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The Sims 3: Ambitions

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A Skill career is a kind of career that was introduced in The Sims 3: Ambitions.

We've implemented something we call “Skill Careers” so that players who have Sims who are fishermen, inventors, writers, and more can now register as self-employed at City Hall. We’ve added the consignment store venue in town so that players who create things like paintings or find things like jewels can earn a profit and take advantage of their Sims’ entrepreneurial spirits.[1]

Skill careers work the same way as ordinary careers except that Sims are registered as "self-employed" and promotions are linked entirely to money earned. Only skills that produce items - Painting, Fishing, Gardening, Writing, Photography[TS3:WA], Nectar Making[TS3:WA], Inventing[TS3:A], and Sculpting[TS3:A] - are able to be used in skill careers. There are other expansion packs that add skill careers: Band from The Sims 3: Late Night, Horseman(-woman) in The Sims 3: Pets, Alchemist in The Sims 3: Supernatural, Scuba Diver in The Sims 3: Island Paradise, and Bot Builder in The Sims 3: Into the Future. These careers are also available for teen Sims.

The first level of promotion requires sales of approximately §30. Money can be made through sales at the consignment store for most skill careers.

"When your sims have knowledge of several of our existing skills, including sculpting and inventing from Ambitions, they can register as being "self-employed."[2]

Self-Employment: Start To Finish[edit | edit source]

Registering as Self-Employed[edit | edit source]

Sims (from Teen and beyond) with at least one skill level in certain skills can either use the phone or computer (or go directly to City Hall) to "Register as Self Employed". A message box will pop up, informing the player that the Sim is going to the City Hall to do some paperwork. After that is done, the Sim has successfully registered as self-employed.

Advancement[edit | edit source]

The way for a self-employed Sim to advance in their career is to earn Simoleons by making and selling objects, or performing money-making activities, that are related to that career. Obviously, a Sim cannot advance in a skill career by making and selling objects not related to it. For example, a self-employed inventor can make money by making and selling sculptures, but this will not lead to advancement in the Inventing career.

Horsemen(-women), earn money through equestrian competitions at the Equestrian Center, while self-employed band members earn money by performing for tips and playing gigs.

Sometimes, depending on the career and career level, a Sim will receive a uniform for their job. This is not necessary for them to earn money, but it adds a feeling of realism to their employment.

Payment[edit | edit source]

The only way a self-employed Sim can make money is when they sell their creations - as they do not do any work for the community and they do not get a weekly stipend. The exception is the writer, who will receive weekly royalties on Sundays at 12pm. Upon receiving a promotion, the Sim will get a bonus; the amount of the bonus will depend on the career and the Sim's new position in it.

Alchemist[edit | edit source]

Sims in this career earn promotions based on the amount of money earned through selling elixirs. A Sim must have at least level 1 in their Alchemy skill.

Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Phial Washer As you are just starting out in your Alchemical career, you might not be ready to put anything into a bottle except warm, soapy water. However, through careful study of the Alchemy skill you'll be sure to get promoted to something more substantial soon. N/A §120
2 Assistant Scavenger Alchemy isn't just about mashing a bunch of ingredients together. Someone actually has to gather all those ingredients! And if you can't tell the difference between the tasty mushrooms and the mushrooms that kill you, how will you ever concoct a useable [sic] Doomsday Elixir? (Just kidding, there is no Doomsday Elixir.) None +§250
3 Recipe Tester There are many ways to study the effects of an elixir, but only one is the quickest! Chugging down your own elixirs might be a little reckless, but if the study of magic was done carefully we'd still be discovering the wand! Just take a big swig and write down what you feel -- that's if you still have hands instead of flippers. None +§500
4 Junior Mixer As a Junior Mixer, you will finally be responsible for your own Elixirs. It's your name on that phial, so do the best you can with every brew. This also seems like an excellent time to bring up labeling. It's really, really, super important that you label each Elixir clearly and carefully. None +§850
5 Mixing Manager It might seem strange to promote yourself to manager as a self-employed Alchemist, but you really weren't ready until now. As your skill increases, the number of things you can accomplish through Alchemy grows. Higher quality Elixirs will come more easily now. §500 +§1,500
6 Master Mixer The whole process is becoming second nature to you now. You know how to get the best ingredients, you've built an impressive repertoire of Elixirs, and you know how to get the most from their effects. You are now a Master Mixer. None +§2,200
7 Recipe Inventor You understand well the core concepts of Alchemy, and it's only natural to wonder what comes next? While still producing Elixirs and hunting down the finest ingredients, it's fun to start imagining what could happen with various combinations. Someone has to discover new recipes. The next great advancement in drinkable magic could come from you! §1,500 +§5,000
8 Elixir Specialist As an Elixir Specialist, everyone will know that the finest elixirs come from you. You can make a very comfortable living by providing people with the liquid answers to their lives' problems. There is practically no effect you can't achieve, no Elixir you cannot mix to perfection. None +§8,000
9 Senior Alchemist You have earned the promotion to Senior Alchemist. Senior to who, you ask? To YOU, of course! You are closer to mastery of the Alchemical arts than you have ever been before. Your Elixirs are the envy of home brewers everywhere. You might be a tough boss to yourself, but it's only because you care about your professional development. §2,500 +§13,000
10 Alchemy Artisan You're way beyond checklists of instructions now. You are an Alchemy Artisan. You can instantly tell the potency of an ingredient just by holding it in your hand. You can mix ingredients to the most exact measurements from pure intuition. You've transcended mundane ability and discovered the true art of Alchemy. §5,000 +§20,000

