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This article is about a neighborhood. The Sims Life Stories

Despite being the wealthy CEO of Jigantor Computing Networks, Vincent Moore has never been lucky in love. While on a business trip to Sim City, Vincent has overseen the finish of JCN's biggest project to date: The SimSat 9000 Communications Satellite. The launch was flawless, the hands have been shaken and the bonuses are in the mail. Now Vincent eagerly returns to his modest mansion in Bitville to see his new girlfriend, Samantha Hayden. Samantha told Vincent she had a big surprise waiting for him when he got back. Perhaps Vincent's luck is changing...
Name Bitville
Game  The Sims Life Stories

Bitville is a neighborhood shipped with The Sims Life Stories, where Vincent's story takes place.

Lots[edit | edit source]

Residential lots[edit | edit source]

Inhabited[edit | edit source]

(All owned are considered households.)

Uninhabited[edit | edit source]

Community lots[edit | edit source]

Families[edit | edit source]

Playable families[edit | edit source]

Sasha Aires
Bitville -- the perfect lair for Sasha to set her traps and live comfortably off the gullible and wealthy male. Sasha's rather impressive manipulation of the male gender dates back to the tender age of eight when she convinced her father to buy her an expensive pony despite the fact that they lived in an apartment. Will her scheming ever get her what she wants? There was a time when she dreamed of becoming a mother and raising a family. But are there any men smart enough to make it worthwhile?
Kendra Blaise
Kendra Blaise is a firefighter. A hot female firefighter. A dangerous female firefighter. A psych evaluation failed to detect that her love of fires bordered on pyromania!
Sherman Boggle
A geek's geek in a high tech town, Sherman loves Bitville. He knows the fastest route from any point to another, and he has the high score on both pinball machines at Baliwood Star Lanes.
Greg Chomsky
The best friend of Bitville. Everybody loves Greg, and everybody SMELLS Greg. The guy hasn't got his hygiene together, but what's to be expected from the lowest paid male in Bitville? He doesn't worry about his status because he keeps sight of the important things - fun and friendship. It's been a while since Greg's last date. Can a big heart make up for a big mess?
Samantha Hayden
Samantha and Jonathan have already split up and Samantha is living back in her own home again. She may not have a man anymore but that doesn't mean she can't find a new one! Until she does, Samantha is going to have a hard time. No more shopping sprees, doing her own housework, and even worse - she may have to get a real job! What's a single girl to do?
Naomi Hunt
Naomi does not have a family bio, as her family is never meant to be selectable in the Neighborhood view. By the time Neighbourhood View is unlocked, she will have either died or been merged into the Moore family. Before this point, she exists as a fully functional playable sim, with her own amount of household funds, in a fully furnished house.
Vincent Moore
Vincent's uncle got him a kite when he was six. Vincent attached three bottle rockets, a flying disc and a funnel to the kite and had his first satellite. At age ten he met Greg Chomsky and tried to attach Greg, and they've been friends ever since. Nine years later Vincent moved to Bitville and started Jigantor Computing Networks.
On the end of the Vincent's story, the player has to choose whether to resurrect Naomi Hunt or not. If the player chooses not to do it, Naomi will die and Vincent will keep all his possessions. If the player chooses to resurrect her, Vincent will lose his house, job and money. The player will then find them in the Family bin, having §35,000.
Alexa Starr
The model of elegance of Bitville - the men just don't stand a chance. Alexa is fueled by an unlimited supply of coffee and a clear sense of what she wants. In her ongoing pursuit of lost chivalry, Alexa can't help but turn the heads of modern moguls in Bitville.

Family bin families[edit | edit source]

Don Calamari
Johnny Cullen
Maximillion Oglethorpe

Townies and NPCs[edit | edit source]

Townies[edit | edit source]


Adults (Cont'd)


Teenagers (Cont'd)


NPCs[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bitville is mentioned in Alice's Best in Show story from The Sims Pet Stories in one of the many arguments between her and Diana DeBore.
  • The gardener NPCs do not actually appear in regular gameplay, as all plants in the game do not require maintenance. They are effectively unplayable unless spawned with mods.
  • Bitville has the most premade carpool driver Sims of any The Sims 2 neighborhood, with 6 premade drivers. This is generally unnoticed due to a bug that makes each carpool driver disappear into the Default Sim pool after one use, causing the game to endlessly spawn new carpool drivers.
  • The Hunt family has no official bio, as it is never seen in neighborhood view in regular gameplay. This is unlike The Sims Pet Stories, where the Girard family and Diva Loyal both have official family bios, despite never being seen normally.
  • Three members of the story do not have homes in Bitville, and seem to not have been fully programmed; they are uninitialized and will always have randomized interests and a random LTW. All three have no official family bios, despite being playable at the story conclusion.
  • Every playable Sim in Bitville lives alone as a single-person household, and as such, with the exception of Vincent, all of them have no bio set, presumably because the family bio is intended to be the bio. This means that Naomi Hunt, Johnny Cullen, Don Calamari and Maximillion Oglethorpe have no official bios whatsoever.
  • Despite every household being a single Sim, many homes have multiple bedrooms and can support a full family. Several homes also do not match the owner's personality and they also don't seem to be furnished.
  • Every premade Sim except for Vincent and Naomi have no skill points, and Vincent is the only premade Sim to have a career at all. This conflicts with several bios and in-game statements; Greg is said to be the lowest-paid male in town, Sherman is meant to be an employee of JCN and Maximillion is said to be a doctor.
  • Gene's Pool and Hub Pub are never visited by Vincent during the story.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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