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The Sims 3 for mobile
The sims 3 mobile art.png
Box art for The Sims 3 for mobile
Developer(s) EA Mobile [1]
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Series The Sims
Technical information
Mode(s) Single-player
System requirements Mobile phone compatible with games
Game features
Genres Life simulation
For other versions, see The Sims 3 (disambiguation).

The Sims 3 was also released for mobile phones.

EA's quote for The Sims 3 for mobile:

Based on the number 1 PC game franchise of all time, The Sims 3 brings exciting new gameplay and endless possibilities all on your mobile phone! Enjoy unexpected moments of surprise and mischief, as you choose whether (or not!) to fulfill your Sims' destinies and make their wishes come true. Create and customize your Sims appearance and personality, then take your Sims out of the house and into the neighborhood with all new open world gameplay. Make their world your own!

Description[edit | edit source]

The game is really simple and its graphics are just like SimTown. The player chooses the gender, appearance, traits and lifetime wishes which are different from the PC version. Like the console versions of The Sims 2, the playable Sim is an adult, cannot have kids and never ages.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Explore an ever-changing neighborhood with new open world gameplay
  • Enjoy smarter Sims with deeper personalities, wishes and goals
  • Create your own Sim, complete with specific traits and personality
  • Keep your Sims busy with fun activities including fishing, gardening and cooking
  • Develop complex relationships with other Sims as you fall in love, make friends or rebel against the neighborhood

Main Menu[edit | edit source]

In the main menu the player can choose to start a new game, check the goal checklist, set the game options, get help for the game or exit the game.

Goals Checklist - There are 75 goals to complete in the game. While playing the game the player can discover and complete them. In order to complete one goal you must complete a Sim's wishes. The player can also check how many have you discovered and completed.

Options - In the options menu you can turn on/off sound, vibration, tutorials, autonomous, save prompts, choose the language or reset game data.

Continuing already saved game[edit | edit source]

Choosing Start Game from the main menu the player can choose to start a new game or continue already saved one.

If the player chooses to continue a saved one they have information about the mood, career, household funds and persona of the selected game. On the bottom of the screen it can be chosen to delete a saved game.

Starting new game[edit | edit source]

When choosing to start a new game the player can customize a Sims's gender, skin color, hair style, hair color, hair accent, shirt color, sleeve length, sleeve color, pants color, pants length, leg color and shoe color. After this, a player can choose a Sim's "persona".

Persona Description Lifetime goal
Jack of all Trades This sim is well-rounded, good at everything but master of nothing.
  • Achieve the highest Fishing skill level
  • Achieve the highest repairing skill level
  • Achieve the highest cooking skill level.
  • Achieve the highest cleaning level.
Nice Guy Need to create and maintain friendships with everybody in the neighborhood.
  • Get married
  • Be liked by all the sims in town
Jerk Excel by annoying every Sim in the neighborhood.
  • Be disliked by all the sims in town
  • Slap four people
  • Insult five people
  • Kick over all trash cans in town
Sleaze Requires generous amounts of WooHoo.
  • Be romantically involved with three sims
  • WooHoo eight times in one day
Power Seeker This sim loves money and power.
  • Accumulate $5,000
  • Own the best house
  • Own the best TV, stereo and stove
Maniac This sim is just crazy!
  • Use everyone's toilet at least once
  • Use everyone's shower at least once.
  • Creep out five people.
  • Watch three people sleeping.

After choosing a Sim's persona 5 traits can be given to the Sim.

List of traits:

Shy, Conversationalist, Good Sense of Humor, No Sense of Humor, Easily Impressed, Easily Bored, Vain, Modest, Mean-spirited, Friendly, Couch Potato, Active, Slob, Neat, Genius, Absent-Minded or Neurotic.

After the traits choosing the Sim can be named.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In the beginning the Sim will arrive at home. Starting with 700 simoleons and furnished house.

Sim's needs must be satisfied, these needs are Hunger, Energy, Bladder, Hygiene, Social and Fun.

While playing clicking on the left softkey you will get menu. From it you can choose Go to Town mode (Go home), Cancel action, build mode, Relationship, Career, Skills, Wishes, Status, Persona and Inventory.

Town mode - In town mode you can choose where do you want to go. Sim's house, Corsian bistro, town hall, the lake, quickamrt, hobby shop, laboratory, your home or the pawn shop.

Build mode - In this mode you can choose to Move, Rotate or Sell Furniture. If you want to buy a new one you have to calll the phone.

Relationship - In here you can see how many sims do you know and their relationship with you.

There are 13 sims in town (14 with yours). Marcell, Theresa, Bernie, Kia, Ruth, Johnny, Jack, Jill, Luke, Walter, Nina, Maggie and Jake.

Career - In here you can see what are you working, your job level, daily income, where you work, boss's name, working days, hours working and perks. You can work biology in the laboratory, business in the quickmart, culinary in the Corsican bistro or politics in the town hall.

Skills - There are 5 different skills in the game. Cooking, Cleaning, Fishing, Repairing and Gardening. Every one skill has 5 levels of mastering.

Cooking - To complete cooking skill you must cook on the stoves. To do that you must first buy a recipe from the bistro and get (or grow) ingredients from the quickmart. There is a mini game for cooking. you get 3 pots and temperature bars. You have to keep the temperature in medium, not too hot, not too cold.

Level 1 - Water burner
Level 2 - Try-hard Cook
Level 3 - Apprentice Cook
Level 4 -
Level 5 -
Recipe Cost $
Cheese on toast 10
Ham and eggs 20
Cheese burgers 30
Spaghetti 60
Ratatouille 120
Quiche 80
Steak and veggies 100
Chicken salad 95
Pork chops 85
Minestrone 80
Pizza 100
Surf & turf 110
Snapper 160
Tuna 100
Baked trout 130
Catfish gumbo 140

Cleaning - To get this skill you must first get dirty furniture and buy the Cleaning kit from the hobby shop. It costs $200. There is also a mini game in which you have to clean all the dirt spots from the wall before time is up.

Level 1 - Filth wizard
Level 2 - Slob
Level 3 -
Level 4 - Cleaner
Level 5 - Clean Freak

Fishing - Starting fishing is great way to start earning money. At first you will need $200 fishing kit from the hobby shop. After that you go to the lake and choose one from the 2 fishing spots. You have to keep the hook over the fish for a few seconds and than pull it up. The fish types you can catch are Catfish (Buy:$50/Sell:$25/You can have maximum 5 in inventory), Snapper ($75/$45/5), Trout($100/$50/5), Salmon ($120/$65/10), Tuna ($160/$100/3).

Level 1 - What's a fish?
Level 2 - How to clean fish
Level 3 -
Level 4 - Sport Fisher
Level 5 - Competition Fisher

Repairing - To repear object you will need first to buy Repairing kit for $200 from the hobby shop. The mini game shows 3 or 4 cutted wires and you must drop electricity in them so they can connect to the incoming electricity.

Level 1 - Lightning Rod
Level 2 - Danger to Self
Level 3 - Handyman
Level 4 - Tool Artiste
Level 5 - The Repairinator

Gardening - When you start gardening you must buy watering can for $150 from the hobby shop, some seeds, fertilizer and upgreated level 2 house. The seed you can plant are Tomato, lettuce, corn, carrot, bell pepper.

Level 1 - Herbiphobe
Level 2 -
Level 3 -
Level 4 -
Level 5 - Landscape Architect

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