The Sims 2: Pets

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The Sims 2: Pets
The Sims 2: Pets
Get Your Paws on The Sims™ 2 Pets Expansion Pack!
Developer(s) Maxis
EA Mobile Mobile Phone
Publisher(s) EA Games
Aspyr Media (Mac)
Ratings ESRB: T, E (GBA, DS)
PEGI: 12+, 7+ (GBA, DS)
Series The Sims
Release date(s) Consoles
NA October 18, 2006
EU October 20, 2006
AUS October 26, 2006
Nintendo DS
AUS October 26, 2006
EU October 27, 2006
NA October 31, 2006
NA November 1, 2006
NA November 7, 2006
AUS November 16, 2006
EU November 17, 2006
NA December 14, 2006
AUS December 14, 2006
EU December 15, 2006
NA June 12, 2007
PAL June 22, 2007
INT June 18, 2008
Technical information
Platform(s) GBA, Nintendo GameCube, DS, PlayStation 2, PSP, Windows, Mac OS X, Wii, N-Gage
Mode(s) Single-player
Media Cartridge, CD, DVD, MiniDVD, UMD, GameCube Optical Disc
Input methods Keyboard, mouse, gamepad
Game features
Genres Life simulation, God game
Themes Pets
Creatures Werewolf
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The Sims 2: Pets is the fourth expansion pack released for The Sims 2, released on October 18, 2006 for U.S. and Canada, October 20, 2006 for EU, and October 26, 2006 for Australia. The main concept of this expansion pack is to allow the player to own and raise pets. The Sims 2: Pets is a remake of The Sims: Unleashed, which was a bestseller at that time. The expansion pack is also included with The Sims 2 Fun with Pets Collection.

Pets was the last expansion pack for The Sims 2 that was developed by Maxis; the following expansion pack, Seasons, and all others thereafter, were developed by The Sims Studio.

Description[edit | edit source]

Create the perfect pet for your Sims to train, play with, and love throughout a lifetime. Pick everything from their paws to their personality. Choose from dozens of popular dog and cat breeds like Schnauzer and Siamese. Or create a unique cat or dog by modifying their features and body type. Your Sims can teach their pets tricks, take them for a romp in the park to meet other furry friends, or buy them toys, beds, and much more. But pets have minds of their own-so expect the unexpected!

Overview[edit | edit source]

This game allows the player to own pets such as dogs, cats, womrats (guinea pigs) and birds, although only dogs and cats are fully customizable in the Create-A-Pet screen. There are 72 premade breeds of dog and over 30 premade breeds of cats. Pets don't have the environmental motive; it is replaced by chewing for dogs and scratching for cats. Sims can also sell pets with the Open for Business expansion. The game features skills for pets.

The expansion also introduces a skunk that will occasionally visit residential lots. Sims or pets who watch it run the risk of being sprayed, which will cause the Hygiene bar to drop.

A new life state was introduced again in this EP: werewolf. To become a werewolf your Sim must have a daily and lifetime relation with a "Leader of the Pack" at least 50, and the wolf will "nibble" your Sims and they will become a werewolf. A werewolf will have change in skills and personality eventually, and have more interaction. One can turn another Sim into a werewolf by fighting with them.

The Kat family, who appeared in Unleashed, returns.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Your Sims Have Pets!
Add dogs, cats, birds, or guinea pigs to your Sims family. Whether it's kids cuddling kittens, adults watching TV with a drowsy Calico, or elders spending a sunny day in the park with their faithful German Shepherd, your Sims will share a lifetime of special moments with their pets.
  • Create Pets
Choose from dozens of dog and cat breeds including Pug and Persian. Or create your own unique cat or dog by modifying its body type, face shape, fur color, markings, and more. Then pick a personality! Is your Boxer gifted or goofy, your Burmese hyper or lazy? You decide!
  • Pets Have Genetics
Cross different breeds to create designer pets or make new ones and register them to appear in Create-A-Family as a unique breed.
  • Sit, Spike, Sit
Your Sims can teach their pets tricks like shake, fetch, roll over, and more. Unruly pets might topple the trash or scratch the sofa, but Sims can change their pets' ways with the right training.
  • Pets Have Jobs
Skilled pets can have careers of their own and earn a living as Movie Stars, Rescue pets, or members of an elite Security Pet Corps.
  • Show Off and Share Your Pet Creations
Upload your favorite Sim pets to to share with other The Sims™2 Pets players through the Exchange. (No longer available)

Objects[edit | edit source]

Media[edit | edit source]

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Audio[edit | edit source]

Track Real-world preview!
The Sims 2: Pets theme
The Sims 2: Pets Loading Screen
Fruit A Topia
Gimme Sum Sim
The Sum of Six Sims
Simish [sic] for Dummies
The Sims are Alright
Aff Wubbas Doo
Black Shoes
Candles Cast Long Shadows
The Compromise
Free Radicals
I Never Know
Turn Out the Light
Dixie Dixie
Hurt No Nobody
I Play Chicken with a Train
Topsy Turvy
Topy Apa Ty
Wow Wow Wow
Chemicals React
Come On Come On
Don't Cha
Girl Next Door
Hit it
Track Region Real-world preview!
Baby Let's Dance Russia
Can't You Be Mine Germany, Netherlands
Dulce Locura Spain
Never Coming Back Finland
Run Away Italy, United Kingdom
Sowieso France, Germany
Suburbia Denmark, Japan, Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom
What If Norway, Sweden

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