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Instrument skill

A garage band in The Sims 3: Late Night.

For the similar skill, see Creativity (skill).

Instrument skills are a variety skills dealing with different types of instruments in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. They allow Sims to become more skilled in playing those instruments.

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 3, there are six different instrument skills: guitar, bass, drums, piano, laser rhythm-a-con, and violin. The guitar skill is available in the base game, the violin skill is added by buying the Fit as a Fiddle Violin from The Sims 3 Store, or by buying the Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire set; the bass, drums, and piano skills are featured in The Sims 3: Late Night, and the Laser Rhythm-a-con skill is featured in The Sims 3: Into the Future. These skills are augmented by the virtuoso trait.

The four instrument skills, i.e. guitar, bass, drums, and piano, are also known as band skills.[TS3:LN] These instruments essentially have the same features, such as the ability to jam, perform for tips in the subway, learn compositions, and be used for a band. Laser Rhythm-a-con is also considered a band skill, though it has some limitations, such as the lack of ability to jam and be used for a band. Violin skill, however, is a standalone skill that is not related to the other instrument skills. It cannot be used for a band either.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Most statistics of each instrument are similar, but they have different titles.

  • Compositions Learned (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Laser Rhythm-a-con)
  • Percent of Compositions Known (Violin)
  • Number of times compositions have been performed (Guitar, Laser Rhythm-a-con)
  • Compositions Played (Bass, Drums, Piano)
  • Total Played Compositions (Violin)
  • Total Played Medieval Compositions (Violin)
  • Times Watched (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano)
  • Number of times Sims have watched you perform (Laser Rhythm-a-con)
  • Total Watchers (Violin)
  • Money Made (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano)
  • Money earned through playing the Laser Rhythm-a-con (Laser Rhythm-a-con)
  • Tips Earned (Violin)

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Most instruments have identical skill challenges. Violin doesn't have skill challenges, however.

Master Guitarist / Drummer / Bassist / Pianist / Laser Rhythm-a-con Artist
Master Guitarists learn to play every song awarded to them and available for purchase at the store. After learning so many songs, they receive a special Master Track!
Guitar / Drum / Bass / Piano / Laser Rhythm-a-con Star[1]
Guitar Stars must play at 10 Parties and Venues in the town to earn their title. Afterward, they earn larger monetary rewards for tips and performances!
Money Maker
Earn §25,000 playing the instrument to earn a new Master Track to perform. Money can be earned through tips or by completing opportunities.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

A Sim playing guitar in the park

Sims with level 5 or higher instrument skill can learn new compositions by buying and reading sheet music from bookstore. Compositions can only be learned once, and after Sims finish learning it, the sheet music will vanish. Some compositions are available to be learned from completing Master Guitarist / Bassist / Drummer / Pianist / Laser Rhythm-a-con Artist and Money Maker challenges.

Unlike the other instruments, violin skill doesn't have sheet music in the bookstore. Sims will instantly learn violin compositions when they reach higher skill levels. Violin also has 2 types of compositions: normal and medieval composition.

Sims can play for tips at level 5. They can go to a community lot and play for tips to earn money from watching Sims. In addition, they can also play for tips in the subway,[TS3:LN] which is more efficient because they may earn tips without actual Sims watching them playing. If the Sim has a romantic interest, they can also serenade them with their instrument.

More skilled Sims will create an "Enjoying Music" moodlet when Sims are around. The moodlet effect will be higher if the Sim has higher skills. The moodlet will start appearing with skill level 5 with +15 effect, and the effect will increase by +5 for each skill level. Sims who master the skill will create the moodlet with +40 effect. The effect does not stack with other music sources however, like stereo.

Compositions[edit | edit source]

Each instrument, excluding violin, has special master track compositions. Guitar, piano, bass, and drums have four master tracks, while Laser Rhythm-a-con has five. Three (four for Laser Rhythm-a-con) of the master tracks can be randomly learned by completing the Master Instrumentalist and Money Maker challenges, as well as maximizing the skill if the Sim has the virtuoso trait. The last master track for guitar can be learned by completing a certain opportunity.

