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Game The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3 & The Sims 4
Buyability Buy mode
Build mode [TS4]
Price in game §999-§6,500 [TS1]
§1,000-§2,800 [TS2]
§800-§6,500 [TS3]
§500-§15,100 [TS4]
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1; must be placed on a table or desk

Computers are electronic objects in The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims Stories, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4. Computers have appeared in every Sims game except for The Urbz: Sims in the City, The Sims 2 Castaway, The Sims Castaway Stories and The Sims Medieval. Their uses differ greatly from game to game, though in all games they are used to look for jobs and satisfying the Fun motive by playing video games.

The Sims[edit | edit source]

In The Sims, computers are primarily Fun objects, with a couple of added bonuses to make up for the cost. A player who wants a Sim to have particular job may find it wise to have them invest in a cheap computer, as it will speed up their search fourfold as well as providing a good way for any children to study.

Function Description Requirements
Gaming Raises fun, depending on computer model. None
Finding a Job Lists 3 jobs a day, while a newspaper has only one. Adult life stage
Studying Raises grades over time. Child life stage

Computers vary drastically in price, as shown below. Despite the difference in cost, the only thing separating the models is the amount of fun gained by playing on them.

If a computer is placed on a community lot, only the Gaming function will be available. Sims who use a computer on a community lot will be charged between 5 and 35 Simoleons, depending on the computer's Fun rating.

Computers[edit | edit source]

Moneywell Computer[edit | edit source]

Moneywell Computer
Game The Sims
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §999
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

Specializing in refurbished computers, Moneywell assembles new systems from old parts, some still under 5 year warranty. A great educational tool for kids, all systems also include FREE Job-Seek software, game bundle, protocol converter and 28.8 modem. "Spend money well with a Moneywell computer!"

Fun: 3

Microscotch Covetta Q628-1500JA[edit | edit source]

Microscotch Covetta Q628-1500JA
Game The Sims
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §1,800
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

Microscotch positions the Covetta Q628-1500JA for first time buyers. The unit offers average manageability and support and mostly average performance. GipChord audio card and Gimebyte motherboard provide serviceable gaming performance. Free internet access and Job-Seek software with purchase.

Fun: 5

The Brahma 2000[edit | edit source]

The Brahma 2000
Game The Sims
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §2,800
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

The high-end Bradbury Brahma 2000 has three key A/V interfaces: SPIF, SIM-Link, and HypWire digital video and peripheral interface. Benchmark tests blow the competition away making this a gaming monster. PugiProcessor, PACHI-2 memory slots, Giganta drives, Insana3 Graphics card, SIM disks, dual high-speed modems, TKY support, smart case, ergo-mouse. Pre-installed Job-Seek software and Bradbury Unabridged Encyclopedia.

Fun: 7

Meet Marco[edit | edit source]

Meet Marco
Game The Sims
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §6,500
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

"My software uses a decentralized, self-organizing network of artificial ecosystems of evolving information-filtering and discovery agents that cooperate and compete to find my consumer ideal work and gaming scenarios," said Marco himself at a recent trade show. "My frictionless work surfaces and microencapsulation module media monitor are destiny defined."

Fun: 9

The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

Some of the computer functions in The Sims 2 are similar to the phone functions in The Sims. The uses of a computer have been greatly expanded, as they could previously only be used for gaming and finding jobs. In general, using a computer will not disturb Sims or pets who are sleeping in the same room. However, the sound effects of computer games are loud enough to wake sleeping Sims or pets.

Computers on community lots can be used for more than just gaming, though some features are not available, and Sims are no longer charged for using them.

Computers in The Sims 2 are identical except for price and style. All but the cheapest raise a room's Environment score, and all give the same amount of fun.

There are only two models in the base game; the §1000 Moneywell Computer, and the §2800 Little Sister, WD-15.

