The Sims Bowling

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The Sims Bowling
Artwork for The Sims Bowling
Developer(s) EA Mobile
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts, Apple Inc.
Series The Sims
Technical information
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Input methods Gamepad
Game features
Genres Sports

The Sims Bowling is a mobile game developed for JavaME and iPod classic. Unlike other games in the series, The Sims Bowling is a sports game.

Description (JavaME)[edit | edit source]

Join The Sims™ for fun bowling action in The Sims Bowling! Enjoy challenging, realistic bowling anytime in this great Sims game. Select a Sim, customize your look and hit the lanes. Throw strikes like a pro, watch The Sims crowd go wild as you gain points and become a bowling superstar. The Sims™ bowling party comes to life with vibrant graphics, accurate physics and sound effects. Enjoy multiple game modes with progressively difficult levels. Take your game online in Derby, a real-time race against up to four connected opponents.

Description (iPod)[edit | edit source]

Join The Sims™ for fun bowling action! Enjoy challenging, realistic bowling anytime. Use the Click Wheel to conrol, aim, adjust your power, add spin, and then send the ball screaming down the lane. The Sims Bowling party comes to life with vibrant graphics, sound effects, and multiple game modes. Enjoy "Sims Life", in which you create a Sim and compete in a popularity contest, or bowl against a friend in "Pass-n-Play". Listen to your fans roar - roll strikes and make The Sims crowd go wild!

Features (JavaME)[edit | edit source]

  • Create and Customize a Sim - Choose a Sim, name it and customize your look. Select a color for your bowling ball and left or right-hand preference.
  • Strive for Popularity - Bowl like a pro and make the crowd go wild! Your popularity rises as you roll good balls, but as your good reputation increases, so does the game difficulty. Scoring strikes, Turkeys and winning trophies are sure-fire ways to keep you on the path to becoming a bowling superstar.
  • Four ways to play** - Game modes include Classic, Spare-O-Thon, Strike-O-Thon and Online Derby, a real-time race against up to four connected opponents. Play against virtual Sims that automatically adjust to your skill level in a fun, lively atmosphere that captures the colourful, hip world of The Sims.
  • True Bowling Physics and Sound Effects - Mastering ball speed and spin for pin knock-downs make for a challenging, fun and realistic bowling experience.
  • Intuitive One-Button Controls - Set, adjust and control the power of your bowling ball as you send it screaming down the lanes with the click of a button.

Features (iPod)[edit | edit source]

  • Great bowling action, with Sims style.
  • Accurate physics and vibrant graphics puts the bowling alley on your iPod.
  • Create your own unique Sim and hit the lanes.
  • Play "Sims Life" to fulfill your Sim's goal to become the most popular Sim at the alley.
  • Earn Simoleons to customize your Sim's bowling gear.
  • Play against a friend with Pass-n-Play mode.
  • Hone your game in Practice Mode.
  • Eaern awards to showcase your bowling prowess.
  • Easy, pick-up-and-play gameplay style designed for the iPod.

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