Comparison between The Sims 2 and The Sims 3

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The Sims 3 is based on The Sims original base game and The Sims 2 original base game, and therefore contains many of the same features.

Completely new features[edit | edit source]

These features in The Sims 3 base game have not existed in any game in The Sims series before:

  • Seamless neighborhood
    • Bicycles
    • Universal clock synchronized in all lots—in The Sims 2, time was frozen on the home lot as long as Sims visited community lots. To avoid exploitation of this, Sims weren't able to learn skills or sleep on community lots. In The Sims 3, Sims can do almost everything regardless of where they are.
    • Ability to visit other homes
    • Story progression - non-active households evolve during gameplay (can be turned on or off)
  • Create-A-Sim features:
    • Continuous body shapes (muscular/obese) and skin colors
    • Enhanced facial customization features
    • Completely customizable hair color, the possibility to have separate hair root, base, highlight, and tip colors
    • Independent footwear (was attached to legwear in The Sims 2)
    • Different voice types
  • Traits
  • Moodlets
  • Favorites
  • Create-A-Style
  • Ability to adjust lifespan
    • Ability to turn off aging (possible through cheats in The Sims 2)
    • All Sims, including townies and NPCs, age as the game progresses
  • Many new and more enhanced skills
  • Rabbit holes - elementary, opaque civic buildings
  • Opportunities
  • Enhanced job features
    • Job performance options
    • Dynamic performance criteria (skills, coworkers, assignments)
    • Raises
    • Branching careers
  • Ghost interaction and playable ghosts.

In The Sims 3 expansion packs[edit | edit source]

The Sims 2 expansion features in The Sims 3 base game[edit | edit source]

Many features introduced in The Sims 2 expansions appear in The Sims 3 base game, to some extent.

Objects[edit | edit source]

Lost features[edit | edit source]

These game features were found in The Sims 2 base game but not in The Sims 3.

Lost skills[edit | edit source]

Lost NPCs[edit | edit source]

NPCs that were in The Sims 2 base game, but not in The Sims 3.

Lost objects[edit | edit source]

These objects (with unique interactions) were found in The Sims 2 base game but not The Sims 3 base game:

Changes in Animations[edit | edit source]

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