Teen Style Stuff added a §2000 computer, the Pear ShinyStation XTR. This computer was also included in Apartment Life, but was not made visible in the catalog. Players who have Apartment Life but not Teen Style Stuff can make it visible in the Buy mode catalog by installing the proper Extra from the latest CEP. The free computer that Rod Humble delivers in FreeTime uses the same style, though it is a distinct object. Apartment Life added the LyfeB Gon Computer, which costs §1900. A pre-order bonus for Apartment Life was the GlowStation 90XD, which costs §2400, and has a slightly higher Environment score.

On September 13, 2004, EA made an Alienware computer available for download from the Exchange for The Sims 2. This computer costs §3100, and has a slightly higher Fun and Environment rating than other computers. While this download may still be available from sites which echo or archive content from, players should note that it was never updated for any expansion packs. While it will work with expansions, only the base-game functions will be available. Some updated versions were made as custom content; a version updated for University through Pets is available here.

Players should note that, unlike other Buy mode objects in The Sims 2, newly bought computers depreciate as soon as the player switches back to Live mode.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Players should note that custom computers may not have options from some expansion packs.[n 1]

Function Description Requirements
Turn off Appears when the computer is left turned on.
Find a Job Lists five job openings a day while a newspaper only has three. The computer generally has better jobs than those found in the newspaper. None
Play Games Raises fun and Games enthusiasm[TS2:FT]. Will wake Sims who are sleeping in the same room. When a computer is bought, SSX 3 will be installed on it. Sims can play other games if purchased[n 2]
Find own place Moves selected family member into the Family Bin. Cannot be used unless there are at least 2 members in the household
Send Email/Check Email Allows Sims to send email to Sims they know, and to check email. Children can send and receive email, but only to/from other kids. If the Sim has email, a sound will play and the sender's face will appear in a thought bubble. None.
Playable Sims without computers can send and check email on community lots, and can be emailed. Sims in the family bin cannot be emailed or send email
Chatrooms Lets Sims chat online with other Sims; Sims may chat autonomously. Children can chat, but only with other kids. Raises Fun and Social, and will automatically end when Social is nearly full. Can fulfill a want to meet somebody new. Boosts daily relationship by a point every few game minutes; most chats will not last long enough for this to be significant. If the two Sims are friends, will often result in the player being prompted to invite the other Sim over. Not available on community lots.
Townies and playable Sims with computers may be available for chatting, and there is a small chance of NPCs being available, but which (if any) Sims are available at any time is determined at random. Sims in the family bin will never be available for chatting.
Order Groceries Orders groceries online. None
Write a Novel Builds creativity and Film and Literature enthusiasm[TS2:FT]. The money made depends on the writer's creativity skill and their mood while writing. This feature is enhanced in FreeTime. Not available on community lots, unless they are in a college sub-neighborhood.[n 3]
Join LAN Party[TS2:U] When a Sim plays a computer game, another can join using another computer on the lot. This will also raise the Social motive of the Sims. Two computers or more.
Apply and View scholarships[TS2:U] If teen Sims meet the requirements for a scholarship, they can apply for one. See the requirements for scholarships.
Register or Change Major[TS2:U] Young adults can change major via computer. Young adult only. College lots only.
Write Term Paper[TS2:U] Young adults at college can write a Term Paper to improve their semester grade. Young adult only. College lots only.[n 3]
Hack Grades


Young adults who join a secret society can improve their class performance by using the computer to hack their grades. Young adult who is Secret Society member only. College lots only.
Start Home Business[TS2:OFB] Starts a home-business. None, but not available to young adults.
Purchase a Community Lot[TS2:OFB] Adds Real Estate... interaction to purchase a community lot or order a deed. Ordering deed requires an owned community lot. College and Vacation community lots cannot be purchased.
Manage Business