Level Instrument Composition Source
5 Guitar Yes Ma'am, I Do Bookstore
6 Guitar A Love Since Forgotten Skill
6 Guitar Keep On Raining Skill
6 Guitar If You Mean It Skill
6 Guitar Flamenco Fever Bookstore
7 Guitar Pa Fights the Bear Skill
7 Guitar My Porch, Anytime Skill
7 Guitar Rails for Miles Skill
7 Guitar A Perfect Moment Bookstore
8 Guitar One More Dance? Skill
8 Guitar Two Steps at a Time Skill
8 Guitar I Won't, If You Will Skill
8 Guitar Improvise Here and Now Bookstore
9 Guitar One Night on Powell Skill
9 Guitar Keep It Up Skill
9 Guitar Meet Me Downtown Skill
9 Guitar Dream Escape Bookstore
10 Guitar If I Had Two Hearts Skill
10 Guitar The Southern Lady Skill
10 Guitar It Ends Now Skill
10 Guitar Master Track: Kaitlin's Song Challenge
10 Guitar Master Track: So Epic It Hurts Challenge
10 Guitar Master Track: Ballad of the Raider Challenge
10 Guitar Master Track: Walk the Path Opportunity
5 Bass In My Truck Bookstore
6 Bass Into the Night Skill
6 Bass Sunny Skies Skill
6 Bass Jamming With You Skill
6 Bass Cha Cha Cha Ching Bookstore
7 Bass Sleepy Kitty, Purr, Purr, Purr Skill
7 Bass Walk of Shame Skill
7 Bass Hotspot Vibe Skill
7 Bass Subway Glances Bookstore
8 Bass Ra Ta Ta Skill
8 Bass The Sweet Move Skill
8 Bass Hunger in the Night Skill
8 Bass Feeling Cheated Bookstore
9 Bass The Bu-bu-bubble Song Skill
9 Bass Candy Stealer Skill
9 Bass Sleeping in Air Skill
9 Bass Gobo Trance Bookstore
10 Bass Paparazzi Man Skill
10 Bass Taco Truck Dreams Skill
10 Bass Nacho Woman Skill
10 Bass Master Track: Amazing Maya Challenge
10 Bass Master Track: Grandeur of the Strings Challenge
10 Bass Master Track: Fears Come True Challenge
10 Bass Master Track: Bridgeport Breeze Challenge
5 Drums Howdy! Means Hello Bookstore
6 Drums A Walk in the Park Skill
6 Drums Outdoors Boy Skill
6 Drums Alan's Star Power Skill
6 Drums Dancing Duel Bookstore
7 Drums Drummer Boy Skill
7 Drums The Flamming Waylon Skill
7 Drums The Greatest Brawl Skill
7 Drums If Only I Had Known Bookstore
8 Drums Ocean Ave Skill
8 Drums I've Gotta Crush on the Mixologist Skill
8 Drums Summer Retreats Skill
8 Drums Be Bop Blues Bookstore
9 Drums Battle Bongos Skill
9 Drums I Enjoy Being a Boy Skill
9 Drums She was my Match Skill
9 Drums The Awesome Song Bookstore
10 Drums Detonate It Skill
10 Drums The Man with the Red Scarf Skill
10 Drums Drum Circle Skill
10 Drums Master Track: Stargaze Challenge
10 Drums Master Track: Morning Joe Challenge
10 Drums Master Track: When We Met Challenge
10 Drums Master Track: Arcade Romance Challenge
5 Piano Summer Hayrides Bookstore
6 Piano Emily's First Day of School Skill
6 Piano I Think I'm in Love with a Ghost Skill
6 Piano Never Again Skill
6 Piano Nicholas's Fresco Impromptu Bookstore
7 Piano What's Your Sign? Skill
7 Piano A Walk in the Park Skill
7 Piano Don't Steal My Things Skill
7 Piano Wilkinson's Bay Sonata Bookstore
8 Piano The Day She Asked Me to Dance Skill
8 Piano Shuffleboard Love Skill
8 Piano Jumping into his Arms Skill
8 Piano Peanut Butter and Jelly Blues Bookstore
9 Piano Whispering Trees Skill
9 Piano Oops...I Stole Your Chair Skill
9 Piano Money Grows on Trees Skill
9 Piano Roland Forbearance Bookstore
10 Piano Fire in the Night Skill
10 Piano Secrets of the City Skill
10 Piano Lady in Grey Skill
10 Piano Master Track: My First Dance Challenge
10 Piano Master Track: Cwik's Legacy Challenge
10 Piano Master Track: The Line of Magnub Challenge
10 Piano Master Track: Bork! Bork! Challenge
6 Violin Amber Rose Skill
6 Violin Armored Armour[2] Skill
6 Violin The Tenth Ballad of Henry the Ninth[2] Skill
7 Violin The Duck Ascending Skill
8 Violin Plumbbob Bob Skill
8 Violin Jester's Last Dance[2] Skill
9 Violin Stairway to Dragon Valley Skill
10 Violin Don't Wall Me In Skill
5 Laser Rhythm-a-con Better Plucky Than Good Bookstore
6 Laser Rhythm-a-con Airships with Neon Billboards Skill
6 Laser Rhythm-a-con Cloudscapes in May Skill
6 Laser Rhythm-a-con My Summer with Cecil Skill
6 Laser Rhythm-a-con Dungeon Crawler Bookstore
7 Laser Rhythm-a-con A Country Drive Skill
7 Laser Rhythm-a-con Dragon Scales Skill
7 Laser Rhythm-a-con Noodling like Ramen Skill
7 Laser Rhythm-a-con The Chattering Classes Bookstore
8 Laser Rhythm-a-con Building a Clockwork Unicorn Skill
8 Laser Rhythm-a-con The Third Extinction Skill
8 Laser Rhythm-a-con Ghost on the Moors Bookstore
9 Laser Rhythm-a-con Polonaise in A-flat major, Op. 53 Skill
9 Laser Rhythm-a-con The Slow Creep of Fog Skill
9 Laser Rhythm-a-con Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 Skill
9 Laser Rhythm-a-con Whistle while you Twerk Bookstore
10 Laser Rhythm-a-con As Steel Bison Awake Skill
10 Laser Rhythm-a-con Slow Pistons Skill
10 Laser Rhythm-a-con Wubbing in B Flat Skill
10 Laser Rhythm-a-con Master Track: Stomping on Flutes Challenge
10 Laser Rhythm-a-con Master Track: Rombus Fights Back Challenge
10 Laser Rhythm-a-con Master Track: Take Five Challenge
10 Laser Rhythm-a-con Master Track: Storming the Castle Challenge
10 Laser Rhythm-a-con Master Track: Nod Your Shred Challenge

