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The Sims 3

For other uses, see Mean (disambiguation).

Mean spirited is a social trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Friendly trait, and is first available for children.

Mean Spirited Sims love to fight, mostly because they never lose in a brawl. They take satisfaction with every new enemy made and dream of new ways to be nasty to others.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Mean spirited Sims receive a positive moodlet from being around their enemies. They also receive a very slight mood boost for each enemy they have.
  • Mean spirited Sim won't autonomously compliment other Sims unless they have a trait like Schmoozer that allows them to.
  • Mean spirited Sims will have a greater chance of winning fights.
  • Mean spirited Sims will autonomously use negative social interactions more often than other Sims.
  • Mean spirited Sims will occasionally angrily mumble to themselves much like Grumpy Sims if left idle, or even scream in anger for no apparent reason.
  • Mean spirited Sims are able to troll on forums like evil, grumpy or inappropriate Sims. Then, they may wait for a response from the forum users. Not being responded to on a forum will earn the Sim a negative moodlet.
  • Mean spirited Sims will cheer on the Emperor of Evil, unless they have the Good or Family-Oriented traits.

Player notes[edit | edit source]

  • Provides a bonus to Sims writing in the humor genre.
  • Against some players' beliefs, the Good and mean spirited traits do not conflict, therefore a Sim can have both of them, unless the Friendly trait is also chosen.
    • However, Bloodthirsty (Medieval's mean spirited version) conflicts with Good but not Friendly.
    • A Mean spirited Sim who also has the Good trait has most Mean interactions locked from them, limiting their cruelty factor.
  • Although many players believe that the Evil trait makes Sims the cruelest, Evil Sims can still have the Friendly trait, making the Evil Sim still polite to other Sims (even without the Friendly trait, Evil Sims are still not particularly bad-mannered in conversation). Mean spirited Sims, however, enjoy hurting the feelings of other Sims, unless they have the Good trait. However, Evil Sims like it when other Sims experience misfortune, which causes controversy among players about which trait makes the Sim cruelest. Combining the two (Mean spirited and Evil) will create a spiteful sadist.
  • Mean spirited Sims actually get a mood bonus from making or being around enemies.
  • Mean spirited Sims have a higher chance of winning fights unless they also have Loser trait.
  • The "Fight" option under Fight menu will be replaced with "Beat Up".
  • Mean spirited Sims have a high tendency to laugh at Sims experiencing misfortune, unless they also have the Good trait. Mean Sims are still shocked at nearby acquaintances dying though, unlike Evil Sims who will point and laugh. They will still chuckle at non-household enemies dying like any other Sim without the Good trait.
  • Mean spirited Sims dislike having the "Splash" interaction being used on them while in a pool, and will angrily splash back at the offending Sim, reducing the offending Sims' Fun need. They share this attribute with Grumpy and Hot-Headed Sims.
  • Mean spirited sims will autonomously "Shoo Off" cats sitting on furniture, even if the cat is asleep.
  • Mean Spirited Sims tend to talk maliciously when gossiping about other Sims' misfortune around the neighborhood. They share this with Evil and Inappropriate Sims.
  • Mean Spirited Sims will sometimes wish to insult teenagers who are earning good grades at school. They might even wish to insult their own teenage children, even if they have the Family-Oriented trait.
  • If a Mean Spirited Sim has had a mean interaction used on them, they will often wish to "Imply Mother is a Llama" or just generally insult the offending Sim back
  • Mean spirited Sims will always react positively towards the "Express Humiliation" interaction and will be amused.

Unlocked interactions[edit | edit source]

  • On the computer mean spirited Sims have the option to Troll on Forums. If successful this will result in a positive moodlet.
  • Can "Criticize His/Her Family" as a mean interaction. Only available for Mean Spirited and Inappropriate Sims.

Special Moodlets[edit | edit source]

Image Moodlet Name Notes
Enemy! Mean spirited Sims will get this moodlet as long as the enemy is around.

Pre-made mean spirited Sims[edit | edit source]

Nick Alto, Hunter Cottoneye, Lily Lum.

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