Hires or fires employees for an owned business or checks in a business lot. At least one owned business.
Find Pet Job[TS2:P] Lists all three job listings for Pets. At least one Pet.
Book Vacation or Honeymoon[TS2:BV] Plans a vacation trip or honeymoon. Honeymoon can only be booked by engaged Sims.
Order Photo Album[TS2:BV] Orders a photo album or print a snapshot. At least one snapshot taken.
Purchase a Vacation Home[TS2:BV] Adds Real Estate... interaction to purchase a Vacation Home or order a deed. Ordering deed requires an owned Vacation Home.
Browse hobbies[TS2:FT] Sims can browse hobby tips online. Hobby enthusiasm level 4.
Blogging about hobbies[TS2:FT] Sims can post hobby tips online. Hobby enthusiasm level 7.
Start Gaming Competition[TS2:FT] Starts a gaming competition. Sims can choose any game to compete. Competing in a residential lot or dorm will not award money to the winner. At least two computers.
Give Financial Consulting[TS2:FT] Provides money every hour while the interaction is active. The amount of money earned depends on the Sim's logic skill. Sim with the equipped Financial Advice for Cash aspiration benefit.
Write Restaurant Guide[TS2:NL]and[TS2:FT] A Sim can write a restaurant guide, which is similar to writing a novel, only faster. The money made depends on the writer's cooking skill and Cuisine enthusiasm. Pleasure Aspiration Benefit.
Search for Roommates[TS2:AL] A Sim can search for a roommate to help with the rent. Only one roommate can be chosen. The number of roommates available on the list depend on Sims' reputation. Sims who live in an apartment.
  1. FreeTime altered computers so that their menu options are semi-global. Instructions for using SimPE to update custom computers for FreeTime or Apartment Life can be found here.
  2. At times, SSX 3 may disappear from the Play... menu option after another game is purchased. Buying a video game console should restore it, even if the video game console is then sold
  3. 3.0 3.1 All computers in a college sub-neighborhood are considered to be part of a campus network, and a term paper or novel started on one can be continued on any other.

Computers[edit | edit source]

Unless otherwise noted, all computers have a Fun rating of 7. Unless otherwise noted, all computers other than the Moneywell Computer have an Environment rating of 2; the Moneywell has no Environment rating.

Moneywell Computer[edit | edit source]

Moneywell Computer
Game The Sims 2
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §1,000
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

Specializing in refurbished computers, Moneywell assembles new systems from old parts, some still under minimal warranty. A great educational tool for kids, each system also includes free job-seeking software, game bundle, and protocol converter. "Spend money well with a Moneywell computer!"

Little Sister, WD15[edit | edit source]

Little Sister, WD15
Game The Sims 2
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §2,800
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

The latest in quantum computing, Little Sister is everything that doomsdayers fear in a technological advance--and more! 1 terabyte hard drive, military grade processor, stealth design . . . and a keyboard to boot! Guaranteed not to attempt autonomous world domination before 2015 or your money back.

A feature of this computer is that the screen folds down when the computer is turned off.

The mouse of this computer resembles a Servo.

Pear ShinyStation XTR[edit | edit source]

Pear ShinyStation XTR
Game The Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §2,000
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

The Pear ShinyStation XTR comes with enough technical firepower to run the latest games, do some serious online chatting, or find a wide variety of jobs. It can hold more songs than you can sing and runs at 1.21 GigaWatts. Plus, it'll give you a whole bunch of geek cred.

Colors: Blue, Yellow, Off-white, Black (with skull), Pink (with cat-face)

  • The object was initially released in Teen Style Stuff, but was also included with Apartment Life. However, players that did not have Teen Style Stuff but had Apartment Life would not see the object. An "extra" in the Color Enabler Package fixes this glitch.

Mr. Humble's Computer[edit | edit source]

Mr. Humble's Computer
Game The Sims 2: FreeTime
Buyability Limited
Price in game §1,350
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

A generous gift from the mysterious Mr. Humble, containing all standard computer software and accessories, as well as an exclusive game!

The computer is delivered for free by Rod Humble whenever a household moves into the neighborhood in a large gift box. When opened, the computer will be added to the inventory of the Sim that opened the box, and The Sims 3 will become available to play on all computers on the lot.

LyfeB Gon Computer[edit | edit source]

LyfeB Gon Computer
Game The Sims 2: Apartment Life
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §1,900
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

This computer allows you to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary for hours of fun and learning. There are rumors of it causing rifts in marriages, but Marketing told us not to mention that. Uh...oh...