Angler[edit | edit source]

Sims in this career earn promotions based on the amount of money earned through selling fish.

Note that only fish count towards an angler's promotion. Objects found by fishing can still be sold but the money earned from the sale will not affect the angler's earnings. The fish must be sold to the supermarket or through the consignment store.

Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Rod and Reel Rookie Your commercial fishing skills are lacking at this point. Entire schools of fish may laugh at your bait, but you'll be the one laughing when they are on the hook! N/A §30
2 Empty Net Trawler Large profits may still elude you, but days spent along the coastline aren't wasted. Continue throwing out the bait and you'll catch the big one before long. None +§75
3 Hook Baiter Locals have begun to trust your bait expertise and savvy in and around the water. If only that respect can be channeled into a money-making fishing enterprise! None +§500
4 Freshwater Freshman The freshwater is your domain, but there are big fish to catch in the ocean and exotic baits yet to be discovered. Continue casting away, and one day success will be yours. None +§1,000
5 Saltwater Initiate The ocean has taken a hard look into your soul and accepted you. Respect the waters by catching only what is necessary, and the salty waves will respond in kind. §500 +§2,500
6 Chub Chucker Dangerous sharks, predatory fish, and aquatic robots are ready to be reeled in and sold at the market. Continue chasing the big fish and big profits will follow. None +§7,500
7 Local Ahab The local board of fishermen have conferred the honorable title of Local Ahab upon your for your fearless aquatic exploits. Don't let them down! §1,500 +§15,000
8 Deadliest Catcher There is nothing you cannot catch if you put your mind to it. Money from your catches is flowing in, but the big ones elude you. Just a few more casts to reach the top! None +§30,000
9 Old Salty A reverent hush falls over the water and its banks as you approach for your daily tolls. The ocean has given you a living but your aquatic quest is not yet at an end. §2,500 +§60,000
10 Legendary Piscator Fish desire to be caught by you so that their end will come at the hands of such a legend. Grocers look forward to your bountiful catches and locals love to eat your sustainably caught fish. You are a legend! §5,000 +§80,000

Band[edit | edit source]

Sims in this career earn promotions based on the amount of money earned through playing Gigs and playing for tips.[TS3:LN]

Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Attic Act At this stage of the game, there isn't much of a game. It's just you, your mates, and the twinkle of the melody that will one day be your band. N/A §825
2 Garage Band You've earned enough to gain the right to practice publicly and proudly. But that's no excuse to get cocky! Practice day and night to grow as a band, or it'll be tomatoes, not cheers, heaved at you. None +§975
3 Subway Trawler The subterranean stages throughout town beckon to your fledgling band. Strum something ever so sweetly for the commuters of the city and your band will gain quick renown. None +§2,137
4 Dive Bar Opening Act A few of the local dives are willing to let your band open for better acts. It's a great chance to be on stage, so play hard and capitalize on the opportunity! None +§4,050
5 Dive Bar Headliner From opening act to headliner, the dives are now rocking along with the smooth sounds of your up and coming band. Keep the dive-goers happy and these won't be the last stages you headline. §500 +§6,562
6 Touring Player It's time to go on a (local) tour with the band! Dives, lounges, parks - all of these are stages for your band to perform. Pull off a sweet move and entertain the crowds! None +§9,675
7 Local Legend The local music scene is abuzz with the fresh, original sounds coming from your band. Your stage presence is a breath of fresh air and your band knows it! §1,500 +§13,125
8 Headlining Act When venues book your band, they know they are booking you as the headlining act. No questions asked, because there aren't any questions. Only an answer - your band is the best. None +§23,400
9 Culture Defining Band The children of your earliest fans now grow up listening to your band. Every song you create is a genre defining event and every performance is legendary. §2,500 +§35,437
10 Legendary Musician Few bands, if any, can compare their career to yours. From your humble, off-key origins to rocking at the greatest venues in town, your music is legendary and will be inspiring Sims for generations to come. §5,000 +§52,500

Bot Builder[edit | edit source]

Sims in this career earn promotions based on the amount of money earned through selling Plumbots. Plumbots can be sold at the "Nuts n' Bolts Bot Emporium" in Oasis Landing or by using the TechnoTycoon Plumbot Stand.

Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Tinkerer (Sim Name) is so excited about new types of robots that he / she's decided to go into business for himself / herself building them. §50/week §75
2 Prime Motivator With barely a snap of his / her fingers, (Sim Name) assembles Bots and wills them to life! Nobody on Earth builds better. §50/week +§400
3 Wrench Enthusiast After some fumbling first steps, (Sim Name) can finally insert and remove screws without stripping them! he's / she's earned a promotion. §60/week +§1,000
4 Soldering Whiz (Sim Name) has gathered enough Bot Building experience to award himself / herself a promotion, and the privilege of using dangerous power tools! §60/week +§2,500
5 Circuit Integrator Having mastered mechanical components, (Sim Name) is ready to manipulate artificial intelligence. It's another step in his / her Bot Building career! §70/week
6 Scanning Calibrator Sophisticated Plumbots and Nanites have exquisitely sensitive sensors, and (Sim Name) finally learned their nuances. It's time for another self-promotion! §70/week +§8,000
7 Schematic Schemer After countless hours in the Bot Workshop, (Sim Name) is learning to see the big picture in his / her designs. §80/week
8 System Engineer When it comes to coordinating large-scale robotic systems, few Sims anywhere do it better than (Sim Name). He's / She's promoted himself / herself! §80/week +§19,000
9 Certified Plumboticist Plumboticists everywhere acknowledge (Sim Name)'s Bot expertise! Few Sims with outside funding could have accomplished what he / she has on his / her own. §100/week
10 Technical Visionary When Sims talk about Plumbots or Nanites, they can't avoid mentioning (Sim Name)'s name. He's / She's a remarkable visionary in his / her field. §100/week

Gardener[edit | edit source]

Sims in this career earn promotions based on the amount of money earned through growing plants.

Note that a gardener doesn't have to grow the produce, just sell it. Because of this, a gardener can easily earn income and promotions by harvesting from their neighbor's garden or community gardens.

The best way to make money from the gardening career is to harvest and sell money bags from money trees.
Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Cucumber Smasher Fruits and vegetables tremble in your clumsy hands. Practicing with hands deep in the soil is the only way to lead to higher value produce. N/A §30
2 Dirt Digger The dirt is a canvas and you are the artist. As your agricultural venture begins to escalate you must not forget your humble origins in the dirt. None +§75
3 Clodhopper Farming is dirty work that is not for the timid or soft-handed city folk. Continue to survive in the field and profits will follow suit. None +§500
4 Master Weeder Weeds fear your vigilant hands. However, grocers and produce buyers still don't consider you the best in the business. Continue weeding and improve your crops. None +§1,000
5 Fertilizer Flinger Fertilization requires the proper state of mind and sturdy nose plugs. Be sure to fertilize your crops most efficiently to maximize profits and minimize time in the hot sun. §500 +§2,500
6 Bushwhacker The modern Bushwhacker is an up and coming farmer with aspirations of reaching the top spot. Only hard work and a successful harvest will take you there. None +§7,500
7 Seed Sewer Often referred to as a fabled and legendary figure from the fertile acreage of Riverview, Seed Sewers have high standards to live up to. Most of all, providing high quality produce to the community. §1,500 +§15,000
8 Famed Farmer You've become quite famous amongst regional farmers and grocers for your top quality produce, record-shattering harvests, and innovative farming techniques. Farming becomes much more difficult this close to the top! None +§30,000
9 Progeny of the Harvest Many whisper that you are not just an amazing farmer, but literally a spirit of the earth that can converse with seeds and plants. That may be far fetched, but your imminent success is not! §2,500 +§60,000
10 Agricultural Mastermind None question your meteoric rise to the top of the fertile career of farming. Due to your fantastic operations and techniques you are the best farmer in the land. §5,000 +§80,000