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 4, there are four different instrument skills: guitar, piano, violin and pipe organ. The guitar, piano and violin skills are in the base game, while pipe organ is added in Vampires. The inspired emotion is helpful to raising these skills, as it gives Sims a boost to instrument skill gain. These skills are also augmented by the creative trait, as those Sims tend to be more inspired than others. Sims with the music lover trait can also be better at raising instrument skills, as they become more inspired from listening to music and become happy from playing instruments. The Musical genius aspiration is heavily centered around raising instrument skills. Children can also learn the guitar, piano and violin after mastering their creativity skill.

Sims can start gaining tips from playing instruments out in the public; the higher their instrument skill, the more Simoleons they will gain. Lounges include guitars and violins, making them a great place for Sims to gain tips. City Living comes with a performance stand, that also allows Sims to gain tips. They are found in the neighborhoods of San Myshuno and Sims can also buy one of their own, which they can carry in their inventory to wherever they want.

Reaching level 10 of one instrument skill will unlock the corresponding skill achievement.

Guitar[edit | edit source]

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Piano[edit | edit source]

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Violin[edit | edit source]

Level 1: Allows sim to practice music on the instrument.

Level 2: Sim can use the computer to research the violin, discuss violinists with other sims, and appreciate classical music on stereo.

Level 3: Play Traditional Songs

Level 4: Play a Concerto and play songs from the Rock genre.

Level 5: Play Country Songs

Level 6: Play Romantic songs and also Serenade other sims. 

Pipe organ[edit | edit source]

The Sims 4: Vampires introduces the pipe organ skill. Sims can practice and learn the skill by playing the Napri Parlour Organ organ.

Level Ability
2 Interaction: Plunk for Inspiration
3 Play Theme songs
4 Play Cinema songs.
5 Play Jazz songs
6 Play Circus songs
7 Play Haunting Music

Play Drama songs

8 Play Gospel songs.

Write a new song.

9 Play Classical songs.
10 Play Avant-garde songs
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Compositions[edit | edit source]

Each instrument has various compositions, that Sims can write after reaching high enough levels. Once a song has been finished, Sims can submit it to a publisher to gain royalties.

Guitar[edit | edit source]

Outdoor Retreat introduces three new songs that can be played around a campfire. They require a minimum of level 3 Guitar skill, but will sound different with higher skill level. Jungle Adventure introduces six new compositions that can only be played by Sims with both level 7 Guitar skill and level 3 Selvadoradian Culture skill.