Alienware®'s "Everything but the Saucer" Gaming PC[edit | edit source]

Alienware®'s "Everything but the Saucer" Gaming PC
Game The Sims 2 (official download)
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §3,100
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

Conspiracy has finally become reality in the form of the ultimate gaming machine! Strange viscous metals found at various top-secret crash sites have allowed the eccentric engineers at Alienware to finally live up to their namesake by bringing premium interstellar gaming technology out of the secret underground government warehouses and into the living room! Alienware: it's not just metaphorical anymore.

Fun: 8
Environment: 3
Colors: Green, Black, Blue

This was an official Maxis item which was available for download from However, it was never officially updated for any expansion packs. It will work with expansions, but will only provide base-game functions.

A replacement version that is fully updated for University through Pets is available at Mod The Sims. It can be updated for FreeTime or later by following the instructions here.

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

A Sim gaming on the highest end computer in The Sims 3.

The features of a computer have again been changed, and reflect the functions of a real, present-day computer more realistically. With the exception of the chess feature, the types of computers are identical apart from the fun they give while gaming. In The Sims 3, many features of computers now have requirements such as traits.

There are three types of computer in The Sims 3 base game: the cheapest costs §800 and has a Fun rating of three, the mid-range computer costs §2,150 and has a Fun rating of seven, and the most expensive one costs §4,000, which is a portable laptop. Another computer is added with High-End Loft Stuff, the MindMax Uni-PC 7200 costing §3,450, and a laptop from Town Life Stuff, FolioBit 791A Laptop, costing §5,000.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Function Description Requirements
Writing Refine the Writing skill, write a novel, article, or screenplay. Depends on Sims' Writing skills and career.
Find a Job, Profession, or Self-Employment[TS3:A] Lists five job openings a day, jobs generally better than those found in a newspaper. Sims can also find a profession or register to be self-employed. None
Work from Home Increases Sims' work performance Workaholic
Chatroom Raises a Sim's social need and may meet a new Sim. None
Browse Web Raises a Sim's fun need. None
Play Game Raises fun; increase depends on the model of computer and on whether it has been graphically improved. None
Upgrading Makes a computer Unbreakable or gives it Improved Graphics. See also Handiness. Handiness skill or a skilled Witch[TS3:SN]
Chess Raises Logic and hidden Chess skills. Non-cheap computer
Join/Leave Book Club Sim receives one book a week for a one-time fee of §250. Bookworm
Solve the Unsolvable Grants money if the Sim succeeds. Any interruption may result in failure. Genius
Hack Sims can earn money doing this from 9 PM to 7 AM. May randomly cause the computer to get a virus and break. Computer Whiz
Hack into VIP List[TS3:LN] Sims can hack so they can enter the VIP areas of a club or lounge. None
Overclock Makes computer Unbreakable or improves the graphics. Can be attempted once per computer and has chance of breaking it. Computer Whiz
Troll on Forums Later Sims may check for responses, which gives good or bad moodlet randomly. Any one of the following:
Mean Spirited
Perform Analysis Takes a three hours and earns §600. Can be done an unlimited number of times at any time of day. Level 10 Law Enforcement, Forensics Branch
Real Estate Check Real Estate, Purchase Additional Home, Become a Resort Owner[TS3:IP] None
Move Sims can move inside the neighborhood or to another neighborhood. None
Travel[TS3:WA] Plans a travel to a destination Some occurring events disable the interaction, such as moving, growing up, burglary, and so on
Investigator[TS3:A] Investigators can 'Search for Investigator Case' and 'Hack Information Database' via computer. Being an Investigator
Sign Up for Afterschool Activity[TS3:G] Children and teenagers can sign up for an afterschool activity via computer. Up to 2 afterschool activities
Enroll in Boarding School[TS3:G] Older Sims can enroll and remove children and teenagers in and from the boarding school. Must have children or teenagers
Adopt a Pet[TS3:P] Enables Sims to adopt a pet in the adoption pool. None
Place Pet for Adoption[TS3:P] Removes a pet/pets in the household for adoption. Must have a pet in the household
Send or Host a Sim on Tour[TS3:ST] Opens Simport panel. Must be logged in to The Sims 3 account.
Online Dating[TS3:S] Sims can create, browse, edit, or remove a profile, check online messages, and browse other Sims' profiles. Young adults or older
Check Weather[TS3:S] Sims can check the overall weather and precipitation for the upcoming week. None
Use Laptop Here[TS3:UL] Sims can sit, study and play on the ground. Has laptop in inventory. Target ground.
Look Up Friends on Holoweb[TS3:ITF] Sims can learn more about their friends. Holo-Computer