Horse(wo)man[edit | edit source]

This skill career is introduced in The Sims 3: Pets. In this career, Sims earn promotions based on the amount of money earned through winning Equestrian Center competitions and selling horses.

Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Trail Dust Taster You may still be trying to figure out which end of a horse to talk to, but after a few competitions you'll be leaping over any hurdle in your path. N/A §500
2 Apprentice Saddle Polisher You've gotten a taste of the equestrian life, and you don't mind the flavor. Keep pushing yourself and your horse onto bigger challenges. None +§800
3 Barn Sanitation Technician Horses are like big dogs...that you can ride...and that don't chase cats. Actually, horses aren't like dogs at all. And knowing that is half the battle. None +§1,600
4 Mane Quality Supervisor Taking care of a horse requires skill, knowledge, and a poor sense of smell. Hang in there and keep training! None +§2,800
5 Warm-Up Jockey Few Sims understand horses like you do. Either you've got the brain of a horse, or horses have the brain of you! Stick to your training and keep winning cash. §500 +§4,800
6 Consistently Upright Rider Staying in the saddle isn't hard, as long as you remember that it's attached to a big, fast, strong animal that's afraid of its own shadow. Keep training and competing to succeed! None +§8,000
7 Pony Partner When horse and rider act as one, they can accomplish anything. When they don't act as one, they're pretty hilarious to watch. Enter more advanced competitions to earn bigger rewards. §1,500 +§12,000
8 Blazer of Trails By now, you've got enough know-how to teach even an old horse a few new tricks. Why not branch out and do a little horse training and dealing to boost your income? None +§17,000
9 Horse Psychic Even after this much experience with horses, they can still surprise you.Can you ever learn all there is to know about these amazing animals? And can you ever get these stains out of your clothes? §2,500 +§24,000
10 Equestrian Master Your rapport with horses is unrivaled, your riding technique is flawless, and your knowledge of horses knows no bounds. Your riding exploits will go down in history! §5,000 +§32,000

Inventor[edit | edit source]

Sims in this career earn promotions based on the amount of money earned through inventions.

Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Electrocution Victim Inventing is a difficult profession at first due to the abundant danger with every careless bang of your hammer. Be careful, avoid inventing in puddles, and eventually you'll crawl towards a promotion. N/A §30
2 Nuts and Bolts Combiner The essence of inventing is picking the right elements to combine to create something amazing. You're starting small, but experimentation will lead you to more exciting components! None +§75
3 Duct Tape Rigger Duct tape is a must-have tool for every inventor. It's good to focus on the fundamentals and work your way upwards in the inventing industry. None +§300
4 Whatchamahickey Designer You're not exactly sure what you're creating, but creating is exactly what you're doing. Money is beginning to flow inwards as your inventions flow outwards. None +§1,000
5 Experienced Innovator Customers have begun to prize your keen sense of innovation and craftiness. Whether it's a new toy, widget, or amazing gadget, people know they can depend on you for quality. §500 +§2,500
6 Hosebeast Rarrrr! Your wily inventions have garnered you a place in scientific circles as well as newspaper headlines. What people don't understand they sometimes fear, but continue to invent and success will be yours. None +§5,000
7 Father of Local Ingenuity Whenever the shout of "Eureka!" emerges from your profitable workshop nobody doubts the quality of the creation. Your stock is raising - don't let folks down! §1,500 +§10,000
8 Feared Techie Some have called you a mad scientist, but madness is child's play compared to the creations of your current inventing venture. Stick to your workbench and show them what you're capable of. None +§25,000
9 Robotics Dealer Robotics are merely the top tier of what your enterprise offers. Customers consider you the only stop for gadgets and gizmos, making your inventing enterprise close to number one! §2,500 +§45,000
10 Fourth Dimensional Architect Your inventions are the best available and three dimensions were no longer enough to quench your creative thirst. Your inventing enterprise is the best around, which makes you a world class inventor. §5,000 +§60,000