Level Genre Composition EP
3 Blues Hogan's Diner Blues
3 Blues Let's Meet Again
3 Blues Lost My Burger
3 Blues That Kind of Day
3 Campfire Campfire Composition
3 Campfire Hiker's Trail Song
3 Campfire Marshmallow Melody
4 Rock Down the Road
4 Rock For My One and Only
4 Rock My Kind of Day
4 Rock Spline On
5 Country Comin' Down the Pipeline
5 Country Bring My Prop
5 Country Froggy Country
5 Country Twasn't Mine
5 Country Neighborhood Walkby
6 Ballad Ellie's Rain
6 Ballad Loading Home
6 Ballad Smilin' Heart
7 Latin A Quality Life
7 Latin Latin Tappin'
7 Latin Llama's Lament
7 Latin Los Simoleones
7 Latin (Selvadoradian) Greetings From the Jungle
7 Latin (Selvadoradian) Skullfinder's Ballad
7 Latin (Selvadoradian) Crepúsculo en la jungla
7 Latin (Selvadoradian) Selvadoradian Fiesta
7 Latin (Selvadoradian) La Rana Bandida
7 Latin (Selvadoradian) El Jaguar Solitario
8 Classical Dragon's Lullaby
8 Classical For the Realm
8 Classical Under a Medieval Moon
8 Classical The Princess and the Knave
8 Written A Mournful Lament
9 Jazz Frankly So
9 Jazz JRBM #2
9 Jazz The Bitter W
9 Jazz The Dude
9 Jazz Who's Gone
9 Written A Plucky Tune
9 Written A Relaxed Rhythm
10 Avant-Garde ASM Error
10 Avant-Garde BVT Post
10 Avant-Garde Not My PyDev
10 Avant-Garde PSU and PSMe
10 Avant-Garde Song in SI
10 Written A Dramatic Ballad
10 Written A Playful Tune

Piano[edit | edit source]

Level Instrument Genre Composition
3 Piano Traditional Grone Groove
3 Piano Traditional O Oasis Springs
3 Piano Traditional Oh My Darling
3 Piano Traditional The Lot of the Rising Sun
3 Piano Traditional Willow Creek Ditty
4 Piano Blues I Failed the Smoke
4 Piano Blues No Time For Now
4 Piano Blues Where'd the Day Go
5 Piano Romantic All My Hearts
5 Piano Romantic For Bella
5 Piano Romantic Meant to Sims
5 Piano Romantic Relationship Bits
6 Piano Post-Bop But I Said So
6 Piano Post-Bop Need More Information
6 Piano Post-Bop Not the Best Location
6 Piano Post-Bop Triage
7 Piano Latin Let's Go Downtown
7 Piano Latin Often I Wonder
7 Piano Latin Saloon Sweetheart
7 Piano Latin Seriously Suave
8 Piano Ragtime Comparing Errors
8 Piano Ragtime The Nag Report
8 Piano Ragtime Wag It Out
8 Piano Written A Lively Tune
9 Piano Classical All My Hearts
9 Piano Classical For Bella
9 Piano Classical Relationship Bits
10 Piano Avant-Garde Cue the Queue
10 Piano Avant-Garde PPT on Deck
10 Piano Avant-Garde Social Positioning
Piano Written A Classic Piece
Piano Written A Jazzy Piece
Piano Written A Mysterious Theme
Piano Written A Whismical Tune
Piano Written An Improvisational Melody

Violin[edit | edit source]

Level Instrument Genre Composition
3 Violin Traditional Can't Make it So
3 Violin Traditional Flowers in June
3 Violin Traditional The Pie in the Window
3 Violin Traditional Traveling Home
4 Violin Rock Cradle of Cats
4 Violin Rock Descent
4 Violin Rock Lover's Lament
4 Violin Rock Too Far to Turn
5 Violin Country Daisy's Song
5 Violin Country Red Clay Road
5 Violin Country Sun on the River
5 Violin Country The Dance in the Barn
6 Violin Romantic My Sweet
6 Violin Romantic Over Candle Light
6 Violin Romantic Walk Me Home
7 Violin Eastern My Love, Far Away
7 Violin Eastern The Mountain's Tale
7 Violin Eastern Wind Bent Trees
8 Violin Swing Don't Mean a Thing
8 Violin Swing My Baby's Moves
8 Violin Swing Twiddle Dee Dee
8 Violin Written A Folksy Tune
9 Violin Classical Angustine Suite
9 Violin Classical Fair Rider's Serenade
9 Violin Classical Cloves on the Hills
9 Violin Written A Jaunty Strain
9 Violin Written A Sentimental Piece
10 Violin Avant-Garde BB.Unlock
10 Violin Avant-Garde EPK#7
10 Violin Avant-Garde FF to You
10 Violin Written A Haunting Melody
10 Violin Written An Old World Piece
Any Piper Carol of Cleaning
Any Piper Ditty of Drowsiness
Any Piper Etude of Egress
Any Piper Song of Sophistication

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The laser rhythm-a-con instrument is based on the laser harp.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. This challenge cannot be completed by playing instruments in a party, despite its description. It is required to complete 10 of any instrument opportunities that reward money to complete this challenge.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 These are medieval compositions for violin.