Computers[edit | edit source]

Easy Machine from Fred's PC Hut[edit | edit source]

Easy Machine from Fred's PC Hut
Game The Sims 3
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §800
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

It's time to join the future... or at least the past decade, with this affordable and Sim-Friendly PC! Meet new friends via the fabled internets, or enjoy the games the youth have been extolling! Fred's PC Hut: Simple computing for simple Sims.

Fun: 3

oTron 200 Thinking Computer from Landgraab Industries[edit | edit source]

oTron 200 Thinking Computer from Landgraab Industries
Game The Sims 3
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §2,150
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

Sleek, stylish and expensive, the oTron 200 Thinking Computer is man's finest companion. Far beyond mere humans and other non-thinking computers, the military has trusted the oTron 200 for years. Shouldn't you?

XS 4258p Laptop from Landgraab Industries[edit | edit source]

XS 4258p Laptop from Landgraab Industries
Game The Sims 3
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §4,000
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

The heartpounding joy of mobile computing has arrived! The XS 4258p XS 4258p Laptop from Landgraab Industries features the revolutionary OmniOcto Onboard AI, 4 nano rams and a hugely small harddrive that guarantees you can finally take it with you. With so much processing power in your pocket, why go home?

This computer is portable and can be taken to community or other residential lots. This is the first portable laptop introduced in the series.

MindMax Uni-PC 7200[edit | edit source]

MindMax Uni-PC 7200
Game The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §3,450
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

MindMax strikes yet again with another monstrous desktop computer. The MindMax Uni-PC 7200 includes everything a Sim could ever want in a computer, including the ability to generate features that might be desired in the future. The widescreen swivel display is perfect for chatting, web surfing, and losing hours of time to the latest hi-tech video games.

FolioBit 791A Laptop[edit | edit source]

FolioBit 791A Laptop
Game The Sims 3: Town Life Stuff
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §5,000
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

Is it a book or is it a computer? With this laptop by BlingByte, Inc. you never have to ask the question. The FolioBit 791A offers the latest in the bleeding age technology while maintaining the stunning profile of a special edition novel. It's a winning combination.

Bodkin Laptop Computer by PeachySoft[edit | edit source]

Bodkin Laptop Computer by PeachySoft
Game The Sims 3: University Life
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §1,800
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

High-speed processor , gorgeous display, and a full suite of pre-loaded software round out this all-in-one package. This computer is so thin, it can be slid under most doorways.

MyPuter by PeachySoft Systems[edit | edit source]

MyPuter by PeachySoft Systems
Game The Sims 3: University Life
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §2,250
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

Sleek wireless hardware makes this system easy to set up, easy to use and easy to look at. Show off your summer vacation photos during the day, hammer out term papers at night.

Oculo Holo-Computer by Korben Computing[edit | edit source]

Oculo Holo-Computer by Korben Computing
Game The Sims 3: Into the Future
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §4,000
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1/4x1/4

The Oculo represents a giant step forward in modern personal computing. Holographic emitters aboard this floating sphere project the planet's most hilarious cat pictures in three stunning dimensions.

Notes: This computer is unique compared to the others. Just like with laptops, it doesn't require a chair and can be carried around in a Sims inventory. However, Sims will stumble with it for 4 seconds when the Advanced Technology skill is below Level 4. It also has superior hacking results, can be used to learn other Sim's traits and is the only computer to come with the unbreakable upgrade by default.