Nectar Maker[edit | edit source]

Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Grape Kicker Stomping on the grapes is a noble, yet humble starting position for any aspiring nectar maker. Stomp swiftly and your stock will rise! N/A §30
2 Tastebud Nullifier Your initial offerings have been found wanting, with some of your nectar varieties even being deemed harmful. No matter! Practice makes perfect and taste buds regenerate...most of the time. None +§75
3 Nectar Taster You work has impressed other nectar makers, and your palette is earning a reputation as a respected nectar taster. Continue to sample and craft to earn further promotions. None +§150
4 Bottle Label Designer Good nectar doesn't sell itself! Without synergy between the label, nectar product, and brand strategy, you will not go far! None +§250
5 Nectar Maker's Assistant Before you earn the title master, you must be an assistant. It's purely a human resources concept, so just go along with it. §500 +§1,000
6 Ascendant Juicer As you ascend the corporate nectar making latter your customers will know you are the one to come to for quality nectar. You've come a long way, but still have much to accomplish. None +§5,000
7 High Quality Nectar Pairer Nectar is good by itself, but divine when paired with a delicious meal. This is an art best left to those with experience- which means you! §1,500 +§9,000
8 Chief of the Nectary Grounds Good fruits are a product of quality soil and grounds. With tender care and passionate stewardship you can maintain and watch over your nectary. None +14,000
9 Nectar Bottle Distibuter Distribution is a key component of the nectar industry. It is up to you to make sure quality products reach grocers by the truck load. §2,500 +§25,000
10 Master Nectar Craftsman You've reached the top of the nectar making career, and have earned a place on the legendary Nectar Rack of Fame and Flavor. Savor the taste of your victory! §5,000 +§35,000

Painter[edit | edit source]

Sims in this skill career earn advancements by selling the paintings they produce on the Artsy Easel.

Note that paintings that are hung up on the wall don't count.

Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Paint Splasher While most see the canvas as a blank slate full of possibilities, you tend to gob and splash with the subtlety of a child. Nevertheless, the only place to go from here is up! N/A §50
2 Canvas Cretin Fewer easels are filing complaints about your paintbrush antics, which means you're improving and others are beginning to notice! None +§75
3 Finger Painter Before you can truly master the brush, you must begin with man's first artistic tool - the hand. While lovingly smearing your creations about, remember that improvement comes with practice. None +§250
4 Paintbrush Patsy Local artists have notice your enthusiasm and talent and are beginning to value your presence on the artistic stage. Continue to paint with fervor and you shall soon join their ranks. None +§750
5 Avant Garde Poseur It's one thing to be creating "the" next best thing and another entirely to think you are doing so. You may not be the genuine article, but your hard work is paying off. §500 +§1,000
6 Art Gallery Rookie Local art galleries have begun displaying your works, though with apprehension. Continue to refine your craft to alleviate their fears and become the best. None +§2,500
7 Illustrious Illustrator Few now doubt your talent, but many are curious just how far you will go. You must ask if it is enough to be merely great, or if only legendary status will suffice? §1,500 +§5,000
8 Prestigious Painter It is rare an introduction is made about you that isn't followed by a long list from your famous body of works. Verbose introductions shouldn't be enough in your quest for greatness! None +§10,000
9 Acrylic Ace Regardless of the medium, with canvas and paint magic literally leaps from your easel and into the hearts and minds of art lovers everywhere. §2,500 +§25,000
10 Master of the Brush There is nothing else for you to learn for you are now the de facto master of your artistic craft. Art Historians will write essays about your work and tell your story with reverence. §5,000 +§50,000

Photographer[edit | edit source]

Sims in this career earn promotions based on the amount of money earned through taking & selling photos.

Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Papa Paparazzi / Mama Paparazzi The Papa / Mama Paparazzi is a despised photographer, but there must be a first step in every venture. Welcome to the bottom! N/A §20
2 Dark Room Destroyer Some of your best photos have been destroyed during post-processing, but that's a hazard of the job and a minor stumbling block on the way to greatness. None +§50
3 Awkwardly Close Zoomer At this level your clients tend to want awkwardly close photos despite your best advice. Continue to refine your craft and take quality photos and your photography career will improve. None +§150
4 Social Network Profile Photographer The internet is a good place to gain a foothold in the photography industry, even if it means being a slave to social networking. Better jobs are available in the future! None +§750
5 Disposable Debutante The disposable camera is a laughable piece of hardware, but it means you're in the field taking photographs. You're halfway up the corporate photographic ladder and well on your way to making this a quality enterprise. §500 +§2,500
6 Aperture Scientist Camera technology is important, especially to someone so deeply entrenched in a photography profession. You're quite the photographic entrepreneur -- keep it up! None +§5,000
7 Titan of Timelessness People rely on you to capture priceless memories, and you are known to your repeat customers as the Titan of Timelessness. This is a good reputation to have; a byproduct of your dedication to the craft. §1,500 +§10,000
8 Lens Lover Photography is two parts talent, one part equipment. As a Lens Lover you can focus on the gear and, therefore, improve your talent. None +§25,000
9 Memory Catcher As a Memory Catcher you use your talent and career position to make people happy with your products, which translates to a stronger community. Continue your work as you are near the top! §2,500 +§45,000
10 Snap Dragon Oh Snap! You're so good that you're practically a mythological creature on the photography circuit. You're at the very top and have grown metaphorical wings to soar above the competition. §5,000 +§60,000

Scuba Diver[edit | edit source]

Sims in this career earn promotions based on the amount of money earned through selling fish and shells.

Welcome to the world of professional scuba diving! Searching for underwater treasure is already an adventure in itself. Now you can have a career end earn money doing it too! By selling the shells, message bottles, and other sea life that you find while diving, you'll be able to move up the ranks of divers in no time.

Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Abysmal Diver Scuba diving can yield bounteous rewards and reveal awe-inspiring wonders to those who brave the depths. For now, though, focus on breathing, and try not to go overboard! N/A §30
2 Nautical Neophyte You're starting to get your sea legs, in that at this point they should be feeling more like flippers than legs. Keep diving and keep exploring. None +§75
3 Amateur Plunger Collecting plunders from the sea is getting easier and easier. Remember, the ocean is solvent, but can your business be? None +§500
4 Aspiring Aspirator Deeper and deeper you go. That ocean bed can be a bed of roses or a bed of nails depending on how you handle it. Stay vigilant! None +§1,000
5 Marine Major You are making a respectable living, and becoming quite an authority on the sea. Don't rise through the ranks too quickly; you wouldn't want to get the bends! §500 +§2,500
6 Thalassic Veteran As you get better at diving, your knowledge of the ocean increases. You're the type that can throw around terms like 'thalassic' without consulting a thesaurus. None +§7,500
7 Scavenging Scholar In this career, you're only as good as your last nadir. You've gone about as low as one can, but there's still more to find down there! §1,500 +§15,000
8 Salvaging Shark You are one of the very best at extracting valuables from the salty deep. In fact, you could use the word 'swag' and be taken entirely seriously. Still... don't. None +§30,000
9 Abyssal Diver Your depth in the diving field is matched only by the depths you can actually descend to. Others can only fathom the fathoms you've crossed. §2,500 +§60,000
10 Honorary Mermaid You're as comfortable under the water as you are above it. You could find Jacques Cousteau's lost contact lens at the bottom of the Aleutian trench. You are the Scübamensch! §5,000 +§80,000

Sculptor[edit | edit source]

Sims in this career earn promotions based on the amount of money earned through selling their sculptures.

Sculptors may sell their creations right off the stand or through buy mode to receive credit towards promotion. Any object made at the Pedestrian Sculpting Station will count towards promotion. Sculptures can also be moved into the family inventory and sold through the Consignment Store, where the sale price can vary. However, "Ice Sim" sculptures show as §0 in the "Consign Items" interface and are probably worth more sold straight from the station.

Housemates' sculptures do not count towards the sculptor's career experience (neither do the decorations in buy mode).

After selling §25,000 of sculptures (as a self-employed sculptor) the sim may receive a Successful Sculptor's Medal from City Hall (Epic Hero Medal).

Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Questionable Potter Sculpting isn't for everyone, much less a career in sculpting. though many will doubt your business on your current merits, a passion for sculpting will get you over these initial clay covered humps. N/A §50
2 Cromagnon Clay Creator A cave man reference isn't meant to imply your forehead is oddly shaped or that you live in a cave, but merely that there is room for you to evolve. And evolve you shall! None +§150
3 Sculpting Gozer The title of Gozer is an ancient term meant to denote apprenticeship and accomplishment as a young sculptor. Your business will soon flourish. So, chisel away, Gozer! None +§300
4 Block Buster The sculptor is a negative creator, in that matter is crushed and destroyed to display a refined vision of beauty. Smash away with your chisel and increase your client base. None +§1,000
5 Obelisk Architect Tall, pointy sculptures and works of art are your business. You've come a long way, but you're only halfway to the top of this obelisk like sculpting career metaphor! §500 +§2,500
6 Ice Gal/Guy Ice is a medium of true artists and quick acting entrepreneurs. Remember to deliver your products before the ice, and all your hard work, melts away. None +§5,000
7 Renaissance Sculptor Some of the greatest works of sculpture were completed during the Renaissance, and so your promotion comes with a title aligning you with the legends. Do not disappoint! §1,500 +§10,000
8 Chiseled Chiseler Many fall in love with artists as soon as they are successful, which is one word to describe your career as a sculptor. You're close to the top, but it's not time to put away the chisel just yet. None +§25,000
9 Topiary Tantalizer Landscapers long for you to indulge them with your amazing topiaries and other sculptures. Continue to create such brilliance and your career will take the final leap to the top. §2,500 +§45,000
10 Master Sculptologist You've been so successful as a sculptor that some believe you've transcended art and turned brilliance and creation into a precise science. Enjoy the fame, profits, and respect of your peers. You've earned it. §5,000 +§60,000

Writer[edit | edit source]

For The Sims 4 career, see Writer.

Sims in this career earn promotions based on the amount of money earned through writing novels.

Only chapter submission revenue and completion revenue counts towards the money earned and thus promotion. Regular royalties do not count towards promotion.

Level Title Description Prize Promotion
1 Fan Fiction Drafter Your literary yearnings are barely paying the bills, but every famed author must start at Chapter 1. Keep writing and the next chapter is just a page away! N/A §75
2 Small-Time Scribe Critics aren't praising your latest work quite yet, nor do they know you even exist! However, critical scrutiny of your written word will come with patience and perseverance. None +§400
3 Tabloid Typist Murmurs are turning into inside-voice whispers as you continue to climb the table of contents. At this rate, it won't be long until recognition and accolades follow. None +§1,000
4 Paperback Pauper Reputable establishments now carry your works on shelves without despair or smirks, earning your latest piece a spot in an avid reader's rotation. None +§2,500
5 Work-for-Hire Wordsmith Wordy corporations and literarily challenged locals are coming to you to wordsmith what they need, when they need it. Keep it up! §500 +§5,000
6 Pretentious Poet Poetry is but a phase for talented writers, but an important one nonetheless. Keep your rhymes appropriate, your pentameter pretentious, and your haiku within 5/7/5 syllables and all will be well. None +§8,000
7 Ghostwriter Top notch writers who are too lazy to draft their own stories now seek you to do it for them at a fraction of the cost. A strong reputation and good attitude will go far in the writing industry! §1,500 +§12,000
8 Prize Winning Author The critics are lining up to pin accolades and awards upon the covers of your eagerly anticipated books. Many aspire to such lofty heights, but few succeed. None +§19,000
9 Fiction Fantastico School children around the world rush to bookstores at midnight the day of the release of your latest work to hold your masterly crafted pages. There are few instances of higher praise than that. §2,500 +§30,000
10 Blockbuster Writer Without a doubt you are the preeminent writer alive today. Few have succeeded so brilliantly with words, imagination, and ink as you. §5,000 +§50,000

Career Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Author's Honor Trophy: Make §25K from Writing
  • Artist's Painted Ribbon: Make §25K from Painting
  • Gardening Hero's Trophy: Make §25K from Gardening
  • Fabulous Angler Medal: Make §25K from Fishing
  • Successful Sculptor's Medal: Make §25K from Sculpting
  • Photographer's Key to The Town: Make §25K from Photography
  • Nectar Maker's Symbol of Honor: Make §25K from Nectar Making

References[edit | edit source]