? I want to raise an all-star!
Isn't that what nannies are for?
Not on my agenda
When raising children, what values would I instill? Good manners
When I'm around children, I feel... Inspired; they're our future
Bored; we have nothing in common
Angry; they never shut up

Jungle Adventure[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
I've found an ancient relic of some kind... Keep it
Sell it
It belongs in a museum
I've got a pile of documents stacking up, what do I do? Sort them out, shred the rest
Combine them with another pile
Bury them in a time capsule
What do I most want to do on a trip to Selvadorada? Mingle with the locals
Venture into the jungle
Explore ancient ruins

Strangerville[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
Is anyone out to get you? Just because I'm paranoid...
...Who's asking?
Nah, everyone loves me
How do I feel about routine and structure? Sir, yes sir!
It helps with scheduling
It's the bohemian lifestyle for me

Realm of Magic[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
Do you believe in magic? I'm a level 3 fire mage in my role-playing group!
Give me a wand and a spellbook and I'll show you magic
I believe in science, thank you very much

List of Questions & Answers by Stuff Pack[edit | edit source]

Bowling Night Stuff[edit | edit source]

Questions Answer Choice Weight Chance
The best part of bowling with friends is... STRIKE!
Bowling team shirts!
  • Trait: Bro (+3)
The 'bowl' of chips