Sleek Intellect 5010[edit | edit source]

Sleek Intellect 5010
Game The Sims 3 Store
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §2,225
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

Whether you are a full time author or a master at virtual chess, the Sleek Intellect 5010 has everything needed to fulfill your computing desires.

Players can get this computer for free from The Sims 3 Store after posting a certain number of memories.

Edu-Osmosis Laptop[edit | edit source]

Edu-Osmosis Laptop
Game The Sims 3 Store
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §6,500
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

How can fun also be productive? Well, with this new multitasking and multimedia laptop you can enjoy endless cute cat videos while queuing up that next round of intellectual research for that book you’ve been writing…about cats.

Ruby 3000[edit | edit source]

Ruby 3000
Game The Sims 3 Store
Buyability Buy mode
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1

With the quiet elegance and the cutting edge brilliance of a fine gemstone, this computing device appeals to fashionistas and tech-fiends.

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

The Sims 4 has desktops and laptops like previous games, but it also now has tablets. Unlike the former two types of computers, tablets don't require a desk or table to be used. Sims can use them sitting or standing. Desktops and laptops can be placed on desks, dining tables and island counters. To use a computer placed on a desk or a dining table, a desk chair or a dining chair should be slotted in front of it. Likewise, to use a computer on an island counter, a bar stool must be slotted in front of it.

Laptops and tablets are portable, so Sims can put them in their inventories and take them anywhere. As of patch 88, computers have a locking/unlocking interface similar to doors to prevent certain Sims from using them.

List of desktops[edit | edit source]

Name Price Pack Notes
How Low Can You Go Deskblock Computer §800
Milton Word Processor §1,015 Unlocked at level 2 of the writer career.
Respecterion Mid-Range Computer §1,440
The Regulation Station §1,500 Unlocked at level 10 of the detective career.
Information Database §3,080 Unlocked at level 9 of the secret agent career, while in the Diamond Agent branch.
Immersive Bend §3,360
All-in-One Powerful PC §4,000
Mayhem Portable Computer §4,600 Unlocked at level 10 of the criminal career, while in the Oracle branch. Despite its name, this computer cannot be placed in a Sim's inventory.
Top Secret Computer §5,400 Unlocked at level 9 of the tech guru career, while in the eSport Gamer branch.
Ghostwriter Disappearing Desktop §10,000 Unbreakable.
Out of This World Desktop §15,100 Unlocked at level 10 of the scientist career.

List of laptops[edit | edit source]

Name Price Pack Notes
Standard Portable Computer §1,000
FreeRoam Portable Computing Device §1,650 Unlocked the first time a Sim maxes out the performance meter in the freelancer career as a Freelance Writer.
Customized Portable Computer §4,250
MyComputer UoG X19 Athena §4,250
S.I.Mac P.R.O. Laptop §4,250 Unlocked at level 10 of the interior decorator career.
A sim using a laptop in The Sims 4.

List of tablets[edit | edit source]

Name Price Pack Notes
Wabbit Tablet §500 Can only be used by toddlers.
The Slablet §1,000 Unbreakable.

Actions[edit | edit source]

The features of a computer have again been changed.

Function Description Requirements
Play Game Raises fun, depending on computer model. Depends on Sim's Video Gaming skill.
Career/Find a Job Lists all available careers, similar to the phone menu. None
Career/Quit Job Quit Job. Having a Job
Career/Write Research Scientist Career
Career/Read Medical Journal Doctor Career
Career/Fashion Blog Style Influencer Career
Career/Write Style Column Write a column for a fashion magazine. Style Influencer Career
Household/Go on Vacation Plan a travel to Granite Falls. None
Household/Move Household Moves the entire family to another lot. None
Household/Adopt Adds a baby or child to the household. Costs §1000. None
Household/Buy a Retail Store Purchase a community lot business. None
Write Refines the writing skill, write a book. Depends on Sim's Writing skill.
Donate to Online Charity Donates §10, §100, or §1000. Grants happy moodlet according to sum. There's a chance that the site will turn out to be a scam, in which case the Sim will receive a sad moodlet Charisma Lv.3
Start Social Network Charisma Lv.5
Program Refine Programming Skill, Hack, Mod a Game, or Make a Program for money. Depends on Sim's Programming skill.
Comedy Write Jokes to refine skill, or Compose a Routine to perform on the Microphone. Depends on Sim's Comedy skill.
Order Adds to inventory upgrade parts, voodoo doll, books, medicine, or seeds. Voodoo doll requires Mischief Lv.3
Socialize/Chat Increase relationship with any known Sim. Increases social need. None
Socialize/Find Pen Pal Receive Postcard via mail. None
Socialize/Troll teh Forums Refine Mischief skill. Increases fun need. Mischief Lv.2
Socialize/Send Chain Letter Mischief Lv.3
Socialize/Send Spam Money Request Mischief Lv.8
Socialize/Internet Stalk Discover traits of Sims. Webmaster trait
Socialize/Make Connections eSports Gamer branch.
Open Notebook Check inventions, serums, grafting, etc. None
Web/Browse Art Grants inspired moodlet. None
Web/Browse Simpedia Grants focused moodlet. None
Web/Browse Web Increases fun need. None
Web/Watch Funny Videos on Grants playful moodlet. None
Web/Watch Gaming Livestream Video Gaming Lv.7
Web/Read Obituaries Relieves sadness. None
Web/Earn Money Turking Webmaster trait.
Web/Research Intelligence Database Grants either focused or embarrassed moodlet. Secret Agent career.
Web/Research Instrument Tips Grants inspired moodlet. Instrument Lv.2
Web/Research Workout Tips Grants energized moodlet. Fitness Lv.3
Web/Research Advanced Game Strategy Increases Video Gaming skill. Video Gaming Lv.5
Web/Research Gardening Increases Gardening skill. Gardening Lv.2
Web/Research Advanced Cooking Tips Grants inspired moodlet. Cooking skill.
Web/Research Pick-Up Lines Grants flirty moodlet. Charisma skill.
Web/Research Binge Refines all skills at once. Webmaster trait.
Web/Scour for Memes Playful emotion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The default operating system running on computers in The Sims 2 appears to resemble Windows XP, possibly because the game was released in 2004. The operating system is the same for all computers in the game. The operating systems on the computers and their screens can be changed using SimPE.
A computer's BSOD screen in The Sims 4.
  • The computers in The Sims 2 also seem to have a "BSOD" screen, found in SimPE. BSOD stands for Blue Screen of Death, which can occur as the result of a critical error in the Windows operating system. Though the BSOD screen does exist in the game, it isn't used. In The Sims 4, when a computer breaks, it will have the BSOD screen from Windows XP/Vista/7 with the text in Simlish: "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage" with "to your computer" omitted.
  • While The Urbz: Sims in the City takes place in a modern city setting, computers do not appear in the game. They do, however, appear in the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS versions of The Urbz.
  • In The Sims 3 and The Sims 3 for consoles, if a Sim uses a computer while visiting someone's house, the player will get a message saying "Sim's name is behaving inappropriately! If he/she continues, I will have to ask him/her to leave." However, using a laptop, such as the Landgraab Industries laptop included in The Sims 3, will not cause the message about inappropriate behavior to appear.
    • Using the Edu-Osmosis Laptop, however, will cause the message to appear.
  • The Sims 2 Castaway, The Sims Castaway Stories, and The Sims Medieval do not feature computers, as they take place in an island or medieval setting.
  • In The Sims 3 for consoles, a stylish wooden laptop called the Anachronism VCT can be obtained via the challenge shop. It will then be available for 4,500 simoleons.
  • Children in The Sims 2 use the "Hunt and Peck" typing style while using a computer. However, children in The Sims 3 use "Touch Typing" like older Sims.
  • In The Sims 3, when a Sim starts up a computer, the start-up sound is the exact same sound heard after completing a mission from The Sims Bustin' Out.
  • If child or teen Sim gets grounded, their punishment may end up as not using a computer.

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